Dizionario dei nuovi paesaggisti: Francesco Repishti Pierluigi Nicolin: Books – Lettera internazionale,88(2). Nancy, J. L. (). La città lontana. Verona, IT: Ombre corte. Nicolin, P., & Repishti, F. (). Dizionario dei nuovi paesaggisti. Uniform titles: Dizionario dei nuovi paesaggisti. English Subject(s): Landscape architects — Biography — Dictionaries | Landscape architecture — Dictionaries.

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The aim of the workshop is to develop, alongside the Urban Planning course, a design approach that finds its groundwork in the relationship between the themes of urban space transformation and the architectural project.

The final aim is to guide students to the understanding and practice of the urban design. The final project will be elaborated that, starting from the hypotheses described above, propose a strategy, define some scenarios, and elements of a coherent conceptualization developing measured and technically controlled design actions. The course is structured in lectures and workshop lectures, seminars, travels, workshops, classroom exercises and group- based activities.

: Francesco Repishti: Books

The programme focuses on the core Architectural Design experience at various scales, both in theory and in practice with particular attention not only to the project results, but also to the process of developing of the project itself. Main methodological points are: The final exam will consist of an interview on the topics of the course and a die on the analysis and project elaborations.


The educational path of the workshop meets adequately the increasing need to face the complexity of the project through four time steps and multiple levels of study:. The constituent elements of the project will have to be designed and verified with scale study models plans, elevations and sections and noteworthy details on an suitable scale individual work. The course deals with the fondamental of urban planning, the tools of the urban and landscape design, the issues related to contemporary territorial transformations.

The themes will be explored through the comparison of different theoretical statements, the presentation of significant examples, the work developed in the classroom. The south-east of Paris The plan programme of the est de Paris. The urban regeneration of a railway infrastructure.

Treatment Wetlands

This lecture program will be dizionaruo by seminars related to the design theme developed by the laboratory. Other references will be suggested during the course.

The educational path of the workshop meets adequately the increasing need to face the complexity of the project through four time steps and multiple levels of study: Settlement patterns and urban form 2.


Urban pattern 1 – The block 3.

Urban pattern 2 – The road 4. Bulding with time 5. The plan programme of the est de Paris 8. A project for Bercy 9.

Vigano, FrancoAngeli, Milano, A. Per un ripensamento radicale dello spazio urbanoQuodlibet, Macerata, Documenti del DAU n.

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Milano, Etaslibri, D. Verso una progettazione apertaGiulio Einaudi editore, Torino C. Come le reti stanno cambiando il futuro urbanoGiulio Einaudi editore, Torino B. Contributi per il recupero e la riqualificazione del centro storico, 40due Edizioni, Palermo, P.