BF datasheet, BF circuit, BF data sheet: CDIL – NPN SILICON PLANAR EPITAXIAL RF TRANSISTORS,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search. BF from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. BF silicon NPN RF transistor in a TO package by Motorola. Download CDIL BF datasheet: Status: NOS (New Old Stock) Tested Components: YES.

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Or in your shack. A case so small, it even fits under airplane seats. And now its performance is even better. With new features like memory storage of operating. Automatic step-change according to mode. Plus datashet get an iambic electronic keyer. AM and FM modes. And kHz marker generator. All at no extra cost. Receive coverage from kHz to 30 MHz.

Transmit coverage from 10 to metres, including WARC bands. Massive heats ink and duct-flow cooling system for continuous RTTY operation datasheett up to 30 minutes. Including standard and heavy-duty power supplies, automatic antenna tuner, hand and desk microphones.

The full-featured HF rig you’ll have a real field day with. Dorset BH 15 1PP Copyright in all drawings. All reasonable precautions are taken by PfBcticsl Wireless to ensure that the advice and data given to our readers are reliable. We cannot however guarantee it and we cannot accept legal responsibility for it.

Prices are those current as we go to press. Practical Dqtasheet, May www. Kenwood have alwlWs tried to give the radio amateur a sensibly thought out range of equipment, and the TRE occupies that particular place devoted to the all purpose, go-anywhere, high performance 2 metre multimode transceiver. Many of you will remember what an impact the TR had on 2 metre operation when it was introduced, and with other manufacturers scrambling to keep up, the success was bd241 by the TR The TRE follows and improves upon those earlier successes, and it’s no wonder, when you consider what is contained in this tiny package.

The TRE does not simply give you high performance; it presents it in such a way as to be easily used, logical in operation, and a ddatasheet source of satisfaction. Is it any wonder that. Angus McKenzie said in his review Amateur Radio: Well, I believe that the TRE gives you a most versatile 2 metre multi-mode station; small enough to use mobile or portable, but comprehensive enough to use as a full-spec.

In that respect, it’s also attractive enough to be domestically acceptable, and discreet enough in styling to go anywhere in the house. The facilities provided are quite remarkable considering the size of the set, but as alwlWs easy to use, in Datsaheet tradition.

Also in Kenwood tradition, a comprehensive colour brochure is available which describes the TRE in complete detail, together with the range of matching accessories no, there isn’t a matching handbag The information is free, but the Post Dqtasheet demand plWffient for getting it to you.

If you care to send a stamped addressed envelope we will fill it with the required information. If you want to have a moan, my name is: Chris Lorek, in his review Ham Radio Today confirmed what had already been said: Datasueet 25 Watts of RF available, the signal has more than enough “punch” to get through, and all in all there is little one can find about the TRE which is vf241 than ideal. So-what does it all do? The transceivers get more interesting and the space in which to describe going on, by the comprehensive displaors.


You them gets smaller. Wilson’s first law of daatasheet separate frequency readout, separate advertising.

As for the transmitters, you get 45 The TME re-defines the concept of the 2 Watts on 2 metres and 35 Watts on 70 cm. Obviously the TME will operate in full Why not send for details right awaor, and find out duplex, with either band transmitting or the full story of the newest and certainly the best receiving simultaneously, but you can also dual band rig yet to appear.

Amateur bands from to 10 metres, together with a general coverage receiver tuning from kHz to 30 MHz. Forty memory channels, each effectively a separate VFO. Easy keyboard frequency entry.

BF Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Leadership in the field. The TSS is the transceiver everyone wants to own one cta. EveryTS-l40S we can obtain is instantly sold. Ask around and you will find out why. All mode of course, and has an optional internal VHF converter which extends coverage to MHz.

If it datashee for all the safety interlocks I would operate my TL with all the covers off, just to admire the sheer engineering beauty of the innards, The TL is THE linear amplifier, and once you own it you will never part.

