Democracy and Technology received the Don K. Price Award of the American Political Science Association, honoring “the year’s best book in science. Democracy and Technology. Richard E. Sclove. New York: Guilford Press, CHAPTER ONE. SPANISH WATERS, AMISH FARMING. Two Parables of. The Loka Institute is pleased to announce the publication of Loka Founder/ Executive Director, Richard Sclove’s book, Democracy and.

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The book develops a constructive agenda for democratizing all domains of technology — ranging from household to workplace, government, urban infrastructure, medicine, farming, etc.

Democracy and Technology

Click here for ordering information. Democracy and Technology won the Don K. Price Award of the American Political Science Association for “best book in the field of science, technology, and politics. This book provides a provocative and thorough analysis of the challenges facing us on the threshold of the 21st Century.


Sclove is refreshing in the way he rejects ideas so nearly universally held that most people have never thought to question them. Neither Luddite nor Technophile Sclove directs our attention to democrac that might actually work. This is the most far-reaching work I have seen on the political nature of technological change.

Democracy and Technology by Richard E. Sclove

Noble, author of Forces of Production. In clear prose, using numerous salient examples, Richard Sclove provides a philosophic and practical foundation for participatory technology. I am looking forward to using this book in several of my courses.

Democracy and Technology is the most ambitious in scope. A much needed book! Heilbroner, author of Visions of the Future.

Democracy and Technology can be ordered from your local bookseller, or it is available in paperback for U. Democracy and Technology can also be ordered on the web through Amazon Books. Copp Clark Longman, Abd.

Democracy & Technology:by Richard E. Sclove

Europe and the United Kingdom: Afterhurst, 27 Church Rd. Fax 02 Support Loka with an on-line secure-site donation: Democracy and Technology by Richard E. Suite Washington, D.


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