Aunque seamos malditas [EUGENIA RICO] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ainur acaba de ganar el primer juicio por acoso laboral en. Eugenia Rico Aunque Seamos Malditas PDF – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Image for Spanish writer Eugenia Rico: ‘proud to be called a witch’ title of the book, Aunque seamos malditas, women are already mentioned.

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The author, poet and journalist from Asturias intertwines the fates of two fictional women across the centuries in her latest novel.

Books by Eugenia Rico (Author of Aunque seamos malditas)

She escapes kalditas write her thesis in peace on the Spanish coast. Her dissertation is about a healer called Selenewho she feels attached to not only through geographical proximity. Whilst the main subject of her dissertation was sentenced for being a witch in the seventeenth century, Ainur has been outed as a ‘modern witch’ in the present.


She has won a rape case against her former boss, but as he is also the mayor of her town, she finds herself ostracised from society.

Aunque seamos malditas: EUGENIA RICO: : Books

Sick of the dark looks and gossip, she dives into the universe of Selene, discovering her inner self as she goes. The stigma that her rape has brought gives the protagonist Ainur a different soul, though seamoe flame red hair set her apart as a child already.

Of course, we all are. Anyway we writers always feel different than other people — and we even want to be different! We look at the world from a different perspective.

Rico is the maldifas example of her own thesis; a short glance at her autobiography shows her life has been anything but normal. She won her first literature prize at the age of five in a Coca-Cola competition, whilst her first text was published when she was eleven.

When I was small my grandmother would always be telling me stories and fairytales. German bestselling author Daniel Kehlmann is also a prominent fan of her latest novel. The reader has to find out what lies beyond it themself.


Are they a curse or a blessing for Rico? If the media condemns a person, he or she is condemned forever, even if he or she is later acquitted.

The tools are a new reality for me. Thanks to the grammar in the original Spanish title of the book, Aunque seamos malditaswomen are already seams in the story from the get-go.

Spanish writer Eugenia Rico: ‘proud to be called a witch’

Witches apparently fly and have sex with the devil — completely ludicrous accusations that people wanted to believe about women who were simply wise back then. My novel highlights that that is still going on today.

But ‘witch’ is a very positive word for me. In English it also means ‘wise woman’. Translated from Eugenia Rico: Then tell your friends: Spanish writer Eugenia Rico: