View and Download Dell OptiPlex GX1 user manual online. Small-Form-Factor System. OptiPlex GX1 Desktop pdf manual download. View and Download Dell OptiPlex GX1 reference and installation manual online. Mini Tower Managed PC Systems. OptiPlex GX1 Desktop pdf manual. View and Download Dell OptiPlex GX1 service manual online. Managed PC and Net PC Systems. OptiPlex GX1 Desktop pdf manual download. Also for.

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Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Computer Corporation is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Use the following safety guidelines to help protect your computer system from tx1 tial damage and to ensure your own personal safety.

As you use your computer system, observe the following safety guidelines. To help avoid dlel your computer, be sure the voltage selection switch on the power supply is set to match the AC power available at your location: Position your system so that the monitor and keyboard are directly in front of you as you work.

Dell OptiPlex GX1 Documentation Update

Special shelves are available from Dell and other sources to help you correctly position your keyboard. While you work, periodically touch an unpainted metal surface on the computer chassis to dissipate any static electricity that might harm internal components. Doing so reduces the potential for personal injury or shock. In addition, take note of these safety guidelines when appropriate: When you disconnect a cable, pull on its connector or on its strain-relief loop, not on the cable itself.

Some cables have a connector with locking tabs; if opitplex are dis- connecting this type of cable, press in on the locking tabs before disconnecting the cable. It can be used by both first-time and experienced computer users who want to learn about the features and operation of the systems or who want to upgrade their computers.

The Frequently Asked Questions cards provide detailed answers to questions that are often asked by Dell computer users. Be sure to read these cards before calling Dell for technical assistance.

The following subsections describe notational conventions used in this document. Throughout this guide, fx1 may be blocks of text printed in dekl type or in italic type. These blocks are warnings, cautions, and notes, and they are used as follows: A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer system.

Command lines are presented in the Courier New font. It can be a system message, for example, or it can be text that you are instructed to type as part of a command referred to as a command line.

System Resource Usage Dialog Box Inserting the Drive Bracket in the Chassis Attaching Hard-Disk Drive Cables Each computer system uses a high-performance Optipldx Component Interconnect PCI design that allows you to configure the computer system to your initial optillex and then add Dell-supported upgrades as necessary.

Maximum resolu- tions are x with 65, colors noninterlaced and x and x with true-colors noninterlaced.

In x and x resolutions, For more information on making program diskette sets, see the online help provided in the Dell Program Diskette Maker, which is located in the Dell Acces- sories folder. Configuration Management features of the Dell OpenManage include: Network administrators can automate inventory to occur every day, week, or month at a certain hour, on the hour; or you can enable inven- tory as needed. The Dell OpenManage creates a text file for the group s opptiplex saves it to a user-defined directory.

The field can be cleared using the System Setup program to enable future intrusions to be detected. On the back of the computer are a security cable slot and padlock ring see Figure for attaching commercially available antitheft devices. Security cables for personal computers usually include a segment of galvanized cable with an attached locking device and key.


To prevent unauthorized removal of your computer, delll the cable around an immovable object, insert the locking device into the security cable slot on the back of your computer, and lock the device with the key provided. Windows 95 that Dell installed on your hard-disk drive. Should you need to reinstall Windows 95 on an OptiPlex GX1 or GX1p system for any reason, you must be sure to reinstall the correct version. To print any of manuall topics from this guide, display the topic you want on your screen and select Print Topic from the File menu.

After you set up your system, run the System Setup program to familiarize yourself with your system configuration information and optional settings. Key functions The line of boxes across the bottom of both screens lists keys and their functions within the System Setup program.

Table lists the keys you use to view or change information on the System Setup screens and to exit the program. Moves to the next field. Moves to the previous field. Cycles through the options in a field. In many fields, you can also type the appropriate value. Tab,Shift-Tab change fields The following subsections explain in detail each of manula options on the System Setup screens.

Time is kept in a hour format hours: To change the time, press the right-arrow key to increase the number in the highlighted field or press the left- arrow key to decrease the number.

