I’ve been roleplaying for ages it seems. I’ve seen systems come and go. This is one that I hope, I truly hope, will stay around for time to come. Deliria is not a. Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium has members. A Group created to discuss ideas, concepts and all the fantastic dreams contained in the. Also called, the Deliria Prime Codex, this game is intended to be played either as a tabletop game or as a live action game. It uses a primarily narrative structure.

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Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here. I got to play a game of it at Origins and it was a lot of fun.

Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium

All over the world, people have begun to embrace a new and vital era, one in which old boundaries of identity and culture are rapidly dissolving. I have attached the contributor bios to this post as a sample of what’s to come.

Please select rp support frequency. They actually have a bit about making your own modern setting.

The Glitter Trades Deliria. The core of the system is summed up as: I picked this up a few months rph, and it is gorgeous and a great read. This level is proposed for Computer-assisted or Live action role-playing games. This level is proposed for pen and paper or Live action role-playing games.


Deliria – Wikipedia

Anyone been watching tpg new Sabrina on Netflix? To “twilight people” who encounter the magical realm, the world becomes a frightening yet wonderful place. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Cards cards drive the action. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: David rated it it was amazing Nov 18, Next my first question is since the Core book and 2 supplements appear to be available in Pdf.

You can find a link to the download here http: Paige rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Campaign Setting game world.

Thanks to Carol Darnell, I now have the Deliria Appendix Disc files – over 60, words’ worth of content, including contributor bios, artwork, characters, creator diary, creator design bible, and so forth.

Tamara rated it really liked it Feb 21, Deliria is a realm of innocence, challenge and transformation.


Fantasy Modern Urban Fantasy. Has anyone else played or heard of Deliria: The game comes with a Compact Disc containing: That which has been eternally separate is melding into something new and wonderful.


Deliria has also been noted for its vivid digital artevocative short stories, and emphasis of “courage rather than carnage. Fantasy role-playing games Role-playing games introduced in I personally use the book for inspiration when i want to write, even leafing through its beautiful illustartions and words releases a kind of magic: The theme is perfect for me, though.

No trivia or quizzes yet. More Information Edit History. For the nematode genus, see Deliria nematode. A pdf patch was released to clear up a few rules.

Mathieu rated it it was amazing Oct 09, Where’d you get it from Crothian? A tale I epg about myself”. Results 1 to 10 of Cool, but way too flowery to be very useful I just got the book Thursday and played once on Saturday. Nightwish – “The Pharaoh Sails to Dfliria.

This page does not exist. Views Read Edit View history. We never found out everything so part of this is guesses based on the guy running it’s being the auther of a new book for the game that deasl with goblin markets.