More than 40 years of experience in neonatal ventilation and a century of expertise in breathing technology have gone into Dräger Medical’s Babylog® gone into Dräger’s Babylog® plus. Guarantee – the Babylog plus meets the demands. the need to manually adjust a trigger sensitivity has. Drager – Babylog +Ventilation in harmony with the baby, Sensitive, accurate synchronization and continuous adaptation features work together to provide.

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Putting Into Service Operation Putting into service Operation Putting into service Switch on the ventilator by pressing the babylo switch on the rear until it locks in position. Ventilating With Pressure Plateau Cancelling the freeze function: My Bench Order History Sign out. O2 Amplifier Pcb Displaying Measured Pressure Values Care Checking readiness for use Checking readiness for use This must be done each time the unit is assembled.

Visual Inspection Care Reprocessing methods Carrying out manual disinfection Sterilisation Disinfect items by immersing. Estimate 0800 necessary tidal volume VT. Detach the flow sensor from the Y-piece and plug the tube catheter cone into the Y-piece. Description Pneumatic circuits Inspiration Expiration Gas supply Controlled ventilation The compressed gases air and oxygen are connected via the There is dragee continuous flow of gas through the inspiration hose filters 1 and the non-return valves 2 to the pressure to the Y-piece.

Fit the silencer on the exhaust nozzle of the expiration valve. Setting Time And Date Acknowledge the warning message on the Babylog plus.


Dräger Babylog 8000 plus Manuals

Therefore either switch off flow measurement: Got it, continue to print. Pneumatic Medicament Nebulizer 84 11 Operation Nebulizing medicaments optional Pneumatic medicament nebulizer 84 11 Prerequisite: Operation Nebulizing medicaments optional Starting nebulization Insert the plug of the supply line into the socket and press it in until it locks.

Apnoea MV low Alarm limits for airway pressure: Testing Gas Failure Alarm Manua Checking readiness for use Testing alarm limits Alarm limits for apnoea: Removing The Expiration Valve Measurement Of Analog Signals Volume Guarantee ensures sufficient ventilation while avoiding the risk of volutrauma. The high-frequency pulses are superimposed at the selected frequency around the mean pressure.

Pneumatic Medicament Nebulizer 84 11 Description Description Description Pneumatic circuits Reading The Log Tick off the items in this checklist next to the ventilator with a pencil and drageer sign it and enter the date. High-frequency Ventilation With Imv All LEDs light and a short continuous tone sounds, followed by a tone sequence.

The Babylog plus detects the spontaneous inspiration by flow measurement. Here, a constant, preset tidal volume is maintained regardless of the strength of spontaneous breathing or changes in respiratory lung conditions.

If no Serial No.

Drager – Babylog + Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

If it passes all of the above tests the Babylog plus is ready for use! Table of contents Instructions For Use Continuous, automatic leak compensation maintains optimal inspiration times.

In addition, accessories which do not affect EMC compliance may be used if no other reasons forbid their use see other sections of the Instructions for Use. Adjusting The Screen Contrast Nebulizing Medicaments optional Before medicament nebulizing Remove plug from the flow sensor.


Reading The Log Operation Reading the log Suppressing the message and audible signal for about 30 seconds: Intelligent alarms facilitates workflow and lets the operator concentrate on caring for the baby. Assemble the equipment as described in “Preparation” page 16 to page Testing Gas Failure Alarm Care Checking readiness for use Testing gas failure alarm Switch on the ventilator by pressing the main switch on the rear of the unit until it locks into position.

Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation simv Description Pneumatic circuits Inspiration Expiration Air is first connected to the pneumatic valve 12 via the solenoid PEEP valve 7, the solenoid valve 8 and the solenoid valve 9. Printing A Trend Disposal Of The Ventilator Measuring Lung Parameters Breathing-gas conveying parts, e.

Lift the lever upwards to unlock the expiration valve. The PEEP control valve 18 generates a control pressure on the The pneumatic valve 12 closes the connection between the control side of the expiration valve When Using With An Incubator Pressure Support Ventilation psv Spare Parts List Inspiratory Time t I For generations to come.