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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Portador de Esperanza ante el Dolor y el Sufrimiento. New record of Boa constrictor occidentalis Philippi, Serpentes: Boidae in San Juan province, Argentina. The specimen was collected and deposited in the herpetological collection of the Department of Biology, Universidad Nacional San Juan.

This record extends the known distribution for this species in San Juan province by km. My proposal is to trace their approaches to the nature of language contained in the literary and visual dialogue between these three artists of Basicox Fe Argentina. They pre-dated many issues which are central to Cognitive Linguistics, starting from the experiential approach to cognition focused on the function of embodied and entrenched perception, memory and the possibility of constructing events from multiple perspectives.

bernardo cuenca grau: Topics by

The latter was meant to exclude. Urban ecology of Triatoma infestans in San JuanArgentina. This study was performed in an urban neighborhood of the capital city of the province of San JuanArgentina. Erected as a housing complex, the place consists of flats distributed in buildings of three and seven floors each.

Full Text Available This study was performed in an urban neighborhood of the capital city of aperndizaje province of San JuanArgentina. Environmental laws for mining activities in Provincia de San Juan Argentinagravel mines exploitation. This paper analyses San Juan Province – Argentina prevailing environmental legislation for mining activity and gravel mines.

The study focuses the subject from a mining engineering point of view.

dispositivos basicos de aprendizaje pdf files

Basis for an Integrated Management of a Sustainable Mining. A hillside, a mountainside,a talus or a slope may have, due to their extensive areas, either lithological or structural variations which might determine the presence of un stability phenomena.

The cordillera n Iglesia sector major dangers are related to mass displacement movements as a result of the great quantity of unstable detritus situated in valleys slopes. Landsat images, aerial disppsitivos, topographic and geological aazcoaga data allowed to detect several sectors that may generate mass displacement movements, Arroyo de Aguas Negras rising sector was selected because it is on the right of National Route No. It is not only a national, but also an international route that connects Argentina and Chile.

Stenocercus doellojuradoi Iguanidae, Tropidurinae: Un ejemplar macho LHC: These ponds receive water from an irrigation system that connects the whole agriculture land in the region.

The tadpoles use the irrigation canals to move among ponds. We suggest that legislation should be established to prevent future invasions and to achieve sustainable management of the wild American bullfrog populations in San Juan. Prevention of future invasion and management of established populations of this species requires the cooperation of numerous stake holders. Se presenta un nuevo registro de Lithobates catesbeianus rana toro americana en Argentina. El nuevo registro es para el Departamento Zonda en la provincia de San Juanen el desierto del Monte.

En este sitio, L. Los renacuajos utilizan los canales de didpositivos para moverse entre los estanques. Sugerimos que se establezcan leyes para prevenir invasiones futuras y para lograr un manejo integrado de las dell silvestres de rana toro que dispositivoa encuentran en San Juan.

A near vertical view of sand dunes in the San Juan Province of Western Argentinaas photographed bsicos the Apollo spacecraft in Earth orbit during the joint U. The picture was taken at an altitude of kilometers statute miles.

The photograph was taken at an altitude of kilometers statute miles. Felipe Celecia y Pablo Waisberg. A vencer o morir. This program was designed to calculate disposotivos orbits and station coordinates, however it was used in this work for the determination of LOD Length Of Day time series and Earth Rotation speed. A mineral environmental research project results where it has been located in Arpendizaje de las Taguas basin, Departamento Iglesia, Provincia de San JuanArgentina.


It has been placed in frontal Andean mountain in San Juan. In this geographic framework has been developed Au and Ag mineral project in order the world scale.

The aim of this article is has been related the mineral and geological units bet wen the basin chemistry as well as to carry out future measurements mines impacts in this area. Amphisbaenidae en la provincia de San JuanDisposiitvos.

Amphisbaena angustifrons plumbea Gray. Stenocercus doellojuradoi Iguanidae, Liolaeminae: The spatial distribution and several morphometric characteristics of the Quaternary alluvial fans of the San Juan River, in the province of San Juanat the Central and Western part of Argentinahave been studied to classify them as paraglacial megafans, as well to ratify its depositional environmental conditions.

The high sedimentary load exported by San Juan river from the Central Andes to the foreland depressions is estimated about 3, hm3. The large alluvial fans of Ullum-Zonda and Tulum valleys were deposited into deep tectonic depressions, during the Upper Pleistocene deglaciation stages.

The outcome of collecting remotely sensed data, map and DEM data, geophysical data and much fieldwork gave access to morphometric, morphographic and morphogenetic data of these alluvial fans. The main drainage network was mapped on processed images using QGis vers. Several fan morphometric parameters were measured, such as the size, the shape, the thickness, the surface areas and the sedimentary volume of exported idspositivos.

The analyzed fans were accumulated in deep tectonic depressions, where the alluvium fill reaches to m thick. Such fans do not reach the large size that other world megafans have, and this is due to tectonic obstacles, although the sedimentary fill average volume surpasseshm3. The author proposes to consider Ullum-Zonda and Tulum alluvial fans as paraglacial megafans. According to the stratigraphic relationships of the tropical South American Rivers, the author considers that the San Juan paraglacial megafans would have occurred in the period before 24 ka BPpossibly corresponding to Middle Pleniglacial ca ka BP.

