CLIPP, Computerized Learning In Pediatric Practice is an online teaching tool for find many resources to help you integrate the MedU virtual patient cases into. CLIPP Cases. Computer Learning In Pediatrics Project. To Log on go to: www. You should have been emailed your username login and. Text, MC predisposing factor for acute bacterial sinusitis = {{cviral URI}}. Extra, persistent nasal drainage, cough, congestion x d without improvement.

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Anyone have experience with Pediatric CLIPP exam? : medicalschool

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Multireddit of RHN Subreddits. So the cases alone are sufficient prep or do they test material that isn’t covered in the cases? It’s dumb because it doesn’t line up that well with Step IICK and wasn’t any more useful than UWworld for my actual rotation knowledge but it’s just another hoop to jump through.

Difficulty wise – I’d say it’s on par or worse with Shelf exams with just more poorly worded questions.

I ended up with a raw score in the low 90’s which was enough to honor at my school and all I used were the CLIPP cases, especially since I heard that Peds UWorld didn’t help for these cases. I basically finished the cases 1x by the end of week 3 and then redid them again, with a bit more note taking my second time through.


Computer-Assisted Learning in Pediatrics Program (CLIPP)

The actual questions are similar to the review questions after you finish each case not the questions embedded in the cases so if you can do those 2x, that’d definitely put you in good shape. And finally, once you walk out of your CLIPP exam, never go back to that website again to study for step 2 peds. Thanks so much for pediatris your experience! I have no plans to ever go back to that god forsaken website after I pass this damn test pediatricz.


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CLIPP | WWAMI | Department of Pediatrics | University of Washington

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Thanks a ton in advance!! Want to add to the discussion?

Good luck to you friend. It makes studying easier. I cannot imagine this for a full peds exam. We do not provide official answers or professional judgement.