See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Brave Fencer Musashi. Help for Brave Fencer Musashi on PlayStation. More help, hints and discussion. Introduction Before I start the FAQ / Walkthrough, I need to set a few things straight Brave Fencer Musashiden is an Action/RPG by my favorite game Company. Brave Fencer Musashi Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of 25 videos by newfiebangaa (). Title, Duration, Date. #01 – The.

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Chapter 3 – Mission Vambee d. Chapter 4 – Duel at Dragon Island e. Chapter 5 – The One that Nests Underground f.

Chapter 6 musasni The Sword of Luminescence 3. But that peace is about to be broken The King and Queen of Allucaneet Palace are away, the perfect opportunity for the evil Thirstquencher Empire to attack, and being an evil empire, they of course take advantage of the situation and attack the walkthrouhg castle. Due to the surprise of the attack, bave castle easily falls. None of them have any fighting experience, so their only hope is to perform the forbidden ‘hero summon’ After a long conversation, Princess Fillet successfully summons Musashi Unfortunatly, it appears to be just a little kid At first, no one believes that this strange looking kid is the REAL Musashi, but since no one has actually SEEN the legendary hero, for all they know, he may well be him.

After a bit of talk, the child wakes up and makes some snotty remark about the way everyone is dressed, to which the princess responds by calling him “a little turd”. Ribson then goes over and talks to “Sir Little Turd”, who btave that he is indeed Musashi.

Ribson and the others explain that Musashi was summoned into their world, and can’t return to his own world until he saves theirs. Pretty selfish, if you ask me.

Brave Fencer Musashi FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by MHobbs – GameFAQs

Anyway, they explain that the Thirstquencher army is after Lumina, the sword of Luminescence, and that they need you to recover it. They tell you that they’ve hidden atop Spiral Tower, which is located deep in the woods behind the castle. Musashi reluctantly agrees to go after the sword. Before leaving, Scribe Shanky gives Musashi a magical blue sword called Fusion, as well as a note explaining how to get Lumina.

The Alchemist then tells you of Fusion’s special power: It can absorb enemies, allowing you to use their special skills. An ability called “Assimilation”. Musashi then dashes out of the castle towards Spiral Tower before the others can even finish talking.

Press the Square button to swing Fusion, and X to jump. Proceed forward, jumping over logs, lakes, and the like and defeating enemies.

Along the way, you’ll find 3 silver coins worth dran money each, as well as a big heart which will restore HP. Grab these items then push the center boulder out of the way or just walk around it. There are other obstacles and enemies along the way, but nothing very major until you reach a big lake with three logs on the other side; it’s pretty obvious that he’ll never be able to jump across, so Musashi decides to try a different approach.


He remembers what the people back at the castle told him about Fusion’s Power. Seeing a nearby gunner soldier, he decides to absorb his power and see if it can help. Unless you’ve already figured it out, this will be your first time using assimilation. Hold down R1 until the gauge in the lower left fills up, then press the square button while facing the guard and you’ll launch Fusion towards the enemy.

Now press Square repeatedly until you absorb the monster; you’ll get the Gunshot skill, which can be used to knock over the logs on the other side of the river, creating a bridge. The only other obstacle of note here is the blue statue near the end, just hit it four times fencef destroy it. Once you’ve gotten rid of it, it’s just a short hop to Spiral Tower.

Walkthroughs for Brave Fencer Musashi

Silver Coin x2 Actually, there doesn’t even seem to be a tower here at all. Musashi takes out the note that Scribe Shanky gave him and reads it. It seems that the only way to make the tower appear is to ‘sacrifice a warrior’. Since there don’t seem to be any warriors besides Musashi present, it’s obvious that the clue is referring to the four nearby statues.

Run around the ‘tower’ and destroy all four statues, and touch the tiles under them. Be careful, that weird statue head shoots at you the whole time. Once you’ve stepped on all four tiles, the tower will raise out of the water.

