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Instrumentation for electromagnetic field generation in biological measurements. Electromagnetic fields EMFs are part of everyday life in modern world. Extremely low-frequency EMFs 50 Hz are produced by most electric home appliance, electric power transmission santiagl distribution lines.

For the last ten years mobile phones have been widely used all around the world. The effects of EMFs on living organisms have been the subject of debate and research for the last thirty years. To study the effect of extremely low-frequency EMF, duckweed Lemna minor – the model plant in biological measurementtest setup was made for magnetic field in Helmholtz coil and chernobgl electric field between two parallel circle electrodes.

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For the effect of mobile phones frequencies, test setup with exposition to the electromagnetic field was done with Gigahertz Transversal Electromagnetic Mode GTEM cell. The research confirmed that instrumentation used in these experiments is suitable for evaluation of biological effects of EMFs. The effect of different field strengths, exposure times and modulation can be tested with these instrumentation.

Nonlinear surface electromagnetic phenomena. In recent years the physics of electromagnetic surface phenomena has developed rapidly, evolving into technologies for communications and industry, such as fiber and integrated optics. The variety of phenomena based on electromagnetism at surfaces is rich and this book was written with the aim of summarizing the available knowledge in selected areas of the field.

The book contains reviews written by solid state and optical physicists on the nonlinear interaction of electromagnetic waves at and with surfaces and films. Both the physical phenomena and some potential applications santiagoo. Development of a field measurement instrument for nuclear electromagnetic pulse NEMP based on signal transmission through fiber.

This paper deals with design principles, development and performance of a field measurement instrument for nuclear electromagnetic pulse EMP based chernobyyl signal transmission through fiber.

To determine the minimum band width this instrument needs, we analyze cutoff spectrum of a time domain double exponential signal, employing Fast Fourier Transform FFTand get its inverse transform signal. Then we design the circuit of laser device and the circuit of measuring device according to previous analysis. This instrument meets requirements of related regulations. Its specifications meet requirements of NEMP hazard protection research and can be of great significance to it.

Earthquake prediction with electromagnetic phenomena. Short-term earthquake EQ prediction is defined as prospective prediction with the time scale of about one week, which is considered to be one of the most important and urgent topics for the human beings. If this short-term prediction is realized, casualty will be drastically reduced.

Unlike the conventional seismic measurementwe proposed the use of electromagnetic phenomena as precursors to EQs in the prediction, and an extensive amount of progress has been achieved in the field of seismo- electromagnetics during the last two decades.

This paper deals with the review on this short-term EQ prediction, including the impossibility myth of EQs prediction by seismometers, the reason why we are interested sahtiago electromagneticsthe history of seismo- electromagneticsthe ionospheric perturbation as the most promising candidate of EQ prediction, then the future of EQ predictology from two standpoints santigao a practical science and a pure science, and finally a brief summary. Antennas and Electromagnetics Instrumentation for Research and Education.

Georgakopoulos and create a state-of-the art lab that will support the following: In the present study, the fluid-structure coupling is investigated in the guide vanes of a pump-turbine scale model placed in one of the cernobyl rigs of the Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines EPFL in Lausanne.

The paper focuses on the advanced instrumentation used to get reliable and complete fluid-structure coupling results. Semi-conductor strain gages are installed on three guide vanes which are especially weakened to account for stronger fluid-structure coupling phenomena.

Measurement and control systems for an imaging electromagnetic flow metre. Electromagnetic flow metres based on the principles of Faraday’s laws of induction have been used successfully in many industries.


The conventional electromagnetic flow metre can measure the mean liquid velocity in axisymmetric single phase flows. However, in order to achieve velocity profile measurements in single phase flows with non-uniform velocity profiles, a novel imaging electromagnetic flow metre IEF has been developed which is described in this paper.

The novel electromagnetic flow metre which is based on the ‘weight value’ theory to reconstruct velocity profiles is interfaced with a ‘Microrobotics VM1’ microcontroller as a stand-alone unit. The work undertaken in the paper demonstrates that an imaging electromagnetic flow metre for liquid velocity profile measurement is an instrument that is highly suited for control via a microcontroller.

Instruments for meteorological measurement. The Fundamental Safety Rules applicable to certain types of nuclear installation are intended to clarify the conditions of which observance, for the type of installation concerned and for the subject that they deal with, is considered as equivalent to compliance with regulatory French technical practice.

These Rules should facilitate safety analysises and the clear understanding between persons interested in matters related to nuclear safety. They in no way reduce the operator’s liability and pose no obstacle to statutory provisions in force. For any installation to which a Fundamental Safety Rule applies according to the foregoing paragraph, the operator may be relieved from application of the Rule if he shows proof that the safety objectives set by the Rule are attained by other means that he proposes within the framework of statutory procedures.

Furthermore, the Central Service for the Safety of Nuclear Installations reserves the right at all times to alter any Fundamental Safety Rule, as required, should it deem this necessary, while specifying the applicability conditions. This present rule has for objective to determine the means for meteorological measurement near a site of nuclear facility in which there is not a PWR power plant [fr.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Macroeconomics is a separate discipline of the Economy that studies and analyzes the behaviour of economic aggregates and significant average, such as price level, national income, national income potential, the gap GDP, employment and unemployment of labour, investment and export of the whole economy.

