Stripsody sheet music – voice (unspecified vocal range) sheet music by Cathy Berberian: Edition Peters. Shop the World’s Largest Sheet Music. Cathy Berberian. In , composed her first musical work, Stripsody for solo voice. Stripsody is an exploration of the onomatopoeic sounds of. TOOLS: Graphic organizer for students to brainstorm sounds, musical score for ” Stripsody”, projector & whiteboard for interactive brainstorming.

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Singers were confronted with many new demands and expectations by composers. Composition was not confined to notes and rests. It is very intriguing yet confusing at the same time. Before reaching Berbarian we studied the atonal works of Schoenberg and I, very naively, categorized Schoenberg as the most radical of all composers we have studied.

Stripsody Sheet Music By Cathy Berberian – Sheet Music Plus

The sounds that are made are not necessarily notes but more like onomatopoeia. The three lines that are used simply notate whether it should be a high,medium, or low pitch sound.

However, there are some things that are in the sheet music that I felt are not even legible. I have been stuck wondering whether I like the piece or not! acthy


Berberian – Stripsody

Graphic scores remind me of typography the art or technique of setting and arranging type to create a visual for language. I find graphic scores fascinating.

I actually rely on it almost like crutch. Music can be interpreted in many ways, and I find it amazing that this is considered music, but hearing the techniques, this is not for amateurs and requires some form of singing skills. It may seem easy, but it is difficult.

Still, I believe that this type of notation does confuse the performer, at least initially. The ability to read this notation is an artform in itself and it requires training.

Berberian – Stripsody – Art and music collide in these 20 stunning graphic scores – Classic FM

If it is a possibility to train people to read new types of notation, then, I think that it is okay. Because more demand is placed on the performer, the art of notation has to be expanded to accommodate that demand. I love the idea of being unique with sheet music.

Taking something standard and breaking its rules is always exciting. The purpose of this vocal piece was to be expressive, and what better way to be expressive then to translate an strripsody into a sound.


I get lost trying to read it as the video plays. I once saw a dance recital where the dancers choreographed a dance inspired by a collection of paintings.

The Graphic Score: music and notation “outside the lines”

I have never seen anything like this score before and I was pleasantly surprised. Once Cathy Berberian starts performing this piece, I was captivated by her interpretation of each notation from start to finish.

I love that this piece can be considered a piece of performance art and how Berberian committed to every notation on the score. I found it interesting that Mary Hubbell expressed the fact that she prefers to perform pieces like this that can be interpreted in an endless amount of ways instead of performing more traditional vocal pieces. I know you want to hear it again! Follow along with the score! May 14, at 5: May 16, at 5: May 19, at May 20, at 9: May 21, at