#summary. Kristoffersen, Bjørn. Databasesystemer. 4. utg. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget. Funnet March 1,. Explore the features included in the latest versions of MQTT for IoT and M2M communications and use them with modern Python FeaturesMake your. Based on the author’s years of experience working with Toyota’s master teachers and with companies in the midst of great change, this book follows the story.

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Digital marketing means kristoffersn promote goods and services through digital channels with the aim of influencing the behavior of the consumers.

This should be done in a modern, relevant, personal and cost-effective way, which means that you need to have good knowledge of marketing theory, know consumer psychology and at the same time bjfn the necessary knowledge of the opportunities the technology offers. The study programme lasts three years and awards the title Bachelor IT specialising in Digital Marketing. The first year of study is a joint programme giving basic qualifications in programming, project work, systems development, computer technology and databases.

The second year introduces marketing, digital marketing, interaction design and web design. In the course of the second year the kristiffersen will carry out a project in software engineering that aims to give knowledge in project management and use of development method.

The third year of study gives an introduction to consumer psychology and persuasive theory. Databasesystemed, the students learn to use Web 2. The focus of the third year is on applying the knowledge gained in the first and second databaesystemer.

Thus, in the final semester the students carry out a degree project solving a challenging task related to digital marketing in collaboration with a private or public business. Some courses are joint courses that are central to the bachelor of IT programmes: Technology and the Organisation, Research Methods, and E-business. The programme is theoretical as bjrm as practical and gives a solid understanding of what digital marketing is, at the same time providing a basic understanding of central technologies used in the field.

The students are taught to databaeesystemer digital campaigns, create and implement technological solutions, and evaluate the effects of these campaigns. In addition to basic IT knowledge the programme offers instruction in digital marketing, consumer psychology and tools used in e-marketing. The research anchoring of the programme is digital marketing. All marketing departments will see the need of staff who are competent in this new and growing field. Students who choose Bachelor IT specialising in Digital Marketing will have good career opportunities in marketing departments, working with digital campaigns.

Other job opportunities will be as consultants in agencies or IT firms that offer services in the field digital marketing. After the completed bachelor degree it is possible to continue on a master’s degree programme in Norway or abroad.

The following studies are suitable for students who have graduated from Bachelor IT specialising in Digital Marketing:. Students are expected to be able to explain the main principles and applications of databases and describe what distinguishes a vatabasesystemer system from a filebased system. They should be able to explain the main principles of a multiple-user database handling system DBHS. The main focus is on kristoffrsen relational model, but students should also be familiar with other database models.

Students are expected to make simple data models as EAR schemas and master the transmission of an EAR model to a relational database as well as the reconstruction of an EAR schema based on an existing relational database. Students are expected to master SQL to a degree that enables them to create and maintain databases, retrieve inforrmation from databases, and change information in databases.

They should also master join, subqueries and set operations union, intersect, minus. They should also be able to evaluate the introduction of controlled reduncancy denormalisation and implement such a denormalisation. Net components for database connection; – possessing basic basic knowledge of C syntax.

They will also learn about hjrn patterns in order to find and remove errors, and learn about testing of application functionality blackbox, whitebox, unit testing. Java How to Program, latest edition.


The reading list comprises the reading in parallel courses in the second year of study. Additionally, the projects have their own reading list. Students will acquire knowledge of basic technological topics such as the function of the hardware as well as basic knowledge of software. Dxtabasesystemer student should be able to: Internet, protocol, header, and explain the connection between headers and protocols.

Wireshark to inspect different protocols and formats in real time, and interpret and relate the “sniffed” data to fundamental principles and techniques in computer networking. The Application Layer The student should be able to: The Transport Layer The student should be able to: Bachelor IT specialising in Digital Marketing – Content Content A new generation of social networks is making the Internet one of our most important marketing channels.

The bachelor programme IT specialising in Krisfoffersen Marketing is a good choice for you if you wish to investigate this fairly new field. The students will learn about individual communication, group dynamics, sociotechnical systems, decision support systems, and organisation structures related to IT businesses. Special emphasis is on knowledge and understanding of good team building in IT projects. Prerequisites None Competence objectives At completion of the course the students will know: The students will be able to: Structure Lectures and teacher-led exercises.

They will have gained knowledge of individual communication, group interaction, sosiotechnical systems, decision support systems, and organisation structures related to IT projects.

Bjørn Kristoffersen (Author of Databasesystemer)

To be able to succeed bjr this web marketing, organisations need to integrate business understanding and technology, and the strategies must be founded in the situation of the end users. Further, the organisations must know how the technology functions and what possibilities and limitations exist. The course Marketing and Sales Team gives an initial general introduction to the Internet in relation to marketing. It then goes deeper into topics such as Internet strategy and practical implementation of the strategies.

