Author: Daniel Polansky Estas en los bajos fondos de Rigus, la ciudad mas prospera de las Trece Tierras, donde las ratas salen mientras la gente honrada. Results 1 – 30 of 44 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Daniel-Polansky books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 Bajos fondos. 62% off. Estás en los bajos fondos de Rigus, la ciudad más próspera de las Trece Tierras, donde las ratas salen mientras la gente honrada duerme, y la guardia hace la.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview bajoz Low Town by Daniel Polansky. Drug dealers, hustlers, brothels, dirty politics, corrupt cops. Welcome to Low Town. In the forgotten back alleys and flophouses that lie in the shadows of Rigus, the finest city of the Thirteen Lands, you will find Low Town.

Author: Daniel Polansky

It is an ugly place, and its champion is an ugly man. Aft Drug dealers, hustlers, brothels, dirty politics, corrupt fonxos. After a fall from grace five years ago, a man known as the Warden leads a life of crime, addicted to cheap violence and expensive drugs. Fkndos day is a constant hustle to find new customers and protect his turf from low-life competition like Tancred the Harelip and Ling Chi, the enigmatic crime lord of polanskh heathens. In Low Town, no one can be trusted.

Daniel Polansky has crafted a thrilling novel steeped in noir sensibilities and relentless action, and set in an original world of stunning imagination, leading to a gut-wrenching, unforeseeable conclusion. Low Town is an attention-grabbing debut that will leave readers riveted. Hardcoverpages. Published August 16th by Doubleday first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Low Townplease sign up. Is this a fantasy “sword, stabby-stabby, dragon, magic” book, or are we talking diesel-punk noir? John McDermott It’s both and This is probably my favourite question to ask but are their audiobook versions?

I think the genre ‘detective thriller in a noir fantasy’ is one that particularly benefits from a decent narrator and if anyone has head the Dresden Files narrated by James Marsters then you’ll know what I mean. I enjoyed the series when reading them, but fell in love when listening.

R J K Lee The audio is great. The narrator is an excellent match. Sadly, it appears that there is only audio for the first book, so I’ll have to polanskh, rather …more The audio is great. Poalnsky, it appears that there is only audio for the first book, so I’ll have to read, rather than listen to, book 2.

Daniel Polansky – Ebook Bike

See all 6 questions about Low Town…. Lists with This Book. I might have to wait another 8 years for the next – and Marc Aplin of fantasy-faction. I started it just before Christmas and I’ve just finished it – which believe it or not is fast for me! To be honest I only started it because the book I was reading was upstairs and I was downstairs and if I tried to leave the room to get it Celyn would have woken up I was quickly hooked.


The intelligence and wit of the prose did the job within a few paragraphs. It is as every review says ‘a detective thriller in a noir fantasy setting’. I found the writing to be exceptionally good. Very suited to my taste and very similar in style to what I aim for with my own.

So opinions on that one are mixed! Anyhow, the writing is concise, moody, witty, and captures what it sets after.

I liked reading about the main character. He’s getting old, has bad habits, deals drugs, isn’t the best at anything, but is dangerous and clever. I enjoyed the twists and turns of the plot.

Several important items I guessed early bajls – perhaps they were telegraphed a little too strongly, perhaps I was just in tune with the story. I enjoyed the world-building. The society did borrow from some real world stereotypes maybe, but it’s not a doorstop of a book and this form of shorthand is efficient in getting the reader’s imagination to do some of the heavy lifting.

It wasn’t a book that exercised me emotionally to a large degree – it wasn’t without emotional content, but I wasn’t hugely engaged on dahiel level. Mostly I just wanted to have the crime solved! Either way, it was a book that kept me coming back and rewarded my time polsnsky thoroughly entertaining me.

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Mar 11, Jeffrey Keeten rated it it was ok. This is one of those books that I started reading as a palette cleanser between heavier, denser books. Polansky states that Hammett and Chandler were his inspiration for writing this book. Well alright, I love those guys. The back of the book says: Welcome to Low Town Sounds great right?

I’ve been a life time reader and usually have a pretty good filter. I don’t get taken in by hype. I don’t get in too much of a hur This is one of those books that I started reading as a palette cleanser between heavier, denser books. I don’t get in too much of a hurry to read the new hot book. I now have goodreads to help me make sure I don’t spend my hard earned dollars on bad books.

I was taken in by this book folks. It happens, but how was I to know that Daniel Polansky sleeps with Smurfs. The book is just boring, bland, like eating a cheeseburger without the cheese or the pickles or the ketchup and certainly without the onion.

The writing was simply uninspiring like it had been put through a polysyllable strainer leaving me to muddle through a monotonous, lifeless text. I started this book during what turned out to be a really great basketball game between Florida St and Duke. I was reading during the commercials, so I was distracted. The cardboard taste of this book went down easier with the excitement of a close fought basketball game.


By the time I realized that I had been bamboozled I was already in over a hundred pages. Absolutely nothing had happened. Polansky spends very little time world building. If the fantasy elements had been taken out of the book I’m not sure I would have noticed. If the hard boiled elements had been taken out of the books I don’t think it would have changed anything one iota. I have struggled with fantasy books in the past. Recently I couldn’t get through Brent Weeks. There have been many other fantasy books that have been tossed aside never to be ventured near again.

Their books light up my brain like a pinball machine. A new writer who I think is fantastic is Mark Lawrence who released his first book last year called Prince of Thorns and the second book is coming out in August called King of Thorns. My advice pick up the Lawrence and give Polansky a pass. I would challenge Daniel Polansky to a duel for the price that I paid for this book, but really is it the writer’s fault?

I mean he worked his pants off writing this book and it was the editor who decided this book needed to kill trees. So though it has been 20 years since I said ON GUARD Kansan for en garde in my fencing class in college, I would gladly don my equipment and whip a blade through the air once again to reclaim the money that rightful should have rewarded another writer. View all 49 comments.

Feb 16, Lo9man88 rated it really liked it.

Epub Free Download Bajos Fondos By Daniel Polansky Pdb | Online Library Ebook Download.

Not bad for a first novel that has an ugly addict as the main protagonist ,, Apart from the warden the other characters are underdeveloped,, Although there is magic,it’s unclear how it works “Sanderson”spoiled us with his cool magic systems,, I knew from the beginning who the culprits were but i was unclear on the motive Overall it was a nice bajs Hence the present disappointment and current dumbfoundation. The truth is, this little story here has me a teensy bakos confused: This book isn’t bad.

It’s character based, which I always find super yummy. The world has potential.

One minute the story was gripping and captivating and stuff, and the next I was skimming away like a maniac. Towards the end I think I skimmed more than I read. The story might have been more interesting and faster paced, had the author focused a bit more on developing bxjos world vs.