(Beyond including full access to this Checkout Usability research study, the Baymard Premium access also include 6 additional studies (Homepage & Category. This new usability study is the result of 7 years worth of e-commerce the vast majority of the checkout changes in this report are related to. Today we’re releasing our new Product Page Usability study providing Page Usability report and benchmark at

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Researching the best ways to improve the online user experience – Baymard Institute

How do you design a user-friendly shopping experience for a 4-inch screen? These usability issues have been analyzed and distilled into design guidelines on how to best usabilith and structure a high-performing mobile e-commerce site, as well as documenting how end-users perceive and interact with mobile sites in a shopping context.

The UX benchmark of the 50 major mobile e-commerce sites provides a clear picture of the general state of mobile e-commerce performance, and identifies common bayard flaws as well as strategic oversights and opportunities.

rpeort Notice how around half of all sites are performing downright poorly within all four themes, constituting a mobile shopping experience where users have great difficulties in finding, evaluating, and purchasing products — if able to at all.

Some of the overall poor and mediocre performance is simply due to mobile and touch platforms still being relatively new territory — compared to the two decades old desktop website.

  642-999 DCUCI PDF

Lastly, and most importantly, the mobile platform is truly difficult to design for — the lack of screen real estate causes a dramatic loss of page overview for users.

As a result, most of the best-performing solutions and patterns, including those identified in this study, are, in the end, still a compromise.

E-Commerce Checkout Usability

They are the best attainable results given the severe limitations of the mobile platform. Explore design patterns across page examples of mobile designs and features from leading e-commerce sites, all annotated and organized repot 11 different categories.

This is a great way to get inspiration for your own mobile design, and to get a feel for emerging trends in Mobile e-commerce. See all reporh articles. In addition to these articles you may also want to explore our Touch keyboards cheat sheet — with a complete list of code attributes and demos to invoke the most optimal mobile touch keyboards for your users.

All mobile e-commerce research findings are available as part of Baymard Premiumand are divided into the following 13 reports pages of mobile research findings in total:.

The mobile homepage, main navigation, and search, incl. Creating a balanced product list experience within the confines of a mobile screen, incl. Filtering and sorting product lists, incl. Mobile product page layouts, incl. Secondary product information and baymaard, making product descriptions bite-sized and scannable, providing detailed views of the product, honoring image gestures, and usabiljty.


Allowing both GPS detection and manual typing of location, clearing autocomplete upon refocus, never using inline labels, and providing formatting examples for all inputs with multiple formats.

E-Commerce Checkout Usability: An Original Research Study – Cart & Checkout – Baymard Institute

Design, coding, and wording of messages, incl. Technical errors and performance issues, incl. The fundamentals of mobile e-commerce, incl. Implications and fundamental differences between desktop and mobile websites, incl.

Get your mobile site reviewed. We will put together a detailed report of the 20 most important usability improvements you can make to your mobile shopping experience.

Get your mobile site audited.

Empower Your E-Commerce UX and Decisions with 32,000+ Hours of UX Research

This page provides you an overview of our research specific to Mobile E-commerce UX. Mobile E-Commerce Touch Keyboards. Mobile E-Commerce Mobile Basics.

Mobile E-Commerce Understanding Mobile. UX Audit Service Get your mobile site reviewed What are the 20 most important changes you can make to your mobile e-commerce site?