LVA. SKU: B FREE Standard ( days) Shipping and Service & Support Directly from Canon Always Genuine Canon Products & Parts. XGA Resolution ( x ) Lumens HDMI Input Vivid Image Quality. The Canon LVA XGA LCD Projector is an affordable projector with lumens of brightness and an impressive contrast ratio. The LVA.

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We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. If you’re looking for a ov for presentations that include a lot of text, you might want to add the Canon LVA to your short list. While its features and image quality are otherwise fairly typical of an LCD-based data projector, it did an unusually good job in displaying text in our testing. The LVA has a native XGA 1, by native resolution, and a rated brightness of 3, lumens, typical of portable business projectors and higher than the Canon LVM’s 2, lumens.

It also has a better 2, The silver-and-gray LVA measures 3. Behind the lens are the focus wheel, which proved to be reasonably responsive, and a 1. An Ethernet connector lets the projector be networked to a LAN.


Canon LVA Projectors – Review – PCMag UK

Testing The LVA’s image filled our 3792a diagonal test screen from about seven feet away. The image stood up reasonably well to a fair amount of ambient light. Overall, in testing using the DisplayMate test suite, data image quality was suitable for typical business or classroom presentations, though you might not want to use this projector in situations where exacting color is paramount.

As I noted earlier, this projector’s forte is text projection. Text was easily readable down to cznon smallest size, with only the smallest white-on-black text revealing a slight fuzziness.

Less good was the caanon I frequently saw in data images, with white backgrounds having a slight yellow tinge. Some grays also showed a hint of green, or red.

Ironically, the tinting was most pronounced in Presentation Mode, with it less of an issue in the Standard or High-Contrast color modes. Some images also showed fringing, where the border between a dark and bright zone would appear yellow or blue, or occasionally red.

Switching from the VGA connection to HDMI had little effect on the tinting, but I noticed that it reduced the projector’s ability to distinguish between very dark, or very light, shades of gray. Video image quality was reasonably good for a data projector, suitable for short to mid-length clips as part of a presentation.


Some scenes showed modest fringing or very slight tints.

Canon LV-7392A Projector

Skin tones often seemed a bit pale. The LVA’s built-in 10W speaker provides reasonably loud audio, although there was enough crackling at higher volumes that I turned it down somewhat.

Even then, the audio was loud enough to fill a smallish classroom or conference room. If you need top-notch text quality in your presentations, you should take a close look at the LVA.

Canon LV-7392A

It otherwise has a rather typical feature set and image quality for an XGA data projector. Can be networked to a LAN.

The Canon LVA projector showed excellent text quality, but more tinting in data images than we’d like. The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing Become a fan of PCMag.