Answer 1 of 3: Is there any website which gives information on Circumvesuviana train in English. If someone has route map or a list of all train. Description, The Circumvesuviana railway operates from the lower level of the main train Italy Circumvesuviana Railway Map & Timetable. The Circumvesuviana trains are the cheap way to independently visit Pompeii at Central Station where you can pick-up a good street map among other things.

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Porta Nolana Station Naples, terminus for Circumvesuviana trains. The Circumvesuviana train is a regional network of lines running out of Naples to the east of the city around Mount Vesuvius. It is not part of the Italian national rail network so you cannot buy tickets from Trenitalia online or from rail stations nationally.

For visitors the line that is used extensively is the Naples to Sorrento via Pompeii and Herculaneum line, a journey that takes just over an hour with countless stops along the way. Frequencies are very good, around every 30 minutes all day. The stations that are most of interest to tourists between Sorrento and Naples are Castellammare di Stabia cable car to Monte FaitoPompeii archaeological area and bus connection to VesuviusTorre Annunziata for Oplontis and Ercolano Scavi for Herculaneum archaeological area.

However, for those independent travellers from Naples or Rome there is an alternative line between Naples and Salerno that stops at Pompeii called the Metropolitan Railway, an extension of the Naples Metro and with advance ticketing available online. The Circumvesuviana trains are basically commuter trains offering cheap transport to the masses. The frequency of stations and the interior of the trains are more like a city metro experience than a standard full size train.

Trains are very crowded at nearly all times, if you don’t get on at either terminus you should be prepared that there is a good chance you will be standing for much of the journey.

The trains are fine with luggage. There are large standing areas by the doors and you should find a spot and perhaps sit on your luggage. There is the occasional small luggage area in some carriages but not really realistic to use. You are hardly going to leave your luggage in a crowded carriage unattended and find a seat elsewhere.

With luggage the biggest pain is access to the platforms.

If you are frail or disabled bear this in mind. There are fast trains and slow trains, the difference being the smaller obscure stations that some trains do not stop at. Porta Nolana Station is the terminus in Naples for Circumvesuviana trains.

Porta Nolana Station pictured above is in a scruffy area and although quite impressive from the exterior is less so inside.

Circumvesuviana train schedule – Pompeii Forum

Porta Nolana Station is not in the centre of Naples anywhere near where visitors want to go and is a short distance on the train to the next stop, the main station for Naples Circumvesuvianx Station. There are frequent city buses from outside Porta Nolana Station to the city centre and the port area.


Full details of using the local Naples buses and public transport in the city of Naples are on our Naples public transport page. Central Station Stazione Centrale is the main Naples train station just to the east of the city centre. The Circumvesuviana trains stop at a physically separate set of platforms to the main train station with their own separate ticket barriers.

Although you never leave the Central Station building the Circumvesuviana platforms are called Garibaldi Station which can be confusing to strangers. Once you get off your train at Central Station you just turn left at the end circumvesuvizna the platform and keep going following the signs above. The station is in the middle of town.

Be prepared to be greeted by touts as you leave the station. If you are heading for Herculaneum, the site is a minute walk down the main street that is periodically signposted. The touts may try and persuade you otherwise and tempt you on to their shuttle bus.

Circumvesuviana train schedule – Pompeii Message Board – TripAdvisor

This is a traditional point to hire a taxi to Mount Vesuvius. The sticking point is the return journey, an awkward decision whether to pay waiting time or ask the taxi to return, but at what time? If this makes you nervous there are more organised excursion vehicles that run to a timetable from Pompeii.

Pompeii Station is a pleasant circumvesuvviana station.

Trains between Sorrento, Pompeii and Naples

There is a tourist office and the tours to Mount Vesuvius are parked outside the station. If your accommodation is to the east of Sorrento in the hotel district around Sant’Agnello, then this station the last stop but one on the line is in the centre of town. The Sorrento terminus is the main public transport hub for Sorrento where local buses also terminate to towns in the region from the station forecourt.

There are additional town buses a short walk away. Many circumveskviana the hotels run cirrcumvesuviana buses on a schedule but they are not allowed to park at the station. There are a couple of points in town where the shuttle buses pick-up which require a short walk from the station. Taxis are good but expensive. The Circumvesuviana trains are completely separate from a ticketing perspective dircumvesuviana the national trains. You cannot buy a single ticket for example between Rome circumvfsuviana Pompeii changing circumvesyviana Naples.

In order to ride you need a ticket in order to pass through the ticket barriers at each station to gain entrance to the platform. You can buy tickets at the station but note you have to pay cash, no credit cards, unlike the national railways.

The tickets and fares themselves are regulated by a circumveeuviana organisation called Unico Campania. Nearly all public transport operators in the region of which there are many come under Unico Campania.


As a result the good news is that you can buy passes and multi-day tickets valid across other transport in the region not just Circumvesuviana rrains. The bad news is what information there is trying to explain the complex fare options is sparse and mostly in Italian. You can buy also tickets at tobacconists and newsagents and some bars.

Many of the newsstands around the stations which tourists use offer a much better service than the station ticket offices. At Sorrento Station in particular the station newsagent has all the ticket types explained in English and do their best to in several languages to give travel advice with a smile in stark contrast to the station ticket office. The station at Pompeii is in the town, further from the entrances of Pompeii than the Circumvesuviana line whose station is less than yards from an entrance.

The plus side is that the trains may well be less crowded than the Circumvesuviana trains and you can purchase tickets online through Trenitalia. In Naples the transport hub to get to Pompeii is at the main train station, Naples Centrale where all the national railways service terminate or pass through.

Both Circumvesuviana trains and Metropolitan Railway trains run from a station called Naples Garibaldi.

Circumvesuviana map — Поиск по картинкам — [RED]

Although Naples Garibaldi has its own separate platforms and entrances it is circimvesuviana part of Naples Centrale Station. Naples Centrale Station is the main station on ground level. From ground level escalators go down one level to an underground shopping centre and go further down to the Naples Metro. If you are travelling to Pompeii from Naples Garibaldi Station once you have gone through the ticket barriers make sure you descend down the the platform for the train service to Pompeii you have purchased a ticket for!

Tours from Naples to these sites either cover one site in a half mwp tour or two of the sites in a full day tour.

Using the Circumvesuviana trains you can independently visit Pompeii and Herculaneum and with the help of a public bus from Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius too. There is also a 3 day tourist pass combing public transport and the main attractions within the region like Pompeii. Visiting Mount Vesuvius details. Porta Nolana Station Naples, terminus for Circumvesuviana trains Circumvesuvviana this page Circumvesuviana train Naples to Sorrento stations Tickets and timetables Pompeii, Herculaneum by train Circumvesuviana train The Circumvesuviana train is a regional network of lines running out of Naples to the east of the city around Mount Vesuvius.

What to expect on the Circumvesuviana train The Circumvesuviana trains are basically commuter trains offering cheap transport to the masses. Hop-on hop off bus. Cruise ship shore excursions.

Hop-On Hop Off Bus.