l12 but XMLWorkbook. The actual C# command was (strFullFilePathNoExt, Excel. This is how you save the relevant file as a Excel12 .xlsx) file It is not as you would intuitively think i.e. using l12 but Excel. l12, но XMLWorkbook. Фактическая команда С# была (strFullFilePathNoExt, Excel.

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I am just starting to develop an Excel export facility for my C application.

I am currently trying to get the basics right using the “Microsoft. I am trying to first open and Excel application, a workbook, write to the workbook, then save the workbook as both.

The latter write the file to the required directory and looks to have worked xlfilefromat when I try to open the file Excel exclaims that the file is not of the correct format for it’s type!?

C# (CSharp) XlFileFormat Code Examples

The code I am using for the. Also, what is the difference here between: It is not the actual file Suppose you have 10 excel file opened and decide to xlfieformat and open all later. If you create workspace of these 10 files then you can open all the 10 d# just clicking the workspace file.

But the 10 Files need to be saved normally. In the first sample you create a new excel instance which will open an empty template Normally Book1.

Save Excel file as Tab delimited

Then you are saving one workspace file which will just to link the empty template. But you are doing nothing with empty template and newly created file will not be saved anywhere. I think this will help you nothing by these two statements. You should save the workbook xlfjleformat normal way As per 2nd block of statements.


The workspace feature is very useful in user interface beacuse you need not have click all the files to start working. Just click one file and go.

But in VBA normally we do not need this. Only changing the ext is not enough for save as. You were using same constant xlWorkbookNormal for both case.

And you can omit the extension. Excel will automatically add the extension. The problem is more if the files are from different folder. Thank very much for the reply, but can you clarify what you mean by “In the first case you are saving creating one empty template and saving as workspace but actual workbook not saved.

It write the file but I am unable to open it. Verify that file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matched the format of the file.

I think one of the arguments in the C function must be incorrect, because it is not saving in the proper format. Please take a look at this:. Sid A good exercise for the Heart is to bend down and help another up Please do not email me your questions. I do not answer questions by email unless I get paid for it: If you want, create a thread in VB.

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By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Remove From My Forums. Microsoft Office for Developers. Excel for Developers https: Sign in to vote. Value, false, false, Excel. Value ; any help in resolving this would be most appreciated. SaveWorkspace Filename ; and this: Edited by Camuvingian Monday, March 19, Monday, March 19, I think this will help you nothing by these two statements You should save the workbook in normal way As per 2nd block of statements.


XlFileFormat C# (CSharp) Code Examples – HotExamples

Marked as answer by Camuvingian Tuesday, March 20, 3: Tuesday, March 20, Actual files are being kept as usual. Now as I save using: I get the following output “MyExcelTestTest.

Value ; Thanks again for your time Edited by Camuvingian Monday, March 19, 1: Monday, March 19, 1: This should get you back xlflleformat track: Monday, March 19, 7: When I do attempt to open it I get the following error message: Tuesday, March 20, 2: Please take a look at this: Looking forward to your feedback, and I hope you can get thie working soon.

Value ; Sid A good exercise for the Heart is to bend down and help another up Please do not email me your questions. Tuesday, March 20, 3: Friday, July 19, 9: Using interop 12 and office Monday, January 11, 1: Terms of Use Trademarks Privacy Statement.