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Danger second injury by injection! Airless units develop extremely high spraying pressures. Danger 1 Never put your fingers, hands or any other parts of the body into the spray jet!

Campionato mondiale di football americano femminile – Wikipedia

Never point the spray gun at yourself, other persons or animals. Never use the spray gun without safety guard. Do not treat a spraying injury as a harmless cut. In case of injury to the skin through coating materials or solvents, consult a doctor immediately for quick and expert treatment.

Inform the doctor about the coating material or solvent used. Faulty units must not be used. Ensure that the unit is properly earthed.

The connection must take place through a correctly earthed two-pole and earth socket outlet. Check allowable operating pressure of high-pressure hose and spray gun. Check all connections for leaks. Before any work is done on the unit or for every break in work the following rules must be observed: Release the pressure from spray gun and hose. ProSpray 36 connection diagram Safety regulations for Airless spraying This manual contains information that must be read and understood before using the equipment.

When you come to an area that has one of the following symbols, pay particular attention and make certain to heed the safeguard.

This symbol indicates a potential hazard that may cause serious injury or loss of life. Important safety information will follow. Injection into the skin is a traumatic injury. It is important to treat the injury as soon as possible. DO NOT delay treatment to research toxicity.

Toxicity is a concern with some coatings injected directly into the blood stream. Consultation with a plastic surgeon or reconstructive hand surgeon may be advisable. This symbol indicates a potential hazard to you or to the equipment. Important information that tells how to prevent damage to the equipment or how to avoid causes of minor injuries will follow.

  AFI 91-207 PDF

Notes give important information which should be given special attention. This unit is provided with a thermally protected automatic reset. If an overload occurs the thermally protected automatic reset disconnects the motor from the power supply.

Wagner PS36 – Airless Sprayers & Spray Equipment

Flammable vapors are often heavier than air. Floor area must be extremely well ventilated. The pump contains arcing parts that emit sparks and can ignite vapors.

Gun must be earthed through hose connections. Hold gun firmly against side of container to ground container and prevent static sparks. Use the green earthing wire to connect the unit to a water pipe, steel beam, or other electrically earthed surface. Flashpoint is the temperature at which a fluid can produce enough vapors to ignite. Never hang plastic to enclose spray area. Do not use plastic drop cloths when spraying flammable materials.

Injection injury – A high pressure stream produced by this equipment can pierce the skin and underlying tissues, leading to serious injury and possible amputation.

Cek can lead to amputation. See a physician immediately. The maximum operating range of the unit is bar DO NOT allow body to touch a leak in the fluid hose. Gloves will not provide protection against an injection injury. Pressure will not be released by turning off the engine.

The tip guard provides some protection but is mainly a warning device. A leak can inject material into the skin. Inspect the hose before each use. This includes spray tips, guns, secinda, and hose.

Keep all solvents away from engine exhaust. Never fill fuel tank with a running or hot engine. Hot surface can ignite spilled fuel. Always attach ground wire from pump to a grounded object. They are not compatible with aluminum and may cause an explosion. In the event of an electrical short circuit, earthing reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current.

This product is equipped with a cord having an earthing wire with an appropriate earthing plug. The plug must be plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and earthed in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.

Vapors can cause severe nausea, fainting, or poisoning. Read all instructions supplied with the mask to be sure it will provide the necessary protection. If repair or replacement of the cord or plug is necessary, do not connect the green earthing wire to either blade terminal.

The wire with insulation having a green outer surface with or without yellow stripes is the earthing wire and must be connected to the earthing pin.

Check with a qualified electrician or serviceman if the earthing instructions are not completely understood, or if you are in doubt as to whether the product is properly earthed. Do not modify the plug provided. If the plug will not fit the outlet, have the proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. The recoil force of the spray gun is particularly powerful when the tip has been removed and a high pressure has been set on the airless pump.


When cleaning without a spray tip, set the pressure control knob to the lowest pressure. User assumes all risks and liabilities when using parts that do not meet the minimum specifications and safety devices of the pump manufacturer. Check for damage or movement of couplings. Immediately replace the hose if any of these conditions exist. Never repair a paint hose. Replace it with another earthed high-pressure hose. This unit can produce noise levels above 85 dB A. Keep away from children or anyone not familiar with the operation of airless equipment.

Read and follow this instruction manual carefully for proper operating instructions, maintenance, and safety information. Dimensions L x W x H: Vibration level Spray gun: Read and understand the warnings in the Safety Precautions section at the front of this manual before operating this equipment.

This sprayer comes with a filter plug installed in place of the filter assembly. Use this filter plug when spraying textured products from a readymixed or powdered formulation.

The filter parts are included with the sprayer in the tool box and can be installed when spraying standard materials refer to the Filter Parts in the Parts List section of this manual. This will allow proper priming and flow of the textured product.

If you plan to spray with untextured painting materials, this plug must be removed and the filter assembly must be installed. The filter body should be hand-tightened, but make sure it is seated fully into the filter housing. Loosen and remove the filter plug by hand. Slide the filter 3 over the core spring 5 with the filter spring adapter into place. Push the filter into the center of the filter housing 7.

Slide the filter body 1 over the filter 3 and thread it into the filter housing 7 until secure. Ensure that the return hose is attached and secure 1. Using a wrench, attach a minimum of 15m, of 6. Attach an airless spray gun to the spray hose 3. Using two wrenches one on the gun and one on the hosetighten securely.

Remove the tip if it is already attached. Make sure all airless hoses and spray guns are electrically grounded and rated at or above the maximum operating pressure range of the airless sprayer. Make sure the pressure control knob is in its OFF position 4 in the white zone. Check that the manometer is reading 0 MPa. Fill the oil cup 5 with one tablespoon of piston seal lubricant Piston Lube.

Operating this unit without fluid will cause unnecessary wear to the packings. Make sure the electrical service is V, 10 amp minimum.