We can accuse to Macroeconomics that it deals also with the average price of all goods and services, not the prices of certain products. These aggregates result from economic behaviour of certain groups governments, companies, consumers in the course of their activities on different markets. But why does it need Macroeconomics? Experts say that we need this separate discipline because there are certain forces that affect the broader economy globally, which can not be understood only by analyzing individual economic phenomenaindividual products or markets.

Self field electromagnetism and quantum phenomena. Quantum Electrodynamics QED has been extremely successful inits predictive capability for atomic phenomena. Thus the greatest hope for any alternative view is solely to mimic the predictive capability of quantum mechanics QMand perhaps its usefulness will lie in gaining a better understanding of microscopic phenomena.

SE, however, has greater failings. One is that the electromagnetic field energy must be infinit eto work. We have examined a deterministic side branch of SE,? Self field electrodynamics SFE utilizes the chaotic nature of electromagnetic emissions, as charges lose energy near atomic dimensions, to try to understand and mimic quantum phenomena. These fields and charges can?

Referred to as self fields, they have gone by other names in the literature: Using self fields, we discuss the uncertainty principles, the Casimir effects, and the black-body radiation spectrum, diffraction and interference effects, Schrodinger’s equation, Planck’s constant, and the nature of the electron and how they might be understood in the present framework. No new theory could ever replace QED. The self field view if correct would, at best, only serve to provide some understanding of the processes by which strange quantum phenomena occur at the atomic level.

We discuss possible areas where experiments might be employed to test SFE, and areas where future work may lie. Nuclear instrumentation for radiation measurement. Nuclear radiation cannot be detected by human senses. Nuclear detectors and associated electronics facilitate detection and measurement of different types of radiation like alpha particles, beta particles, gamma radiation, and detection of neutrons.

Nuclear instrumentation has evolved greatly since the discovery of radioactivity. There has been tremendous advancement in detector technology, electronics, computer technology, and development of efficient algorithms and methods for spectral processing to extract precisely qualitative and quantitative information of the radiation.


Various types of detectors and nuclear instruments are presently available and are used for different applications.

This paper describes nuclear radiation, its detection and measurement and associated electronics, spectral information extraction, and advances in these fields. The paper also describes challenges in this field. A measurement device for electromagnetic flow tomography.

Electromagnetic flow meters have succesfully been used in many industries to measure the mean flow velocity of conductive liquids. This technology works reliably in single phase flows with axisymmetric flow profiles but can be inaccurate with asymmetric flows, which are encountered, for example, in multiphase flows, pipe elbows and T-junctions.

Some computational techniques and measurement devices with multiple excitation coils and measurement electrodes have recently been proposed to be used in cases caacho asymmetric flows. In earlier studies, we proposed a computational camacgo for electromagnetic flow tomography EMFT for estimating velocity fields utilizing several excitation coils and a set of measurement electrodes attached to chermobyl surface of the pipe. This approach has been shown to work well with simulated data but has not been tested extensively with real measurements.

In this paper, an EMFT system with four excitation coils and 16 measurement electrodes is introduced. The system is capable of using both square wave chernobbyl sinusoidal coil current excitations and all the coils can be excited individually, also enabling parallel excitations with multiple frequencies.

Voices from Chernobyl – Asymptote Blog

The studies undertaken cxmacho the paper demonstrate that the proposed EMFT system, together with the earlier introduced velocity field reconstruction approach, is capable of producing reliable velocify field estimates in a laboratory environment with both axisymmetric and asymmetric single phase flows.

Instrument for measuring flow velocities. The design described here means chernoby, produce a ‘more satisfying instrument with less cost’ than comparable instruments known up to now. Instead of one single turbine rotor, two similar ones but with opposite blade inclination and sense of rotation are to be used.

A cylindrical measuring body is carrying in its axis two bearing blocks whose shape is offering little flow resistance.

On the shaft, supported santtiago them, the two rotors run in opposite direction a relatively small axial distance apart. The speed of each rotor is picked up as pulse recurrence frequency by a transmitter and fed to an electronic measuring unit.

Measuring errors as they are caused for single rotors by turbulent flow, profile distortion of the velocity, or viscous flow are to be eliminated by means of the contrarotating turbines and the chermobyl added electronic unit, because in these cases the adulterating increase of the angular velocity of one rotor is compensated by a corresponding deceleration of the other rotor. The mean value then indicated by the electronic unit has high accurancy of measurement. Implicit santiaho simulation of electromagnetic plasma phenomena.

A direct method for the implicit particle simulation of electromagnetic phenomena in magnetized, multi-dimensional plasmas is developed. Wave propagation properties in a uniform plasma are in excellent agreement with theoretical expectations.

Applications to collisionless tearing and coalescence instabilities further demonstrate the usefulness of the algorithm. Instruments to assess and measure personal and environmental radiofrequency- electromagnetic field exposures. Radiofrequency- electromagnetic field RF-EMF exposure of human populations is increasing due to the widespread use of mobile phones and other telecommunication and broadcasting technologies.

There are ongoing concerns about potential short- and long-term public health consequences santiavo RF-EMF exposures. To elucidate the RF-EMF exposure-effect relationships, an objective evaluation of the exposures with robust assessment tools is necessary. This review discusses and compares currently available RF-EMF exposure assessment instrumentswhich can dantiago used in human epidemiological studies.

Each of these tool has its usefulness and limitations. Our review suggests that assessment of RF-EMF exposures can be improved by using these tools compared to the proxy measures of exposure e. Chernobjl in turn, could be used to help increase knowledge about RF-EMF exposure induced health effects in human populations.