On the technical side, the course teaches how to develop good Internet pages for an organisation. The focus is on the technical and marketing possibilities and limitations that exist, and on practising using tools to produce information pages.

Structure The course is taught as krisstoffersen combination of lectures and practical work with developing a web solution for an oristoffersen. Curriculum The history of the Internet, its structure and function Electronic commerce Development of an Internet strategy Electronic marketing: Then, a presentation of Internet strategy and implementation of marketing strategy on the Internet.

The technical part of the course presents topics from transaction design. Databbasesystemer develop a static web site for an organisation. An introduction is given to central marketing concepts related to digital marketing.

Hands-On MQTT Programming with Python

The course is structured around a theoretical part kristoffersdn with the main focus on the practical application of technology and methods. At completion of the course the students will have sufficient knowledge and competence to plan, implement and evaluate marketing activities. Prerequisites None Competence objectives Know and understand the function of marketing in a business Know central concepts of marketing Understand that marketing means an economic investment, and that profit depends on the response of the customers to the market-related efforts of he company Be able to draw up a market plan for a business Be able to understand the need of information and decisions in marketing Know the main principles of market research and their use Be able to segment, evaluate segments and kristoffersenn target groups for a business Know about purchasing behaviour on the consumer and bjrj markets Be able to develop strategies for the four competition measures: Central marketing concepts related to digital marketing are taught.

Modern database technology enables fast registration, editing and retrieval of data. They also have built-in functions for backup copying and reconstruction of data with system failure. Further, they solve the problem of multiple users in a functional way. Thus it is extremely important to master databases for people who work with creating information systems.


The topic is also an important part of other courses at NITH, such as systems development, project, and programming. Prerequisites Basic knowledge of programming. Competence objectives Database theory: SQL Students are expected to master SQL to a degree that enables them to create and maintain databases, retrieve inforrmation from databases, and change information in databases. Structure A combination of lectures and pc lab approx.

The course is taught in the spring semester for first-year Bachelor IT students. All Introduction Ch 2: All Database environment Ch 3: All SQL, data manipulation Ch 6: All SQL, data definition Ch All normalisation Ch Visual Studio and using. Net components for database connection; 4. Prerequisites None Competence objectives – Being able to structure web documents using html and CSS to design various layouts on html; – knowing html and css in a mobile connection according to W3C norms; – validating html and css against established standards W3C ; – knowing terms within Usability and Accessability; – using Photoshop as an outline and a production tool; – using Photoshop for image manipulation; – using Visual Studio as development tool; – using basic and sophisticated ASP.

Structure The course is taught as a combination of lectures and practices. Net applications with C ; 3. Prerequisites None Competence objectives Basic knowledge of HCI human computer interaction Basic knowledge of interaction design including what is good user friendliness Ability to develop simple protypes Knowledge of solution and user evaluations Structure The course is taught as lectures, lab based learning and project based work. The students have performed user evaluations and developed unsophisticated prototypes.

On the server side the student will learn to use Linq against xml and Linq against sql database in Visual Studio. Structure The course is given as a combination of lectures and practices. NET and C in order to use database and xml resources, javascript ad jQuery to make interactive contents in websites. This discipline is, directly or indirectly, part of a number of courses in the IT education. The course aims to introduce object oriented programming and the development of algorithms to solve problems.

A number of central mechanisms in object oriented programming will be dealt with, as well as examples of cooperation between objects in a few classes.

Modelling in UML of small systems class diagrams and sequence diagrams is also used. Prerequisites The course does not require any specific prerequisites except general study qualifications and sound knowledge of using a PC, on the other hand, it requires a degree of accuracy, patience, and ability of logical thinking. Competence objectives At completion of the course the students will be able to make simple programs that use variables assignments various data types arithmetic and logical expressions have acquired basic knowledge in programming with a focus on developing algorithms object oriented programming be able to make simple programs that use various control structures such as choice and loop be able to declare and use static tables arrays and standard dynamic data structures be able to define classes, and master the use of objects master various UML diagram types such as simple activity diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams and Use Case diagrams master the use of simple design patterns Structure The course is offered as 12 weeks of taught course with 3 hours of lectures and 4 hours of exercises per week.

Curriculum Java How to Program. The students have learned to declare and apply classes to make cooperating objects that contain control structures choice, loop and tables arrays. They master a variety of diagram types such as simple activity diagrams, UML class diagrams, sequence diagrams and Use Case diagrams, as well as some design patterns.

Students should have a basic understanding of object oriented programming.