Quick Links. PSDT Strategy Document · DJMS MMPA Guide · Navy DJMS Procedures Training Guide · MGIB. DJMS Procedures Training Guide ii. Chapter 5: Special Pays for Medical, Dental and Nurse Corps Officers, Optometrists and. Health Professionals. Chapter 6. DFAS-CL DJMS PTG, DFAS-CL DEFENSE JOINT MILITARY PAY SYSTEM – DJMS PROCEDURES TRAINING GUIDE; PART 1, CHAPTER 3, 1, CHAPTER 4, 1.

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CH-8, 13 Sep Page 1 of 8. Agreements on other than the official form are of an informal, unofficial nature and could be repudiated or cjms by the member. Extension agreements may not be canceled after the operative date.

At no time may an extension of enlistment be executed for the purpose of extending an enlistment, or enlistment as extended, which has already expired. Extension or enlistment subsequent to transfer to the Fleet Reserve is not appropriate since members in the Fleet Reserve do not serve under an enlistment contract.

The month limitation on extension of enlistment is statutory 10 U. An agreement for this reason shall not be executed after transfer to a separation activity.

To obtain maternity care benefits for a pregnant servicewoman whose normal EAOS falls within her pregnancy or postnatal period. An agreement for this reason. For the purpose of this extension, the postnatal period covers the 2 months following the birth.


Extensions authorized for this reason may be in addition to other extensions, provided the maximum 48 months allowed on one enlistment is not exceeded. Members serving in paygrade E-3, E-4, or E-5, who have participated in a Navy-wide advancement examination and who will be separated or discharged prior to receipt of examination resultsmay extend their enlistment up to a maximum of 4 months from the date of examination to await results.

The following will be entered on the agreement:.

Agreements to extend an enlistment to qualify or apply for a specific program are not authorized. Unconditional extensions may be executed to extend enlistment up to a maximum of 48 months. Unconditional extensions for less than 24 months are not authorized. Procedure for Executing Extension.

Physical examinations shall be conducted just prior to and as near the operative date of the extension as practical by Navy medical and dental officers. Canceling an Extension Agreement.

PSD Kingsbay GA at Mancon • Disabled Person

An extension agreement is canceled by completing the appropriate portion of the agreement. A valid extension of phg that has become operative is normally not canceled. COs shall cancel agreements to extend enlistment, prior to operative date, for reasons listed below. Members dnms extensions are canceled by the above who desire to continue on active duty may simultaneously execute a new extension or reenlist per appropriate articles in this manual, notwithstanding the time limits specified.


The extension s shall be canceled as of the date of reenlistment, provided term pptg enlistment exceeds the total aggregate months of extension s to be cancelled.

The CO will cancel extensions under this paragraph only when the extension required resulted in no significant benefits to the member. Member may request extensions in 6-month increments to successfully pass three consecutive PFAs.

Only those personnel who have the capability of passing the next PFA shall be considered for this type of extension. Criteria for not Canceling Agreements to Extension.

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COs will not cancel an agreement to extend enlistment under the following conditions:. When a member is currently on limited duty or is found not physically qualified for duty at the expiration of enlistment, an extension agreement cannot be executed.

In these circumstances, members will be retained in the Naval Service beyond the expiration of enlistment via an involuntary extension or conditional reenlistment. Suitability and all other eligibility must be maintained. Obesity in itself is an administrative rather than a physical disqualifying factor and should not be used as the basis for cancellation of an extension agreement per this article.