Editions for Sezon burz: (Paperback published in ), (Hardcover by Andrzej Sapkowski First published November 6th Buy Sezon burz Wiedzmin by Andrzej Sapkowski (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Już tylko kilka dni dzieli nas od premiery „Sezonu burz” Andrzeja Sapkowskiego. Od ostatniej książki o Geralcie minęło 14 lat. W tym czasie wiedźmin zdążył.

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Geralt exists in an ambiguous moral universe, yet manages to maintain his own coherent code of ethics. My problem with Sapkowski is that his writing style reminds me of eating an old stale cookie without anything to drink. In feel it’s more like the short stories than the saga, although there are fewer folktale elements and a more politics in it. Likewise, when it comes to sezoon relationships he forges, the villains he anfrzej, or the monsters he kills, all of them feel rather like superficial throwaway encounters in the context of this novel.

This book is pretty unremarkablethough. Oct 10, Zack B. He ends up defenseless in all this because his swords are stolen. Some people might seezon like the contrast, but I do. I even called your name. But the author piles upon him conquest after conquest, seduction after seduction, making him like a Slayer of Women and specifically of Sorceresses, you know those incredibly rich, beautiful, talented and independent women who could have had Anyone but they would fall for Geralt invariably.

The writing style also took a little bit to get used to, and there were many times that conversations or paragraphs seemed to drag on and on. There is a through-plot about a group of sorcerers using magical experiments to make deadly magical creatures which is cool and right andrsej Geralt’s ally but most of this book is boring and very low tension.

Buzr it’s tied in with more actions, and spread out over less dull, placid pages of ‘nothing happens ever’. T You can either read it after ‘baptism of fire’ or -preferably- after, buzr of the Lake’. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Just for that, it’s worth a read, in my opinion.


They would fall for him and he would Love them and Use them and then Leave them, and they would sigh and come back for seconds and fight over him. It might’ve worked better as a short story.

And all my beef with this book is also my beef with the entire series. All in all, I’ve really enjoyed diving in this spectacular world one more time. He also messes up the chronology at bura end, quite beautifully.

„Wiedźmin: Sezon burz” udowadnia, że Andrzej Sapkowski jest mistrzem krótkiej formy

The bit at the very end was very pretty, however. Trivia About Sezon burz Saga To view it, click here. Season of Storms [Nov 15, ] 11 14 Nov 21, I actually enjoyed this book more than the main saga.

Where is Sappkowski of Storms in Witcher timeline please? The middle is like a computer game – Geralt completes quests, mostly related to his lost swords, but also exactly something you’d find in a Witcher game, just random monster hunts with very loose connection to the overarching plot. However, in my opinion it’s the worst part of the saga. Either his mutation works this way, or he’s been time-travelling, possibly with Ciri?

Aunque se trate de una precuela no recomiendo leerlo antes de la saga. Sadly, however, it didn’t hold a candle to the main saga.

Sezon burz

A Witcher without his iconic weapons? View all 4 comments.

And then all sorceresses have the same face and the same hair style but! I finished the new Witcher book – “Season of Storms”.

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Sezon burz (Saga o Wiedźminie, #0) by Andrzej Sapkowski (3 star ratings)

InSapkowski won the prestigious Polityka’s Passport award, which is awarded annually to artists who have strong prospects for international success. Basically, Geralt is still alive after a hundred years, hunting the remaining “experiments”. The novel’s climax also ends up being this seemingly magical flash flood that decimates the kingdom. If you liked The Witcher games you could try this book, or maybe just start with sapkoaski 1. I was excited to immerse myself into his world, but I did not like it as much as I hoped and I’m not sure if I’ll continue this series.


This is probably unfair to the novel but the fact that the crux of the novel is Geralt reclaiming his swords is even weirder if your introduction to the character was through the game series, since magical swords are like candy in there. Very clearly the reader is sapkoswki to identify with Geralt if they’re male or fall in love with him if they’re female, and sorry for being so binary here sezom you get what I mean.

I was supposed to write the review of a book in the language I’d read ssapkowski. Va’esse deireadh aep eigean, sapkows,i eigh faidh’ar. The world in which these adventures take place is heavily influenced by Slavic mythology. Other books in the series.

Most of the middle part seems like footnotes Sapkowski had lying around somewhere, stringed into a video game playthrough, connecting the beginning and end of the “book”. It’s all very elegant how Sapkowski interlaces several different plots and adventures with each other and ties them all together proficiently in the end, and I like the world of the Witcher too much to ever not be pulled in by it, but I rather feel this one lacked sezn. Despite liking Witcher a lot I am not fully satisfied with the story.