Logic Level BTATW and BTASW offer low holding current, . V/µs. (dV/dt)c (2). (dI/dt)c = A/ms, Tj = °C. Min. 5. BTAC STMicroelectronics Triacs TO 12A V TRIA datasheet, inventory & pricing. BTAC from STMicroelectronics, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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Lamp Repair Reply to Thread. May 4, 1. Jan 15, 62 0.

Lamp Repair | All About Circuits

Hey guys, I’m trying to repair a lamp and had some questions. I’ve attached a pic of the lamp and the pcb. Basically the wiper in the pot is busted and not making a clean connection, so the light goes on and off and from dim to really bright sporadically.

So, it’s either I replace the old pot on the board or I just design another board in place of the one already there. I’d like to design a new board in place of that one but don’t really have experience designing a circuit.

I assume there is a 12v ac signal coming which I input to the pot, but then it looks like there are 2 caps and a resistor in parallel with the pot? It also looks like a voltage regulator is on there? Or is that a transistor? Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.

May 4, 2. Apr 5, 18, 3, Hello, The BTA12 is a triac. The circuit used to dimm the lamp is probably a phase concrol circuit of some kind. The PDF I have found on this page: May 4, 3. Sep 25, 1, I just read this a couple of days ago and found it interesting. No circuit design but a simple explanation of a dimmer switch May 4, 4. Nov 13, Try cleaning the inside of the pot with contact cleaner, the lubricating kind. May 4, 5. Awesome thanks for all the info. Am I right in saying that the current circuit has an interference capacitor?

I see one larger cap and one really small cap that is blue. I think I will redesign the circuit to incorporate the inductor choke because I remember noticing a significant buzz when the lamp was working.

Also, I think I’m going to go off the circuit they have on this site http: However I notice an extra resistor in the current circuit for the lamp, is that put in parallel to decrease the voltage drop? Also, is there anyway I can find and verify the right values for the components I’ll need to buy? I know the triac but the caps I’m not sure.

  650 378 ABNFEE PDF

Also, is that long metal piece coming off the triac for heat dispersion? Not really sure what it’s there for. May 4, 6.

Hey guys does this look about right for a circuit diagram of the dimming function? May 4, 7. Is this 400v from the circuit you pulled out of the lamp?

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The diagram doesn’t match the one from the website. As far as component selection, I would try to identify the components on the current board and start there. I myself just went 4000c the hardware store and bought another dimmer, so my experience ended with the website. May 6, 8.


I actually tried drawing up the schematic from the current board for the lamp. The other thing I guess I could do is just replace the pot. I’m not sure what type of pot it is and I don’t have a DMM. Does anyone recognize what type of pot that is? May 6, 9. Is there anything written on the back side of it? May 6, Nope, there is nothing written on the pot. Also, if I want to just replace the component, does anyone know of a way to remove solder without one of those solder suckers?

All I have at the moment in a soldering iron. I feel like the easiest thing would just be to buy another pot and replace the one on there. You can get a copper braid that will wick up the solder after it is heated. It is sometimes referred to as Solder Wick or desoldering braid.

It used to be available at Radio Shack. I actually was just able to remove it. Now I just need to find a replacement. There are no part numbers anywhere on the pot. Do you recognize it from the pics I posted? I can post some more pics of the pot if you want. Without any markings it is impossible to tell what resistance or power rating the pot is. Here is a link that has some component values. I don’t know if the values match your circuit but it might be a good place to start.


Look for “Typical V AC dimmer circuit. Hello, It looks like this schematic: In your drawing you have drawn 2 capacitors, I think one of them is the diac. Can you read the values of the capacitor? The diac has a “30” on it.

The ground wire is not interrupted at all throughout the lamp. Lastly, the inductor is right before the output to the bulb right? Hello, The drawn bta122 is the loadin your case the lamp.

The potmeter will probably be in the range of KOhm. Sep 6, Hey guys, I know it’s been a while but I just picked this up: Also, I know terminals 2 and 3 are for the output of the pot, but what are the contacts for under the actual wiper?

There are three contacts and not exactly sure what they are. In my previous posts on this thread 400c have a photo of the circuit board and there are inputs on the pcb that are perpendicular to each other.

Now, I have to figure out how to input this new pot in the old terminal location. Sep 7, Hello, Did you look at the PDF provided at the page you gave?

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