The legendary sound of Neve now becomes available to DAW based producers with the launch of the Neve Summing Mixer. But when the debuted, I wanted to check one out for a B-room I was seriously . But, I should point out that AMS-Neve also makes the Fader Control. Find great deals for AMS Neve Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Multiple s can be cascaded 88816, and the unit is excellent for live sound recording applications. Although the line inputs are not transformer-coupled, the uses the same transformer mix topology as the classic 80 Series Neve console with two custom Carnhill transformers on the stereo bus output.

AMS Neve Summing Mixer – Thomann United States

To fit in two rackspaces, the ‘s very full front panel is properly organized and intuitively laid out. When the Fader Pack is connected, mm faders replace all 16 channel-level controls that now become effect sends to an auxiliary bus. It starts with the Mix Level output control aka stereo bus master fader that is replaced by two mm faders when the Fader Pack is connected.

When the Mix Level control is pushed in, the left-channel pre-fade processor becomes the mid-processor and the right channel becomes the side processor. This second stereo insert point has the IMR Insert Mix Return control for mixing up to 10 dB of its processor’s output back into the unprocessed stereo mix. Finally, with the 2Tr Mix button and control, you can mix audio from an external 2-track source into the stereo bus.


AMS Neve 8816

Music mixers might use this facility for a main reverb return path or for two more channel inputs. The cue 1 through 14 control adjusts the overall level. When you push the width control knob, the main mix audio output is summed with whatever source is selected xms-neve the monitor section.

A yellow LED indicates that am-sneve are monitoring two audio sources simultaneously. If you have more than one, you have to designate the master and slaves.

AMS Neve 8816 Summing Mixer

The software interface has buttons for creating, ams-enve and saving snapshots of settings. When loading recalling a snapshot, a picture of the ‘s front panel appears with all knobs that need changing highlighted; the buttons reset automatically. A bigger view of each knob needing adjustment is provided with a purple hash mark indicating where you must turn that knob to match its store setting. Once all knobs are reset, you get a confirmation that the “Unit is Reset!

I set the controls on the to about the 2: I also set all 16 API faders to identical positions as indicated by each channel’s equal level contribution on the console’s stereo bus meter. It was more open with good punch — a clearer sound with better transient representation.

Both mixes sounded great, and I was surprised, considering the cost difference between them. The stereo bus in the Neve will overload ams-nee because there is so much 8861 gain available to accommodate dBV levels from semi-pro gear.


The noticeable result is tremendous headroom, and, with 16 channel level pots, you can crank them, do manual gain rides or fades right on the There is plenty of latitude of adjustment without awful-sounding overload or noiseyou cannot really make a mistake here. The recall feature worked flawlessly and is great for trying many balances outside of the DAW.

I used the stereo bus inserts with good results when mixing a heavily squashed track back into the original mix using the IMR controlan old mixing console trick made easy. Compressing the mid-signal and not the side signal produces a stereo mix with a dense middle lead vocals, kick, snare, bass tracks, etc. The mix was dense and punchy with a wide ambient feeling.

I like the ‘s small, compact size, although the monitor section’s knobs are a little small. I also found that when you push on the engineer’s headphone level control knob on the talkback, it produced a very loud click in the ‘phones.

AMS Neve | eBay

Also, the stereo bus metering is excellent, although small and not lighted. Summing, mixing, monitoring, cue mixing and talkback functions are brilliantly accomplished in efficient ways within this compact unit without compromise in utility or sound. Back To Home Ams-nee. Back Up To The Top.