RCA DRCN overview and full product specs on CNET. RCA DRCN DVD Recorder DVD Players user reviews: out of 5 – 2 reviews – Just in @ Walmart RCA DRCN for $! Records DVD-R/RW+R/RW! Has DV, S-Video & AV IN on front panel! Plays DivX and maybe.

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AVS Forum articles Contests. I googled the and got almost nothing?? Is this a model that’s made just for Walmart?

This appears to be a new model but I don’t know if this is produced under a different brand?

I’m trying to find a site with the owners manual! Below is some more info off a vendor’s website. I’m skeptical of the DivX recording capability. But dec would be nice. I know RCA is not known for it’s quality, but this looks promising. Doesn’t this mean it records in Dfc This was right off a vendor’s website. So far I am happy with it. I have not tried the component yet.

Originally Posted by had1 Doesn’t this mean it records in DivX: What are the record modes?

Audiovox DRC8052N DVD Recorder

I went to the Toshiba site while the DR5 seems to be different in alot of ways from the it only plays DivX. That seems dtc be a huge difference? I’ve read that the Toshiba’s have one of the best TBC going, but I wonder how much difference there is between a 24 bit and 10 bit.

The only thing I have to judge by is I have a Liteon with a 8 bit and a ES with a 12 bit nad there is a big difference! I’ve never heard of more than bit video information encoding. Originally Posted by had1 waitingDoes it record or just play DivX? According to a csr at RCA this isn’t an upconverter dvd player.

When I told him it said it was on the box, he put me on hold again. Several minutes later he came back and said, “yes it is. Can anyone confirm, for sure, that it sends dr upconverted signal through the componets. I don’t have an available HDMI input.

I’ve had the DRCN for about a week. My thoughts are mostly positive: Could there be a firmware revision from when you got yours to when I bought mine?

RCA DRC8052N – Dvd Recorder With Hdmi Manuals

The timer recording is easy enough to use – easier than the Samsung, not quite as simple as the Panny might be because I’ve used a Panny for the past two years, so I’m used to those menu commands. I haven’t had any coasters and the burned disks work in all of the players that I’ve tried them in this was a major problem that I encountered with the Samsung DVD-R and DVD-R; disks burnt on those machines would freeze other 80552n at each chapter marker.


I didn’t check any of the other modes. It’s not even listed as an option when registering your product online with RCA, which is weird. My only fear with that is if RCA isn’t “claiming” it, who provides periodic updates like firmware?

I’m wondering if RCA had someone else make this for them solely for Walmart? Overall it has exceeded my expectations.

20 Most Recent RCA DRCN DVD Recorder Questions & Answers – Fixya

It seems like a good entry level recorder for the price. If you give me instructions on how to easily test whether it will playback hi-def divx, I’d be happy to try it out.

I tried this unit out for a few days.

It’s a great 80552n. The menu and chipset seem to be identical to the Cyberhome machine that used to be popular on here the ZU version that is, meaning Zoran Chipset. I did not open the unit to verify the chipset though. And of course Wally World has an excellent read “easy” return policy. Why is there no mention of this product on the RCA website?

I am seriously considering getting one instead of the panasonic S97 that I was planning on. Any thoughts or known comparisons would be appreciated. I just bought and plugged in my new 8052m. Therefore, I cannot get 5. Anyone who has one already, please help. I’ve been toying with the idea of picking one of these up. It’s a frc up between this and the Panasonic E I was hoping dgc of you who posted earlier on this thread could give an update on their machines, because as you guessed it, there still isn’t a lot of information out there on this unit.

Chris Ruhl is offline. This is my first post. Normally I would not have bought RCA equipment, especially at WalMart, but after lots of research it really did seem to be a good deal.

I needed HDMI, and this is an inexpensive way to get it. So Dec bought one. This system is a really good value for the money, and well-authored discs Criterion Collection, Superbit really shine. I bought the DVD recorder to record broadcasts. Since the rest of my system uses digital video, and DVD recording naturally has to take analog, I realized there was going to be a relative loss 88052n quality. Also, component inputs don’t seem to be available on reasonably-priced units, so I decided to go “cheap.

So far my experience has been positive, even though I’ve only recorded about 1. I wonder if this thing does dual-layer? I’ll have to check. The remote is poor.


Rca DRCN – Dvd Recorder With Hdmi Manuals

Buttons are small and the plastic feels cheap. Button layout seems haphazard. And all DVD recorders need a finalize button. The interface is poor. Some simple options are nested too far down in menus. The worst problem is that it’s slow! Button-presses take forever to respond. You have to be patient. One nice thing is that on-the fly recording is very simple and responsive.

Press “record” and it fires right up, “stop” and it’s done. PQ is fair to good for a unit in this price range, I think. Color accuracy and saturation are the weak points.

I noticed somewhat of an improvement when I played a burned disc in the Oppo. You don’t even have to finalize! I love Oppo In this case, I’m willing to accept the shortcomings common in an inexpensive player, so the positives outweight the negatives.

Just a quick note: The following is simply a statement of fact and is not meant to be accusatory. Please form your own opinion. The first of these units that I purchased at you-know-where appeared to be a repackaged demo unit! There were fingerprints 80552n the front, finish chipped off the connectors, and the glued-on cardboard feature list that they put on demos. I looked for a replacement at that store, but they all had a “previously ddrc look. Ball point pen marks along the length of the packing tape, etc.

Out of about 10 total units in 2 different stores, only one appeared to be new.

Further inspection shows that it probably is, thank goodness. Please do yourself a favor and make sure that any electronics you buy are properly sealed ddrc new! Especially this product at this store.

Again, this is just my account of what happened to me, and not intended to be defamatory. I’ve tried to keep it informative and keep the emotion out of it. I picked up this model on my way home from work tonight. I really only need a setup that would be similar to a VCR. I’m not real overly crazy about the signal that is sent via S-video, but I don’t imagine there is anything else I can 805n.

The image over component is a bit better than the Polaroid was over component. I am going to connect this via HDMI as soon as my shipment from monoprice comes in. Theycallmelooopy, my unit appeared to be new, but it did have the cardboard cutout attached to the top, folded against the unit.