Ravenheart by David Gemmell. Ravenheart book cover. logo logo. Rating / The best novel in the Rigante series. Free preview. Stormrider is a fantasy novel by British writer David Gemmell, published in It is the fourth and last novel in the Rigante series. David Andrew Gemmell was a British author of heroic fantasy, best known for his debut novel, . When Bill died during the writing of Ravenheart, as a tribute Gemmell reworked the novel to give the “Bill” character centre stage. David Gemmell.

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A former journalist and newspaper editor, Gemmell had his first work of fiction published in He went on to write over thirty novels.


Gemmell’s works display violence, yet also explore themes of honour, loyalty and redemption. There is always a gemell heroic theme but nearly always the heroes are flawed in some way. With over one million copies favid, his work continues to sell worldwide. Inthe David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy were established, intended to “restore fantasy to its proper place in the literary pantheon”; a steering group of 18 authors is chaired by writer Stan Nicholls and the award is decided by a public vote.

He was a hero. This boy’s lack was the subject of sly whispers from the adults, and open jeering from his peers. This boy’s mother was—the boy heard so many times —a whore… the word was less hurtful than the blows that would follow it.

Most of the blows came from other children, but sometimes adults too would weigh in. David Gemmell was born in in west London. Raised alone by his mother until the age of six, he experienced a harsh upbringing in a tough urban area, suffering bullying and taunts from his peers, partly due to the absence of his father, [1] and often sustained serious injuries through fighting. Preferring reading books to fighting, he was compelled to take up boxing by his stepfather, who insisted he learn how to stand up for himself davvid “hiding behind walls or running away”, this philosophy informing much of Gemmell’s later writing.

He claimed that one psychologist’s report at the time labelled him a psychopath. Of applicants, he was probably the least qualified for the position, but was hired owing to his display of arrogance during the interview, which was mistaken for self-confidence. He went on to work as a journalist for several local newspapers in East Sussexeventually becoming editor-in-chief for five. Gemmell first attempted writing a novel in the s, but The Man from Miami failed to find a publisher.

He later admitted that the book “was so bad it could curdle milk at 50 paces. Leaving the ending of the novel open, he planned to ravenhexrt the fortress stand or fall dependent upon his own prognosis.

It was accepted in and published in under the new title, Legendgoing on to achieve considerable commercial success. He said that while he could “write it better” after becoming an established author, “[its heart] wouldn’t be bettered by improving its style. Gemmell later said that his Managing Director had regarded it “a poisonous attack on his integrity.


After the publication of WaylanderGemmell became an author full-time, writing over thirty novels in total, some as part of long-running series, others as standalone works. Most of his novels were in the heroic fantasy gemmepl White Knight, Black Swan was a crime thrillerappearing davld the pseudonym Ross Harding, and was Gemmell’s only novel not to become a bestseller.

Gemmell’s books have sold more than one million copies. In mid, Gemmell was on a trip to Alaska when he became discomforted.

Immediately travelling back to the UK, he underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery in a private London hospital. Within two days he was able to take physical exercise and returned home to resume work on his latest novel.

At the time of his death, Gemmell was writing the final novel in an alternative-history trilogy based upon the legend of the siege of Troyhaving completed 70, words.

As a former junior reporter, aspiring novelist and subeditor, and having been involved in Gemmell’s writing process for a number of years, Stella Gemmell felt she was “the only one who gemmelk do it.

Fall of Kings was published in under the joint authorship of David and Stella Gemmell. Up until his death, Gemmell was also patron of the Hastings Writers’ Groupfollowing founder member Catherine Cookson. As patron, he was the main judge in the national literary competition run by the group, the Legend Writing Awardwhich was named after his breakthrough novel.

At the inaugural ceremony in June ravenheary, the first recipient was the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowskifor his novel Blood of Elves. The youngest author to be nominated for this award was year-old Liam Gillen.

A History of Warriors and Warfare to Gemmell: He wrote about warriors and heroes, many of them ancient Greeks and Romans. His novel Ghost King introduced me to the legend of the Ninth Legion and ignited my interest in the Roman army. Originally intending to be a historical novelist, Gemmell was intrigued by events which ended badly for the protagonists. Citing the Battle of the Alamo and the grisly fate of William Wallace as influences, he said that had he written about the 13th century Scottish revolutionary, he would have found a way in ravenneart he was ultimately victorious despite the odds, eventually realising this kind of storytelling would be more palatable in a fantasy setting.

The consistent presence of redemption in Gemmell’s work reflected his Christian beliefs. He claimed that all of his novels have a religious basis, calling them “essentially Christian books” and saying that Christianity stopped him from “promoting the cause of evil” by writing “mindless savagery” in the vein of George G. Gilman ‘s Edge westerns.

While all his novels are violent, successes are often Pyrrhic and the villains complex. Gemmell credited his time as a journalist for providing him with his pacey, succinct davdi, though critics labelled his work ” macho ” and would often cite his limited vocabulary and the repetitive nature of his stories.


Violent events usually provide the sole impetus for plot development, and are resolved by physical violence or heroics. Known for his strong characterisation, he attributed this to his tendency to draw from real life; having been ravenhwart with violent men, he understood and enjoyed writing them. They ravneheart the watch hounds who keep the wolves at bay. When Bill died during the writing of Ravenheartas a tribute Gemmell reworked the novel to give the “Bill” character centre stage.

References to John Wayne movies are also found throughout the first two books gemmel the Rigante series, Sword in the Storm and even more-so in Midnight Falconwhere his main character Bane, is a pugilist. This series is known by several names.

The entire series deals with the Stones of Power, also known as the Sipstrassi.

The first two books contain a vemmell of the Arthurian legend. The last three novels involve the protagonist Jon Shannow. The first four novels were published in an omnibus ravehheart as Stones of Power: A Sipstrassi Omnibus in Sipstrassi is also used in the Greek series by Aristotle to perform feats of magic. In official printings, these two books Lion of Macedon, Dark Prince are grouped with the “Stones of Power” series and contain some of the same characters and assumptions on how the world works.

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Ravenheart (The Rigante, #3) by David Gemmell

Gemmell preferring to go to bed late, with his wife favouring an early start, on 28 July she was surprised to wake up to discover the bed empty. Unfortunately I now know the truth about the Alamo… The Alamo is a consistent story of ravnheart after cock-up. Nobody there expected to die. I’m not saying they weren’t very brave men. But the whole thing was mismanaged to the point of ineptness I don’t like to believe that, but it’s the reality of life, so perhaps I shouldn’t have studied the Alamo.

Legend is the Alamo spirit – or what should have been that spirit. Wikiquote has quotations related to: