Andrea Sechi of University of Bologna, Bologna (UNIBO) with expertise in: Chronobiology, Cell Biology and Genetics. Read 10 Juan Carlos Robles. May 7, John Bologna, left, was sentenced to eight years in federal prison for conspiring to murder Springfield gangster Adolfo Bruno, right. Republican. Dermatología: principales diagnósticos y tratamientos / edtores, Jean L. Bologna , Joseph L. Jorizzo, Julie V. Schaffer ; editores de las secciones, Jeffrey P.

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Dermatological diseases are among the primary causes of the demand for basic health care. Studies on the frequency of dermatoses are important for the proper management of health planning. To evaluate the nosological and behavioral profiles of dermatological consultations in Brazil. The growth factor receptor c-kit CD is expressed in immature T-cells and in some advanced forms of mycosis fungoides. We aimed to detect by PCR the most frequent exon mutations in seventeen plaque-stage MF patients, in their perilesional skin and in healthy skin donors.

Fragrances may cause allergic contact dermatitis. Data on patients who were patch tested, between andwith fragrance allergens included in the Brazilian baseline series balsam of Peru, colophony and fragrance mix Iwere collected and analyzed. Of these patients, We report 73 cases of cutaneous sporotrichosis from the Community Dermatology program, at the central and mountain areas of the state of Guerrero, Mexico. A similar number of cases was found between children and adults, mostly peasants and school-age children with rural occupations.

Upper limbs were the mostly affected and the predominant clinical form was lymphocutaneous We report a case of a year-old patient with a history of recent weight loss and ulcerated umbilical nodular lesion.

Initially, we considered the diagnostic hypothesis of Sister Mary Joseph’s nodule. However, histopathological evaluation revealed that it was an ulcerated intradermal nevus. Molecular studies have shown more than one species of the genus Paracoccidioides to be the causal agent of paracoccidioidomycosis. Efforts have been made to correlate the identified species with epidemiological and clinical data of patients, aiming to determine the real meaning and impact of new species.

Dermoscopic examination allows visualization of horizontal images on the skin, showing well-defined patterns. The authors propose ex vivo dermoscopic visualization using a vertical view of skin sections. The new image clearly distinguishes the stratum corneum, epidermis, and dermis as well as the anatomical location of the pigment. Poroid neoplasms are benign epithelial proliferations with eccrine sweat gland differentiation.

They are a challenging diagnosis because of the clinical heterogeneity, being able to mimic several malignant neoplasms. They are classified into classic poroma, hidroacanthoma simplex, dermal duct tumor and poroid hidradenoma. Squamoid eccrine ductal carcinoma is a cutaneous malignancy that originates from the eccrine sweat gland. A year-old woman presented with an asymptomatic papule on her nose that had been present for one year.

Dermoscopy showed pseudocysts, irregular linear crown vessels, and yellowish-brown globules surrounded by white halos. Chagas disease is an endemic zoonosis caused by a protozoan agent called Trypanosoma cruzi. It is mainly transmitted by a hematophagous vector, and less frequently by blood transfusion, transplacental and solid organ transplant.

In most cases, primary infection is not diagnosed and the disease progresses to a chronic phase. Nodular vasculitis is an uncommon type of panniculitis.

It was firstly associated to the infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and named erythema induratum of Bazin, however nowadays it has been associated with several other underlying disorders and it is better described as nodular vasculitis. Concerning its relationship with malignant conditions, there is only one reported case, in association with metastatic colon adenocarcinoma. Cutaneous metastases from internal malignant neoplasms are a rare event and a late clinical finding that is associated with disseminated disease and a poor prognosis.

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They are most often located on the abdominal skin.

Zoon’s plasma cell balanitis is a chronic genital inflammatory dermatosis that affects uncircumcised men, especially the elderly. It’s characterized by painless erythematous plaques of orange hue, located on the glans penis and foreskin. Bologha is the most effective treatment; however, it can be hard for patients to accept.

Granuloma annulare is a relatively common, idiopathic, benign inflammatory dermatosis, with a varied clinical presentation that often makes diagnosis difficult. It mainly affects the extremities, such as the dorsa of the hands and feet, forearms and legs. Palmar and plantar boloogna are generally spared.

Autoimmune progesterone dermatitis is an uncommon, poorly recognized and under-diagnosed catamenial dermatosis associated with hypersensitivity reactions to progestagens. Most cases manifest as urticaria, eczema or erythema multiforme-like. A year-old woman developed violaceous plaques on the groin sermatologia abdomen, 4 days after a spontaneous abortion resolved with uterine curettage. Recently, the World Health Organization published the revised 4th edition of its classification of tumors of hematopoietic and lymphoid bolognw.

The present paper is a concise comparative review of the main primary cutaneous T-cell hematopoietic tumors, with emphasis on their immunohistochemical profiles. Ulcers or wounds can be classified as acute or chronic. Their treatment involves overall assessment of the patient and choice of suitable local therapy, and the appropriate indication and use of products.