They record colder and more humid conditions compared with the present arid and dry conditions. Paradiplomacia en las relaciones Chileno- Argentinas: The dissertation studies how non-central governments inserted themselves in the integration process between Argentina and Chile. As a case study, the link between the Argentinean province of San Juan and the Chilean region of Coquimbo was addressed through an extensive literature review and more.

En un segundo momento se recogen las afirmaciones acerca de las mediaciones humanas de la presencia de Dios en la historia. Su objetivo principal aprendiizaje determinar la progresiva modificacion de la isla de calor urbana en un periodo de quince anos y la correlacion de esta con la ocupacion del area urbana del Gran San Juan GSJlocalizada en la diagonal arida de Elemental composition of PM2. This study contributes to the current knowledge about air pollution in the province of San JuanArgentina.

Sampling was carried out to measure the fine particulate matter in the atmosphere PM 2. The results revealed that PM 2. In addition, for the elements quantified in the filters, a multivariate analysis Positive Matrix Factorization was performed to identify the main sources of emission of these elements in the study area, with a series of components being obtained that corresponded to their compositions, which were assigned physical meanings.

The results of this study provide azfoaga first PM composition database in the province, and this can now be used in the development of mitigation and prevention programs. Arsenic As speciation in surface and groundwater from sel provinces in Argentina San Juan and La Pampa was investigated using solid phase extraction SPE cartridge methodology with comparison to total arsenic concentrations.


Analysis of the waters for arsenic total and species was performed by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry ICP-MS in collision cell mode. The pH range for the provinces of San Juan 7.

FUNCIONES CEREBRALES SUPERIORES by Bernardo Daniel Puente on Prezi

Chemical quality and oxidative stability of extra virgin olive oils from San Juan province Argentina. This study provides information about the chemical quality quality indices, fatty acid profile, total polyphenols PPstocopherols and pigments and oxidative stability index OSI of virgin olive oils of Arbequina, Changlot Real and Coratina cultivars San Juan province, Argentina. The influence of the cultivar and the effect of earlier harvest dates on the yields OYquality and OSI of the oils were also evaluated.

All the oils were classified as extra virgin. The prior objective is to reach co – location between both techniques, so the Station became of 1st order in ITRF net.

For that we study and adopt an appropriate strategy to select and place Survey Control Points that ensures higher precision in determination of 3D vectors between the selected reference point s.

File:Procesos Psicológicos – Líneas de Desarrollo (Vigotsky).jpg

Afterwards we perform translocation tasks of receptor and antenna checking that the GPS verifies builder standards. Then we design and compensate survey control network, by means of software of our own draught. We expect to obtain definitive local ties with precision better than 3 mm, as suggested by IERS for co – located stations. There are very few stations with co aptendizaje located spatial techniques in the Southern Hemisphere, so it is of great importance to have one in Argentina for xispositivos our participation in IERS on the new realizations of ITRF from now on.

Monitoreo de la calidad de datos GPS continuo: The recorded data of UNSJ are widely applied to cadastral surveys and serve as the basis for defining national and regional geodetic reference frames. As a key component of the. Monitoring organo chlorine pesticides in surface and ground water in San Juan Argentina ; Determinacion de pesticiddas organoclorados en aguas superficiales y subterraneas de la provincia de San Juan Argentina.

The level of contamination with organo chlorine pesticides and the occurrence of their qzcoaga products in the basins of the two main rivers.

Surface and groundwater samples from both river basins were evaluated by dizpositivos GC and results confirmed with Mass Spectrometry.

Chemicals investigated were 16 organo chlorine pesticides. For a total number of samples, the percentage of positive samples ranged from Samples taken in different seasons did not show significant differences. Effect of seasonal variations and collection form on antioxidant activity of propolis from San JuanArgentina. Propolis was included in the Argentine Food Code as a functional food.

The chemical parameters and antioxidant properties of propolis samples from the same colonies of Apis mellifera in San Juan Cuyo region, Western Argentine were compared every month for 1 disposiitvos using two collection azcoagz.

Chemical parameters were analyzed by the spectrophotometric method and fingerprinting using high-performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection.

The antioxidant activities of propolis samples were measured using model systems including the analysis of the scavenging activities for 2,2′-azino-bis 3-ethylbenzthiazolinesulfonic acid ABTS and 2,2-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl DPPH radicals and the beta-carotene bleaching assay.

The results showed that propolis had a higher free radical scavenging and lipid peroxidation inhibitory capacity than butylated hydroxytoluene and quercetin, antioxidants used in aprendizzje pharmaceutical and food industries. Samples collected in November had the highest antioxidant capacity. A significant positive correlation was found between the antioxidant capacity and flavonoid content of each analyzed extract.

The chemical profiles were very similar.

Galangin 3,5,7-trihydroxyflavonean antioxidant compound, was detected in all samples as a major compound.