8 Amina Wadud, Inside the Gender Jihad: Women’s Reform in Islam (Oxford: Oneworld, ). 9 Carol Hanisch, “The Personal is Political,” was published in. Amina Wadud gave a lecture as a part of our Islam in America Lecture Series on ” Gender Jihad” Amina Wadud is the author of many books including Inside the. Read “Inside The Gender Jihad Women’s Reform in Islam” by Amina Wadud with Rakuten Kobo. In this engaging study, Dr Amina Wadud, an Afro-American.

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We cannot get confused. Equity means to the complementary. It is like a man who wears an unfinished dress. My father was a Methodist minister aamina he always talked to me about the importance of independent choice. He often stressed the relevance of the relation between religion and justice. He was the one who inspired me to study other religions.

I became a Muslim inbut before that I was practicing Buddhism. Travelling all over the world, I discover the existence of insidde faiths and the relations they have.

When I started reading about Islam, I felt that this religion has an important sense and relation with the universe. Some might maina it must inslde hard enough to be African-American in U. This is just a way to look at it.

There is another way. The majority are converts. Islam appeals to U. At that time, the idea that religion and justice cannot be divided started to circulate. The relationship between God and justice is more articulated in Islam. This is one of the reasons why Islam had such great appeal to me. There is an important African-American Muslim community too. The majority of African-Americans are Christians and Islam was the first important transformation for this section of U. For the first time in wacud history, Afro-Americans practiced a religion different from Christianity.


Now we have Buddhists, Hindus and a lot of other religions. The more I studied the more I understood that the Muslim community was not living as taught in the Quran.

I started to ask myself which of the two ways of living was true.

Both those who invited me and I knew that this was a landmark event because it could change the idea of Islamic leadership. From that moment, I spent ten years doing research, in order to better understand how women could become prayer leaders. Over the years, I understood the importance of equality in Islam. This is iside reason why, inJibad accepted the invitation to lead a mixed prayer in the Synod House, New York. I wanted to prove that human beings are on an horizontal line of reciprocity, that geder that there is no role that is fixed by gender unless determined by biology.

The Quran never says that the imam cannot be a woman and must be a man. Whenever there is a difference in the ijtihad interpretation of the Holy Books we have to use our intelligence to understand the real meaning of Islam. The first change was that I gained visibility even though I am a private person. I tried to refuse all sensationalist interviews for a long time, and I retired from university.

All this caused me a great deal of conflict. There was also the reaction of extremist Islamists, but these were not determining factors for my faith or my actions. Extremist Islam represents a minority and it seems to be greater in number that it is. What does that mean? I bender radical pluralism to describe how in the Muslim community there is diversity of opinion.

I also use this term to indicate the relationship the Muslim community aadud have with other communities. We have to share our world with different groups.


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We always see differences, but this does not mean that I can convince people to agree with me. Pluralism means that you have your opinion and you can die with your opinion even if it never becomes similar to mine. At the same time we are equal in rights and human rights. I also speak about musawareciprocal equality of treatment and opportunity. Islam says that we have to combine faith with good deeds. So what I gener doing is nothing new.

Amina Wadud – Wikipedia

It has its roots in the Quran. According to Islam, if you believe in things, you have to do everything you can to achieve them.

I take inspiration from Gandhi who said that you must be the change you wish to see in the world. Social justice, gender equality, love, mercy and reciprocity between women and men are the inspiration I received from the Quran and I will do everything I can to achieve this in the world.

How did it happen? Which gendwr the relationship between Afro-American and Muslim communities in jihaad U. When and why did you decide to lead mixed gender prayers?

Inside the Gender Jihad – Amina Wadud – Paperback () » Bokklubben

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