Antonella Tosti

Technological progress in the field of wound treatment has increased rapidly. Dermoscopy is a noninvasive complementary diagnostic method largely used in dermatology. Feasibility, accuracy, and reproducibility are key elements for a diagnostic method to be useful, hence the importance of the terminology used to describe dermoscopic criteria. To evaluate the reproducibility of the English descriptive terminology proposed for dermoscopic criteria at the 3rd Consensus Meeting of the International Dermoscopy Society in Brazilian Portuguese.

Vitiligo is characterized by a lack of pigmentation in the skin. To date, there are no studies dermaatologia analyze the changes in gene expression hologna the skin of vitiligo patients in response to narrow-band ultraviolet B nb-UVB phototherapy treatment. Explore the usefulness of new generation RNA sequencing in the identification of gene expression changes in the skin of vitiligo patients treated with nb-UVB phototherapy. Brazil does not have a rosacea-specific quality of life questionnaire.

It involves the activation of nickel-specific T-cells, followed by proliferation and induction of a mixed profile of both proinflammatory and regulatory cytokines, suggesting that several T-cell subtypes helper – Th and cytotoxic – Tc are involved. A broader understanding of the cytokine profile may lead to new therapeutic approaches.

Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease that is endemic in Brazil and little studied in patients over 60 years old. It was an observational, descriptive and retrospective study of leprosy patients notified between and Psoriasis is a chronic and inflammatory disease that impairs quality of life and causes psychological symptoms.

Despite the high prevalence of psoriasis in pediatric patients, studies investigating the impact of psoriasis in the quality of life of children, adolescents and families are sparse. To investigate the impact of psoriasis in the quality of life of children and adolescents with psoriasis and their families and to determine depression and anxiety levels of the patients. The Simplified Psoriasis Index is a tool that assesses the current severity, psychosocial impact, past history jjuan interventions in patients with psoriasis through separate components.


Two versions are available, one in which dermatolohia current severity of the disease is evaluated by the patient themselves and another by the physician. Patch testing for contact allergy may be needed to confirm the diagnosis. To describe and discuss the results of patch tests performed in a city in southern Brazil. Psoriasis has a significant impact on quality of life QoL.

To determine the occurrence of sexual dysfunction and evaluate QoL in women with psoriasis. It is crucial to take in account that in Latin America, unlike what happens in developed countries, the exposure to the virus is very early and therefore people have a much longer interaction with the virus.

The virus is related to many diseases, mainly the oncological ones, and when the onset is in cutaneous tissue, dermatolgia can present many clinical variants, as well acute as chronic ones. A hospital-based cross-sectional study was performed, including psoriatic patients and controls matched for age, gender, and body mass index.

Psoriatic patients had higher levels of serum uric acid 6. Human, dog, and cat fleas, as well as bedbugs, feed by biting their victims, causing acute prurigo, which is aggravated in sensitized victims papular urticaria.

The lesions appear in the classic “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” pattern. There are two main explanations: There is little data in the literature concerning dermatologic admissions. Several diseases are seasonal in incidence and clinical worsening.

Melanoma Guidelines of the Brazilian Dermatology Society recommend histologic review by pathologists trained in melanocytic lesions whenever possible. We present a different and rare manifestation of Darier’s disease, namely linear Darier’s disease.

Giambologna – Wikipedia

Only a few cases have been described in the literature. The case report is a male patient, 60 years old, presenting brown to red papules and plaques with hyperkeratosis distributed on the abdomen, following Blaschko’s lines, with 6 years’ evolution.

Although wound or traumatic myiasis is common in tropical countries, only recently cases associated with underlying dermatoses, such as seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis, have been reported. We describe a patient with seborrheic dermatitis and an ulcerated lesion on the scalp, in which the dermatological examination with the aid of dermoscopy allowed the identification of larvae maggots compatible with infestation by Cochliomyia hominivorax.

Treatment was performed with oral and topical ivermectin, followed by manual extraction of the larvae. Atypical mycobacterial infections are caused by mycobacteria other than those from the M. Sign In Join Now. Allergy and Immunology Obstetrics and Gynecology Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Page 1 of 47 Next.

Contact dermatitis from Do-It-Yourself slime. Toxic epidermal necrolysis after yellow fever vaccination.

Dermoscopic findings of pseudoxanthomatous mastocytosis localized on vulva. Multiple spider telangiectasias in a breast cancer patient on T-DM1 treatment.

List of IDS members | International Dermoscopy Society

Malignant subcutaneous PEComa on the cheek. Assessing the efficacy of a point referral tool in the triaging of pigmented lesions to a Dermatology clinic. Active search for cases of leprosy in the city of Manaus. Analysis of the role of nail polish in the transmission of onychomycosis.

Profile of dermatological consultations in Brazil Read More View Article.