The immunization certification form (DHMH ) or a printed or a computer generated immunization record form and the required immunizations must be. DHMH , Rev. 4/ Center for Immunization: MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND MENTAL HYGIENE IMMUNIZATION. About this Form. Form number: DHMH Audience: Students. Last revised: September Adobe PDF Maryland Department of Health Immunization.

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I am coming from out of state, will the immunization record from my state allow my child to start school?

Form Detail – Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD

If you have the record from your previous state, that information will be transferred to a Maryland form by the school nurse and your child may start. If your child does not ddhmh Maryland requirements, you will be dh,h a time frame to meet Maryland requirements. What if my child received their first MMR or Varicella prior to their first birthday?

A preschool or school, public or private, may count as valid, vaccine doses administered less than or equal to 4 days before the minimum interval or age. If the blood titer does not show immunity, the child must then still receive another immunization.


What if my child has had some of the immunizations, but not all, can they start school? In order to start school a child must have at least one of every type of immunization. If your child has at least one of each, they may begin school as long as the school has proof of an appointment within 20 days of the start of school or the earliest date the vaccine may be given.

Section | Immunization Requirements Procedure – GCBOE

This proof of the appointment must be given to the school on or prior to the first day your child starts. If your child requires more immunizations than can be administered at one visit, you must continue to present proof of an appointment for subsequent immunizations.

You must present proof of the immunizations to the school the next day after the appointment, or your child will be excluded from school until the school has verification of the immunizations. What if my doctor is out of the vaccine?

What if I cannot locate a copy of my child’s immunization record? Your child cannot start school without a record of their immunizations. The record may be able to be recreated, if you have some form of documentation, or blood titers may be drawn, or your child may need to receive additional immunizations.


Immunizations FAQs

Are foreign exchange students required to have proof of immunizations? Foreign exchange students are required to meet Maryland Immunization requirements.

The doctor must indicate if the condition is temporary or permanent. If the condition is temporary, the doctor must include when ddhmh child will be able to receive the vaccination. Immunizations violate our religious beliefs, can my child attend school?

If your child is not immunized, they may be excluded from school if there is an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease.

This decision will be made by the County Health Officer. Skip to main content.