Cinemagic Magazine: The Movies. likes. This is a page dedicated to the really creative filmmakers that made amateur or independent underground movies. Cinemagic Magazine. 29 likes. CINEMAGIC MAGAZINE. Cinemagic Magazine, AHEMEDABAD. likes ยท 7 talking about this. Cine Magic the leading Gujarati film Magazine since It has a been a Friend.

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In these magazines you learned stop motion, rear projection, matte painting, foreground miniatures, and prosthetic makeup as low-budget as you could make it. It also allowed you to advertise your productions in a section of each issue. I still have my originals, dog eared and read into near pulp, as I hand-backwound 8mm cartridges to make double exposures magzzine non-pin registered held takes.

So get your soldering iron out to design a circuit, your bike cables and hot glue to rig a mask, or those reduction lenses and half-silvered mirrors to build your own optical printer. We are making movies at home! Thanks for the tip!


I had most of these back in the day! I still have quite a few of these in mint condition.

Cinemagic Magazine | eBay

I put them in plastic bags after I was done thumbing through them. I miss the works of Don Dohler. Cheap, but fun to watch. And learning how looking at these mags before I was even 10, awesome!


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