Title, BUKU PANDUAN PRAKTIS PELAYANAN KESEHATAN MATERNAL DAN NEONATAL. Edition. Call Number, ISBN/ISSN, Buku Panduan Praktis Pelayanan Kesehatan Maternal dan Neonatal. Jakarta: Yayasan Bina Pustaka Sarwono Prawihardjo. Rizka Ayu Setyani. Bilirubin Levels in Cases of Neonatal Jaundice Treated with Phototherapy at Kalisat. Hospital . Practical Handbook on Maternal and Neonatal Health Services (Buku Panduan Praktis. Pelayanan kesehatan Maternal dan Neonatal). Jakarta.

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Competence of postpartum perineum wound suturing should be owned by midwives.

However, students are limitedly trained on how to use prakis pads that are less representative in form and material. This results in a lack of student competence in perineum stitching practice. This study goal is to know the effectiveness of perineum wound suturing model made from flannel in order to increase stitching competence on the students of Midwifery study program of Banten Health Polytechnic.


Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Science and Health

This research was designed using experimental design with post-test design method. The respondents consisted of 11 treatment group and 14 control group.

The research implementation consisted of three stages. First, an introduction to the prsktis wound sewing technique.

Second, the model group practiced with flannel materbal cotton. Third, the respondents filled up the questionnaire on level of confidence and competence assessment of both groups of students.

Data analysis used Mann Whitney test neonata, the median difference of two independent groups if the dependent variable data scale is ordinal and ratio. The results showed that the mean of perineum wound suturing competence in the model group was higher 83 than in the non-model group There were no significant differences between the two variables. The study showed that the test model was better in improving the competence of the perineum wound suturing.

Flannel model is also more affordable and can be sutured over and over so it is economical materanl students. Further study on efficient media is recommended so that duration and confidence would be better.

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User Username Password Remember me. To prolong or to vacuum? Influence of a pelvic floor training programme to prevent perineal trauma: A quasi-randomised controlled trial. Evaluation of accuracy of mediolateral episiotomy incisions using a training model.