Apples [Richard Milward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As a distraction from sleazy male admirers, spiteful classmates and her. Summary: Milward, barely out of his teens himself, lends a voice of authenticity to this look at Britain’s urban youth with its binge-drinking, drug taking and. Richard Milward, who combines writing with studying art, is being debut Apples (“Catcher in the Rye meets Arctic Monkeys,” according to the.

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I couldn’t put this book down, the style of writing was excellent and the subject matter, the teenage years, is something that everyone can relate to. Adam is a socially inept, obsessive music freak whose father beats him up if he puts a foot wrong.

You are worth so much more.

Preview — Apples by Richard Milward. Jun 12, Selina rated it did not like it Shelves: Call me old-school, but I love it when stories have a clear beginning, middle and end and that the characters go on some sort of journey. I love the art form as it seems natural and is quite cathartic.

Grit and love in north England with Richard Milward

Because of this, I am confident there are a number of other towns and cities where children are also living a life like this. But I enjoyed the surprise. You may be in your mid-teens and think you are invincible and you know better, but I work with a number of young people in schools who I just hope and pray will see the errors of their ways and be able to help themselves before something horrific happens. Oh come off it -please-spare me the cliche.


My childhood was grand. I think that’s why people dived on Apples, because for a year-old to have a book out, it’s not a natural thing. Aug 03, Marlies rated it really liked it Shelves: It exposes the heady mixture of narcissism and hedonism that is present in modern lives. The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

And then there’s Adam: Nilward be fair, maybe later on in the book it suddenly changed and started talking about stuff other than sex. Topics Fiction The Observer.

Caspar Llewellyn Smith meets Richard Milward, the young bad of Boro | Books | The Guardian

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Milward you’ve done it again, I’m from Middlesbrough and occasionally indulge in a bit of carry on so this rang very true to me, some proper nutters in Boro, real head cases. There were a few scenes which were very uncomfortable and made my toes curl.

A new low in getting high.

I honestly felt sick to my stomach every time Milward mentions him. Did I say Comedy, yes, this A dark comedy set on a council estate in Middlesborough, this book is narrated applee by Adam, Eve a butterfly, an unborn baby and an assortment of delinquents. She has a baby when ricahrd is still a child herself.

I thought I would have no ricgard relating to the characters in this book, being reasonably culture-aware, but it appears I misjudged my generational gap slightly, teenagers have certainly changed since my more innocent times! Next, it’s on to his local, the Linthorpe Hotel, which fits his description in the book as “the Beat Hotel of the north east, where all manner of beatniks and meatheads and thinkers and drinkers smash it into themselves”.

He currently lives in Middlesbrough. There are unpleasant parts to the story, I warn you, but I felt genuinely involved and emotionally invested in the characters. Your novels often tackle hard-hitting topics and describe grim realities of life — like drug-abuse and violence. Jun 17, Lou rated it did not like it Shelves: I found the Adam and Eve metaphor overly, ridiculously crass, the prose was irritating, the characters were tedious.


At 15 I was quite a lot like Adam from first novel Apples because I was writing and half the week I was a recluse staying in my bedroom scribbling away.

Grit and love in north England with Richard Milward | Reuters

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mar 29, Roo7 rated it it was amazing Shelves: I liked the book in the same way that I like Irvine Welsh’s novels, but I feel I got even more due to the setting of the book in the area I kilward born. She drinks, she sleeps with random people, she takes ecstasy in nightclubs off people she doesn’t know all because she does not want to face the awful cancer illness applws mum is going through at home.

There were parts of the book that fondly regard: Please open your eyes to the young people around you as it could be happening to someone you know and you may be the person who can change their life. I just hope that Eve realises and something is milwad about him.

But he’s cute nevertheless, and somewhat sensitive.

People from Middlesbrough recognize themselves in my books.