Hello, I have a Bell & Howell 10MS and the front pulley is cracked in half I have read that I may be able to pull it off and just clean it and glue it. BELL AND HOWELL 10 MS PROJECTOR MANUAL, 24 PAGES (). THE ITEM IS IN GOOD CONDITION WITH SOME LIGHT WEAR (A FEW CREASE. If your Bell & Howell 10MS is running slow or not at all chances are the belt is stretched or broken. This is a NEW Quality replacement belt. If you have a Phillips .

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Email this page to someone! Bell and Howell 10MS Projector issue – please help. Greg Peterson Junior Posts: It’s not fully working, but I want to see if I can fix it before simply returning it. Everything seems to be working except the long spring belt at the top that turns the two spool knobs for the take-up and source reels. The problem seems to be with possibly a broken pulley on the source spool, but I’m not entirely positive that both “discs” are two sides of a pulley that should be connected.

One “disc” turns fine, and the other doesn’t. I can’t take the mechanism apart, as there is a Phillips screw holding everything together all the way to the arm for the source reel that I can’t get off – it might not be meant to be removed. I’ve posted a video of what I’ve found here: If anyone knows of a way to get around this issue, please let me know When you take it off by unscrewing it and removing the E clip, you’ll probably end up with 2 pieces in your hand, You can glue them back AFTER making sure the pieces are totally dry and free of oil.


If you can’t repair it, for whatever reason, I have the part you need but you still have to take to old piece off. Any advice on how to get that screw off? I’ve tried, but it’s on there tight, and the pulley turns with the screw, along with the pulley that drives the source reel.

Bell & Howell 10MS Variable Speed Dual Eight 8mm Movie Film Projector SR

I’m worried about cracking more pulleys if I bowell to lock down anything to keep the screw still. I wish I could be of more help. If anyone has had any experience getting this screw off top left, goes all the way through the unit to the front and holds the source arm upplease let me know.

I’ve taken the cover off the arm to try to get at it from the other side, and there’s just a small circular opening – no nut, groove that I can see, etc. Maurice Leakey Film God Posts: It certainly sounds as if the slipping clutch arrangement has packed up.

If the parts are plastic some bits may have sheared off. Not a happy prognosis I’m afraid. You might be better off to buy another projector, one which has a guarantee that it is in working condition.

There are too many blel on eBay which have been hauled out of the loft after many years of non use.


Janice Glesser Film Goddess Posts: I still suggest you return the projector, since it was described hwell working belk it’s not. However, if you are still wanting to repair it yourself. Here is a suggestion to get the screw removed. It’s important to have the correct phillips driver head that will snuggly fit into the screw.


Then after removing the front cover of the supply reel arm Then try to remove the screw.

I have a Chinon GL coming, so if I break the 10ms, I’ll try with the new one they swear everything has been fully tested. Glad you worked it out with the seller. Good luck with your transfers Janice “I’m having a very good day!

I finally did get the screw off. I had already tried all the suggestions here and finally just applied some brute force by really grabbing that plastic pulley on the supply arm. The torque finally broke and I got the screw out. It looked like a little bit gell rust and what looks like old dried superglue in the screw threads That would explain why it was so tough to get out.

I did booger the pulley on the supply arm something fierce, but there’s enough “pulley wall” left to keep the spring belt on to turn the roller. Everything works like a charm.

The pulley did break again after a few test runs, but I’ll leave it overnight to cure this time. Jon 10mms, if it still keeps breaking, I’ll contact you to purchase a replacement.

Andrew Woodcock Film God Posts: This was mainly so belll the manufacturers knew, during the guarantee period, whether or not the machine had been tampered with, in which case the warranty would be thrown through the window if that was proven to be the case.

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