Visit Ayalytical Instruments, Inc. to learn about ASTM D testing methods and equipment. Find necessary supplies here including D copper testing strips!. ASTM Dpdf – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Turbine, Gearbox and. Hydraulic Lubricants. Method: ASTM D The copper strip corrosion test is designed to assess the relative degree of corrosivity of a.

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After each test the copper strip is placed inside so that it is not contaminated by touching during observation. Less viewing test tubes may be ordered depending on the frequency of testing and whether or not all test samples are to be reviewed simultaneously for result.

They are consumable so or more spares should be ordered. D1330 set per position.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Specify which test method s are desired for proper model selection. Pressure vessels are used for more volatile products like gasoline and aviation fuels versus the test tube procedure used for lubricants, diesel, and biodiesel.


Model is a stainless steel liquid bath able to accept 8 test bombs and 8 test tubes for the D aatm method. Alternate test racks are available. Temperature is controlled with a digital display controller with 0. A float switch interrupts power to the bath in the event of low bath fluid level.

Silver and Copper Corrosion Bath | ASTM DIP |ASTM D | ASTM D | IP |

The bath is mechanically agitated to insure test point to test point uniformity. A cover over the bath is provided to reduce evaporation if water is used as a bath medium.

Model is identical to Model except it is larger and able to accept 12 qstm bombs 6 test tubes.

Alternate racks are available. Lawler copper corrosion baths are also suitable for the silver corrosion test method that is part d310 the ASTM D gasoline specification. Home Products Contacts Search. Liquid bath for 8 pressure vessels and 8 test tubes. Liquid bath for 12 pressure vessels and 6 test tubes.


Silver and Copper Corrosion Bath

Liquid bath for 6 test tubes for IP silver astk. Liquid bath for 8 test tubes for IP silver corrosion. Test pressure vessel for D and D Annex, ea.

Viewing test tube, ea. Has flat side for distortion free viewing.

Insert for converting 1 aluminum block bath pressure vessel hole to test tube hole for D, ea. Option for Insert for converting 1 aluminum block pressure vessel hole to test tube hole for D, ea. D pressure vessels have hourglass shape. Split sleeves improve heat ast, in aluminum block baths. Required for ,