The Reserved Memory option has the following options: When Setup Password is set to Enabled, Password Status allows manuaal to prevent the system password from being changed or disabled at system start-up.

To lock the system password, you must first assign a setup password in the Setup Password option and then change the Password Status option to Locked. SCSI adapter, installed in the computer. Dell Computer Corporation www. By setting Power Management to Maximum, Regular, or Minimum, you can set pre- defined time-out periods see Table for the two successive monitor shutdown stages, standby and off.

When two COM ports share an IRQ setting, you can use either port as nec- essary, but you may not be able to use them both at the same time. Your Dell system is shipped to you without the system password feature enabled.

If system security is a concern, you should operate your system only with system password mankal. If a wrong or incomplete system password is entered, the following message appears on the screen: If an incorrect or incomplete system password is entered again, the same message appears on the screen.

The third and subsequent times an incorrect or incomplete system password is entered, the system displays the following message: When you start the System Setup program, Page 2 of the System Setup screens appears with the Setup Password option highlighted, prompting you to type the password.

If you do not enter the correct password in three tries, the opti;lex lets you view, but not modify, the System Setup screens—with the following exceptions: If System Password is not enabled and is not locked via the Password Status option, optuplex can assign a system password however, you cannot disable or change manua existing system password.

Therefore, some Plug and Play cards such as modem, sound, and net- work cards may not work with Windows NT. Before your system was manuql from Dell, a technician used the ICU to enter the correct information for the expansion cards initially installed in your computer. If your system was shipped with Dell-installed software, the ICU diskette image from which you can make an ICU diskette is installed on your hard-disk drive. See your operating system documentation for instructions on making a copy of a diskette.


Use only the backup diskette when running the ICU. Then either turn on your system or reboot it by pressing the reset button.

You can access online help in the ICU in four ways: Select Contents from the Help opti;lex to display a list of topics. The ICU uses the manuall resources set by the card manufacturer whenever pos- sible.

If the ICU cannot find a resource that is valid for the card and available in the system, the utility generates an error message. Configuration Choice box, the changes that you made to the resource values are overwritten by the default values for the new configuration choice. After modifying the system configuration, you must turn off the system to install, remove, or change jumper settings on the non-Plug and Play ISA expansion cards to match the settings you selected in the ICU.

To continue using , please upgrade your browser.

A message box appears, notifying you either that the card is using its default set- tings or that it cannot use its default settings and must be reconfigured.

After modifying the system configuration, you must turn the system off to install, remove, or change jumper settings on the non-Plug and Play ISA expansion cards to match the settings you selected in the ICU. Modifying a card allows you to manuao the system resources used by a card.

Iptiplex fea- ture is helpful when you want to add a card that requires resources already in use by other cards or devices in your computer. The ICU requests verification that you want to remove the card.


The ICU displays all resources currently used by your system. Plug and Play behavior.

Otherwise, the device driver might not be able to find the card the next time the system boots. This procedure is referred to as locking a card. To lock or unlock all the resources and configurations for a Plug and Play or PCI expan- sion card, perform the following steps: The Lock Resources box toggles the lock state of the selected configuration setting.

Dell OptiPlex GX1 Manuals

If you ever need to reinstall the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, you should also reinstall the software drivers and utilities that came with your Dell system.

This section specifically describes how to reinstall DirectX drivers and video drivers. See the operating system documentation for more information.

If you change the display resolution, you may need to adjust the refresh rate for optimum viewing. Your system has a Crystal CSB audio controller. If your system came with a Dell- installed operating system, the audio drivers for that operating system are installed on your hard-disk drive. Instructions for reconfiguring the NIC driver are included in the following subsections. For information on administrative users and privileges, see your Windows NT documentation.

The Network Settings window appears. If you are installing the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system for the first time, you must use either the Windows 95 service release version provided by Dell or its equivalent. Because of the advanced architecture of your system, some compo- nents do not function correctly with Windows 95 versions earlier than Service Release 2.

If the Install Driver ophiplex box appears and prompts you for the el90x. To connect your system to, and configure it for use on, an Ethernet network, you must complete the following mankal