Dersu Uzala [Vladimir Arsenyev] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A memoir by Russian explorer Vladimir Arsenyev, covering his trips in. Dersu Uzala () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more And captain Arseniev,seeing the horror that struck him,offers him to come with him to his. Along their journey, Arseniev discovers that Dersu Uzala is a man with a beautiful soul, and they become close friends. When his assignment ends, Dersu Uzala.

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It showcases the natural beauty of the Taiga and presents a contrast between the technological and the pastoral. Dersu is one with the forest. He knows its ways and its moods.

The Russians scoff at his ways and his ‘primitive’ belief system, but eventually come desu rely uzqla him, and even love him. It is a beautiful story that takes place in an world that very few of us in the West have had a chance to see.

I thought the fact that the film was set in the pre-revolutionary period gave it a peculiar sort of charm – Russia before the Great War and the Russian Revolution was uzaka and even naive, the same way the Russian soldiers were innocent of the wonders and the dangers of the Taiga. One of the things I loved most about this film was the cinematography – there are long, lingering shots of the landscape, the endless steppe, the forest, the rivers, the mountains.

We believe ourselves to be powerful because we have been moderately successful in our attempts to harness nature for our own uses, but the film shows us that we are deluding ourselves, that nature cannot be controlled or resisted, and the truly powerful are those, like Dersu, who co-exist in harmony with nature and learn what the wilderness teaches. Was this review helpful?

Sign in to vote. Once upon a arsebiev there was a simple man: Once upon a time a magnificent director and film crew have put a beautiful story on the screen with such perfection, that in our days we look back and we wonder: There are directors and there is Kurosawa, deersu are dramas and there are Russian stories, so when you put both of them together, what do you get? Enjoy it, at least as much I did. PureCinema 26 December After the box office failure of Dodes’ka-Den, Kurosawa was extremely depressed and attempted to commit suicide.

Set in the forests of Siberia in the 19th century, Dersu Uzala is one of the most important films arsenirv friendship ever made. It tells the story of Captain Vladimir Dresu Yuri Solomine as he leads an expedition through the woods. While his group is camping one night, a small mountain man named Dersu Arseniec Maxim Munzuk comes across the men and agrees to act as arzeniev guide.

The friendship between Dersu and Vladimir grows over the years and Vladimir urges Dersu to return to the city with him but the latter always refuses. Finally Dersu agrees to go, but finds that it is a very difficult adjustment to make. This was the first Kurosawa film that I ever saw and it amazed me in so many ways. The beautiful landscapes, the well-developed characters, and most importantly, the great friendship between Dersu and Vladimir make this one of my favorite films.

Anig-2 22 December Dersu Uzala is slow, serene, beautiful, but nevertheless gripping. It tells of the friendship between a nomadic Siberian native and a Russian army explorer, and how the arsseniev is able to help the latter and his team to negotiate the many obstacles presented by the Siberian wilderness.

We see how traditional survival methods and intrinsic common sense can help the more uzaala army men to cope with the extremes of climate and geography. Eventually the nomad is persuaded to join the general on his trip back to a town.

His ignorance of urban life is apparent, but interesting nevertheless, as we do not imagine such people nor meet them in everyday life today. Kurosawa is on top form here, letting the camera take in the vastness of Siberia, and still allowing the viewers to observe the characters closely.


The story is interesting too, with a sadly ironic ending won’t say any more! I think everybody should watch this film, because uzxla will have something to learn from it.

This is one of my definite favorites. It tells a story of a man who is one with the wilderness and nature and cant live any other way. Dersu Uzala is an old Goldi siberian asiatic minority hunter who thinks he has been cursed after he kills a tiger.

To him,every being,every part drsu the nature is equally worth as humans.

User Reviews

The film gives us accounts of one Russian captain’s friendship with Dersu. They are together through thick and thin and Dersu even rescues him dereu a blizzard when they are stuck on a frozen lake. Dersu has all the natural senses and therefore knows when he is in danger.

He knows everything by looking and observing the landscape around him. So when he kills the tiger,its like a spell has been cast on him. Or is it just his imagination?

His people believe in a ghost that rules the taiga,Kanga. He thinks Kanga will punish him in some way. Soon his fears start to get real. He cant kill his prey for food that he needs for living because his eyesight dramatically worsens. One frightening night my favorite scene it gets too much for him,listening to the howling wind in the dark,waiting for Kanga to send a tiger to kill him.

And captain Arseniev,seeing the horror that struck him,offers him to come with him to his hometown. Throughout the film,you cant help but wonder what will happen to Dersu. Not only because in the beginning Arseniev searches for his grave,in retrospection,but also because he is one lonely,sad man who lives only by hunting.

There is no place for him but the taiga. And when the tragedy happens,its hard not to feel remorse and pity the old Dersu. His world has come crashing down. uzals

Dersu Uzala: Vladimir Arsenyev: : Books

The end specially is painful and shows that there is no mercy in this world for a man who falls from grace in his own homeground. In the end,this film has outstanding photography,outstanding music,outstanding cast,beautiful scenery and do i need to say anything about the director?

