If you are using BusinessObjects XI instead of Cognos 8, see Chapter 7 for information about configuring the BusinessObjects environment for Argus Insight. IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence is the successful successor of Cognos Series 7. IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence is a completely reengineered. IBM Cognos 8 & 10 Planning is an integrated, scalable solution for planning, budgeting and forecasting. IBM Cognos Planning integrates operational and.

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Business Intelligence BI tools such as Cognos are good at fetching data from a database and displaying the data on a web page.

This post details how you should put some of your HTML reporting components in your data warehouse to give you a flexible and easily maintained set of components to include in all your reports.

Even though I am writing this post using Cognos as an example, you can use this technique for any BI tool that is accessed by a web browser. Perhaps because I do not do it often enough, I find creating custom Cognos templates tedious. The process involves iteratively modifying XML documents, modifying cascading style sheets and quite often you need to restart the Cognos server to see the changes.

This process has to be repeated with every Cognos upgrade to make sure your templates continue to work well. To show you what I mean I am going to use two common items that appear in reports, logo images and export buttons. The code above will give you the image export buttons below. You need to ensure the paths to the images a correct.

Once satisfied that the code worked, I inserted this code into a table in the data warehouse. I then put the HTML code into a database table. You need to pay attention how quotation characters are handled by your database. I have chosen to use double quotes for the HTML and single quotes for the database string. If you run your report the code from the database will render the export buttons in your report.

The advantage of using this solution is that you can now make changes to all your reports containing the HTML component without touching your Cognos server. cognoe

Cognos – Wikipedia

The same technique can be used to display images in your report. The URLs to the images can be stored in the database. If you wanted all your reports to use a different logo you would only have to update the database table. HTML is capable of more than just displaying buttons and images. You will really appreciate this this technique once you have several hundred reports and need to make a change in all the reports.

Yes your first need to include the HTML component in all your reports. You can do this during the next upgrade when you have to open and run all the reports to make sure that they are working.


It is a fognos complete BI software, yet manageable, and one of the BI market leaders. The main applications are used from a web portal that controls the Business Intelligence Server, which is the heart of the tool.

Each application is designed to cover a type of needs that often occur in such environments. These are the main tools provided in the suite:. It is the simplest tool and could be considered rather as a complement. Its goal is to allow the user to perform simple to quickly resolve specific issues that may arise queries. It allows access to the same data structure used by other tools, whether it is a relational model as if the structure is dimensional.

It also has formatting options, although quite limited. It resembles Query Studio, but is much more complete. On the left shows an object browser from which you can access the data structure, and other insertable objects in reports.

IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence

To the right is the report design area where you can drag these objects and go and composing the structure. These objects can be of different types: Each object that is embedded in the report has its configurable properties, and through these you can reach a very high level of customization, both in cignos data shown in the design of the format.

You can choose from several types of basic structure for reporting. There are different types of graphs, and even maps that can be included coggnos reports, display or store individually to form part of a scorecard that would be displayed in the portal.

The options of using parameters and prompts are also fairly complete, although how they are defined is not very intuitive and is somewhat cumbersome. As in all these types of tools, you can define filters, sorting, grouping and working with aggregates, create subtotals, calculated fields, conditional formatting.

You can also enable the drill up and drill down, and using drill through. The resulting query can be viewed and even edited and changed directly. Analysis Studio is similar to Query Studio function, but for multidimensional sources. You can also attack relational data sources, provided they are dimensionally modeled from IBM Cognos Framework Manager.

The main purpose of this software is to enable the business analyst can ‘navigate’ by the data loaded into the dimensional structures without relying on IT support area.

As announced by the manufacturer using Analysis Studio a business user can perform complex analysis and comparative data to discover trends, risks and opportunities. At that time the tool proceeds to execute cognso or tasks that have been associated with the events.

Once constructed agents Event Studio, with the same environment Scheduler used to schedule automated execution of reports, and periodic program execution thereof is controlled. It is the software that is used for the construction of metrics and dashboards. With Metric Studio are defined KPIs or business performance Key Indicators, are organized and relate to each other, they are associated with different profiles, and monitor, allowing compare all objectives moment versus performance, and define automated actions such as notifications in case of deviations.


With these metrics dashboards that enable operational level to monitor performance against objectives, and strategic level “map” of corporate strategy and facilitate dognos transmission to all levels of the organization are built.

IBM Cognos 8 & 10 Planning | element61

The above tools provide access to OLAP cubes as a data source. With a data volume controlled response times in the use of reports can be much better.

With Powerplay data sources are defined, the multidimensional structure which will shape the cube is modeled, validated, and proceeds to its construction. Cognks tool is installed in client mode, not accessible via web. It is used independently to generate cubes, which is attacking the other web tools. It is Cognos BI software that is used cognow build the necessary metadata for all other work. It not often mentioned as a product because it is using the technical area to create the packages metadata reporting tools consult to show the business user cognps intelligible structure, and allow create a navigation tree just by consulting cognox systems origin.

Could any one please how to do this task with using check box prompt properties or javascript I am showing country names in a world map of cognos. But user want to xognos continent names insted of country name. Could you guyz please help me. Clicking the button causes a full page refresh. The user could go to the “Entry list” region to view the new content. Entry list 1 – 7 of 7. Hi guyz, I am new to Cognos: I have requirement like:: Any tips on how to do this?

Dynamic Functionality The advantage of using this solution is that you can now make changes to all your reports containing the HTML component without touching your Cognos server. To summarize You are taking advantage of the connection Cognos is already making to the database.

IBM Cognos 8 BI

A few more rows of data are not going to make a big difference in report performance. Updates are done on the database without a need for a server restart. You can use this technique for any BI tool that is accessed by a web browser. These are the main tools provided in the suite: Modified on by gk 50N16VP