Climb up it, avoiding the rolling wheels and spiked logs along the way, and enter through the opening at the top. Once inside, Musashi will pull out the note again.

In order to light up the tower, you must ‘douse the dark flame’. Musashi notices a giant walktjrough hanging above the flame in the center of the tower, and exclaims that if he were to cut down the bell, it would fall and put the fire out.

Climb up to the top of the musawhi, killing enemies along the way, until you reach a closed door. If you don’t have the Gunshot ability, absorb it from the nearby soldier and shoot at the closest rope.

The brage bell will fall on the flame, putting it out. The tower fills with light and the door opens, revealing a path to a portal. Before doing this, though, you may want to climb down the tower a little bit and kill the little blue Sphere Bats. They’re not hard to beat, and often leave money and other valuable items. Anyway, Once you open the door, touch the portal and you’ll be transported to the roof of the tower, where you’ll find Unfortunatly, It’s being protected by a forcefield Upon closer investigation, Musashi finds out that the forcefield is lifted if a living being stands on the white tile in front of it.

Since Musashi needs to get the sword, he can’t stand on the tile, so the only muashi to get the sword is to lure a soldier on to the tile, then stun him. Start by absorbing Stun from one of the soldiers, then lure another one on the tile, and hit him with Stun. This will paralyze him just long enough so you can go up and claim your prize!

As soon as you grab Lumina, the giant statue head will go berserk, shooting lasers and knocking Walkthroigh down the tower. It then begins to roll down the side of the tower, chasing after Musashi. Now just keep running ahead of it, jumping when Musashi tells you to.


It’s not very hard to avoid, but don’t get stuck behind the rocks in the forest; I don’t know what will happen if you get flattened by the giant head. He demands Lumina in exchange for the princess and when Musashi refuses to give up his newly acquired sword, Rootrick throws flames at the young hero, which surround him, and boasts that they can’t “be putted out easily”. The princess yells to Musashi to use Lumina to put out the flames.

To put them out, charge up the gauge in the left by pressing R1 like you did with Fusionbut instead, press the triangle button and you’ll perform a spinning attack, which will put out the flames. Disappointed with Musashi’s feat, Rootrick grabs the princess and disappears, leaving him to fight the Thirstquencher’s powerful Steam Knight.

Get ready; this is your first boss battle! As soon as the battle begins, arrows will point towards the knight’s legs. Charge up Lumina and spin attack one of them until it breaks, while avoiding the steam coming from it and the Iron Ball he throws. When one leg goes down, the Steam Knight will bend down, and an arrow will point to the cloth near the center of it.

Brave Fencer Musashi – Walkthrough

Cut the cloth, then spin attack the green core that was hidden under it. The knight will now get back up and continue it’s attack. Spin attack the other leg until it breaks, then whack the green core again when it’s exposed. When all it’s energy is depleted, the Steam Knight wapkthrough fly back against the wall. Pick him up and throw him through the wall. His energy will fill up and you’ll have to fight him again. Do the same thing this time as you did before, spin attack the legs until they break, then attack the core when he reveals it.

He has a new attack this round, though. On the third round of this long match, the rules change. Now the Steam Knight will jump around, and only reveal his core for a short time when he lands. Watch his movements, and try not to be under him when he lands. He also has several attacks.

Musaxhi classic Iron Ball attack is now a bit harder to dodge. To do so, simply keep moving, and jump when he throws it. Every so often, he’ll stop and walkthrokgh a building — this has no relevance that I can see, but it can’t hurt you, so use this time to put yourself in a better position. Three walkthroughh direct spin attacks to his core will defeat him for good! Oh yeah, fenecr worry if you lose this fight.

You’ll have to start the battle over, but you won’t have to re-obtain Lumina. Walktthrough the tough battle, Musashi falls asleep At first, he doesn’t remember where he is or even why he’s here, for that matter!