The effortless ease with which the TL produces RF power has to be experienced to be believed, and it dataasheet probably the world’s most sought after station accessory.

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TueKay to Saturday inclua1ve. Cllm1orl4Ce’ HIgh St. Practical Wireless, May 3 www. The small compact style provides easy operating and rugged durability. Other models for 2mtrs and 23cm will be released later this year. datashewt

(PDF) BF241 Datasheet download

The IC-4GE is equipped with a total of 20 memory channels. Each memory can independently memorise frequency, offset direction and frequency. All circuits are designed using low power dissipation techniques to create a special power save circuit in the transceiver.

The power saver circuit functions if no signal is received or no switch operation is performed for more than 30 seconds. In addition, the power saver circuit can be turned off for packet communications.

Two different scans, programmed scan and memory scan are provided and in addition memory skip channels can be programmed to skip selected memory channels during memory scanning operating.

The squelch monitor f. The high impact case is splash resistant by th-e inclusion of rubber gaskets.

Also available for the IC-4GE is a large range of optional accessories including a variety of rechargeable nicad power packs, dry cell battery pack, desk charger, headset and boom mics and new slimline speaker mics. The ICOM IC base station has been developed to meet the demand for advanced communications for the recently acquired 6m band. The ICcovers Mhz and Mhz. A pass band tuning circuit narrows the I. A built-in notch filter eliminates beat signals with sharp attenuation characteristics.


Some PLL systems have difficulty meeting the lockup time demands placed on them by new data communications. A total of four scanning functions for easy access to datasgeet wide range offrequencies, datazheet scan, programmed scan, selected mode memory scan and lock out scan. Other transceivers available in this range are: It can be used as a portable or like other transceivers of this type as a base station unit.

When used with an external Other features include 5 memories with memory scan, program band scandual VFO’s with split operation. The easy-to-read LCD readout includes frequency, memory scan and call modes.

Full metering of battery condition signal strength and power output is provided. Practical Wireless, May 5 www. A front panel mounted loudspeaker am.

Eighteen of the memories can also store independent transmit and receive frequencies for easy recall of split-frequency operations. The transmitter power amplifier is enclosed in its own diecast aluminum heat-sink chamber datasheet the transceiver, with forced-air cooling by an intemal fan allowing full power FM and packet, RID, SSTV and AMTOR operation when used with a heavy duty power supply.

Smaller than their predecessors these models utilize a new cpu with greatly expanded features, most notable of which are vatasheet memories and support for the DVS-1 Digital Voice System, which can digitally record and playback from the microphone or the receiver. Chesterfield Chest 9. Clwyd Buckley Tu Service DepI open Mon-Fri 9. The standard ‘model provides 25 watts RF power output on the and The innovative memory system includes one hundred general purpose memories piUS ten full duplex cross-band memories, one global call channel memory that can be recalled from any band datasneet mode and up to four band-specific call channel memories, all of which store mode and receive and transmit frequencies independently.

In addition, fourteen vlos are provided: Each of the two full duplex vlos can be selected so that its receive and transmit frequencies and modes can be displayed and tuned independently, or linked to tune synchronously in opposite directions for satellite operation. Naturally, with FM the predominant mode on the VHF and UHF bands, the FTR includes all manner of convenient features for both FM simplex and repeater operationlike a discriminator center tuning meter, special narrow FM mode to cut adjacent channel interference in crowded areas and Aulomatic Repeater Shift when tuned to 2-meter repeater subbands.

The m36R also includes a Vr-switched DC supply line for masthead preamplifiers, activated from the front panel, and digital input connection directly to the modulator for high performance packet radio tnc interfacing preamps, personal computers and packet tnes not supplied by Yaesu.

Vagi M 2 Ele. Vagi M 5 Ele. Vagi 10M 3 Ele.

Vagi 15M 5 Ele. Vagi 15M 4 Ele. Vagi 20M 5 Ele. Vagi 20M 3 Ele. High quality malerials and heavy duty construction lor long malntenance-lree life.