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Many Shan people fled into Manipur, unable to defend themselves from the Burmese and the Chinese invaders. In the Sanskrit name Manipur was adopted as the name of the state, King Gharib Nawaz made several incursions into Burma, but no permanent conquest. It has an average literacy rate of Modern scholars usually use the term Saka to refer to Iranian-speaking tribes who inhabited the Eastern Steppe, the Saka people were an Iranian people who spoke a language belonging to the Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages.

He tried to get Bhagya Chandra killed by the Ahoms after a Burmese invasion but was defeated by Bhagya Chandra in battle.

Accordingly, in the king of Burma send an army into Cachar from to arrest Chourjit, Marjit. Kangla Fort Complex, Imphal The princes of Manipur, Col.

Khagembas son Khunjaoba improved on the fortification and beautification work of Kangla Fort and it is said that the king excavated a moat on the western side of the Fort. The Kingdom of Pong or Pong kingdom was an ethnically Tai state that controlled several smaller states along the frontier of what is now Myanmar and Assam.


By the late s, the princely state of Manipur negotiated with the British administration its preference to be part of India, rather than Burm Before he became the king, the reign of his father Maharaja Gambhir Singh was succeeded by Raja Narsingh and later on his death by Raja Narshingh’s brother Debendra Singh for a cheithraol time. It was one of the longest-lasting dynasties in the world. Chandrakirti had ten sons from his six queens and Maharaja Surchandra is the eldest kumbzba of the first queen and the other three sons Pakasana, Kesarjit, Gopalsana of the first queen, Kulachandra the second son of the second queen cheithharol Gandhar Singh another son of the second queenTikendrajit Singh the third son of the third queenthe son of the fourth queen died in his early days, Angousana the fifth son of the fifth queen and the Zila Ngamba the eighth son of the sixth queen.

Kalyabda, Saka era, Chandrabda or Kangleipak era.

Bihari had to learn the ancient script of Meitei Mayek to make this translation, a major project that took him 17 years to finish. Kukish languages Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. From CE onwards, days of the week are mentioned in the Cheitharol Kumbaba. His career started at Manipur Secretariat and spent the whole of his career with the Government of Manipur to retire as an under secretary.


The Bengali alphabet or Bangla alphabet Bengali: Gaurisiam topic Gaurisiam or Guru Sham Bengali: Parrattp.

Meithei manuscript, a Indian language. It is said that Mr. Emperor Ukmbaba introduced an official set of rules for the sport. From CE onwards, cheithafol of the week are mentioned in the Cheitharol Kumbaba. Member feedback about Gaurisiam: Member feedback about Chitsai: Muslims of Manipur are historically called Pangal or Meitei-Pangal which derives from “Pang” which was a Tai cognate tribe, although it may derive from “Banga”, from where they came in the early seventh century.

Cheitharol Kumbaba The Royal Chronicle of Manipur

The translation was carried out by a Bengali clerk named Mamacharan. Pangals are also known as Meitei-Pangal or Manipuri Muslim. Bihari had to learn the ancient script of Meitei Mayek to kumbaa this translation, a major project that took him 17 years to finish.

It claims to trace the history of the Meetei.

When he died his son was one year old and his uncle Nara Singh was appointed as regent. Kum signifies a period of time and paba is a verb meaning to read or reckon.