A timeless work that can never be surpassed. Dersu Uzala is not just the quintessence of pristine cinema or a landmark in art cinema, but is also a living proof that brilliance can be achieved with absolute simplicity. Storytelling is undoubtedly one of the most potent tools known to man: Only a handful of storytellers like Akira Kurosawa and Satyajit Ray have shown the grit and perspicacity to use simplicity as the weapon to drrsu and hence portray the deepest of the human emotions on the celluloid.

Kurosawa demonstrated the might of simplicity as an element that can pack a punch for the first time in Ikiru and followed it up with an unending list of pristine cinematic masterpieces including Seven Samurai.

But, even Kurosawa’s greatest critic would not find it hard to concede that cinema does not get any purer than Dersu Desu. Dersu Uzala is a poignant tale of human bonding of trust, friendship and adoration between two contrasting individuals: Captain Arseniev and his troops are on a topographic expedition and while camping during a night, they come across Dersu, who happens to be an aboriginal Goldi tribesman. Being fully aware of the handicap of being in a remote and tricky territory areniev of the indispensability of having an indigene in the ranks, Arseniev asks Dersu to be their guide.

Dersu being humbled by Arseniev’s courtesy obliges his offer almost immediately. We soon witness a great sense of camaraderie developing between the two of them as Dersu rises in status from being a comrade to a stalwart and a friend in the eyes of the captain.

The long years of experience had equipped Dersu with a great sense of intuition and psychic-like abilities to anticipate change and danger. Dersu uses his skills to good effect as he maneuvers captain and his troops through the harsh Siberian terrain, sheltering and guarding them from the cruelties and wilderness of the Tundra. After the expedition is over, Arseniev embraces Dersu and bids him farewell as Dersu returns to the wilderness.


Few uzsla later, when Arseniev returns to Siberia on another expedition, he once again encounters Dersu, who again proves to be handy, only this time round he appears to be aging really fast as time, which can be a great healer as well as a great leveler, had begun to take a toll on the Goldi.

Dersu Uzala

dsrsu His eyesight deteriorates under the superstitious effect of a self-imposed curse after having killed a Siberian tiger, which the Goldis worship, in an act of self-defence. Arseniev, in his pitied adoration for Dersu, takes him to the araeniev to live with his family. Arseniev’s son gets greatly attached to Dersu and his story-telling abilities, but Dersu finds it difficult to adapt to the areeniev restricted and significantly tamed urban life and soon realizes that his life has been reduced to that of a captive.

He implores the captain to let him return to the wilderness of the woods. With great reluctance, Arseniev grants him the permission to leave, but not before presenting his savior with a brand new rifle as a parting gift and a souvenir. Few months later, Arseniev receives a letter informing him that a dead body of a Goldi has been found with no identification on it barring Arseniev’s visiting card.

As Arseniev pays a visit to the place of burial, he identifies the dead Goldi to be none other than Dersu Uzala. The investigating officer speculates the Goldi’s brand new rifle might have lured someone into killing him. Dersu Uzala is not just a movie, but arzeniev an experience of a lifetime. Dersu Uzala is the only movie that Akira Kurosawa shot in a language other than Japanese and he proved it once and for all that cinema at its most pristine, knows no bounds or barriers.

Kurosawa uses his auteurist mastery to bring the memoirs of Arssniev explorer, Vladimir Eersu to life as he inexplicably metamorphoses cinema to new levels of poignancy and pristineness. The cinematography is breathtakingly picturesque and it evokes a sense of melancholy that makes the majestic Siberian wilderness appear hypnotic and at times, surreal. The panoramic shot of Dersu and Arseniev looking at the horizon caparisoned with the juxtaposition of the setting sun and the rising moon is also indicative of their respective lives: Dersu is long past his prime and there is no hope for revival, but Arsieniev’s is still in his prime and has a promising career ahead.

Dersu Uzala is strongly suggestive of the sole consistency in human life: It also demonstrates the might of nature as an aarseniev force, strong enough to humble even the most savage of the creatures. Dersu Uzala can also be termed as an allegorical account of the environmental imbalance hzala unrestrained human intervention is causing.

Dersu Uzala, besides being one of Kurosawa’s greatest masterpieces is one of those rare arseniwv gems which can be relished again and again, each time with a completely different perspective.

Dersu Uzala () – Plot Summary – IMDb

It’s a must watch for everyone who loves and understands cinema. Spondonman 9 July Akira Kurosawa was a masterful director and powerful storyteller, Dersu has always been my favourite of his films. Since then of course I’ve seen all of his films from Stray Dog on, Rashomon and Ran being especial favourites, but I keep on coming back to watch this one, ostensibly the simplest tale Kurosawa ever filmed.

The understanding and bonding that develops between the two men Arseniev and Dersu is wonderful to see, and over two hours holds your attention with expertly observed minutiae of character and scenic interplay.

The last ten minutes cover a lot of ground no pun intended but it’s all so logical and sad that I always need to see the end credits to recover. So many marvellous scenes: Not everyone would like Dersu, their most likely comments being “boring” – but how wrong they are they’ll never know!

A film not fit to lick Dersu Uzala’s metaphorical boots or even Plan 9 from Outer Space’s for that matterBlazing Saddles was filmed the same year in America and a generation on still gets more praise than this poetic masterpiece!