User Review – Flag as inappropriate. This book is a must have (and a life saver) if you ever: Had silver amalgams -Had vaccines -Broke a CFL lightbulb or. Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment. Front Cover. Andrew Hall Cutler. Andrew Hall Cutler, – Dental amalgams – pages. This book was written by a chemical engineer who himself got mercury poisoning from his amalgam dental fillings. He found that there was no suitable.

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The Amalgam Illness book is no longer in print. Please click the link below to find a used copy on Amazon. In July ofthe owners of Herb Allure, Inc. Since then, we’ve been passionately sharing the unbelievable information our research uncovered that caused us to make this life-changing decision. The book we distribute on this website is the most comprehensive and well-written reference we have yet to find. It provides in-depth, yet easy-to-understand and practical information.

It will help anyone determine if they have mercury-related health issues, and will help everyone overcome them. Thanks to a spontaneous conversation with our website designer who, unbeknownst to us, had fibromyalgia and recovered after having her amalgam a.

Finally concluding that mercury leakage from amalgam fillings was the cause of our own health issues, we had them all replaced. The ironic part of this story is that we got into the natural-health field in order to solve the very same personal health problems that we later realized were caused by our dental fillings. Please take a moment to read our detailed story by clicking the link below.

Congresswoman Diane Watson Los-Angeles is proposing legislation to phase out mercury in dentistry in California. You won’t believe what she has to say. The Politics of Mercury Fillings.

While visiting one of world’s leading naturopathic colleges on the west coast, I discovered this little-known book.

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illbess After just a few minutes of looking through it, I realized that it is the best reference I’d ever seen on the subject. I immediately told my business partner Laura”We have to get this book”!

Having been through the mercury nightmare and discovering how prevalent it is, we strongly cutlrr mercury exposure by amalgam fillings and vaccine preservatives Thimersol, etc. Mercury destroys nerve cellsbrain cellsaccumulates in major organs, alters thought processes and lowers I. Every day you delay learning about this issue is another day that irreparable damage is done.

These are not the words of alarmists trying to sell merchandise, this is proven scientific fact.

If you don’t purchase this book from us, please purchase it somewhere. While considering if you need this information, don’t forget your friends and family because If you don’t have amalgam fillings yourself, you most certainly know someone who does.

We’ve assembled an informative page covering some of the effects and sources of mercury. We hope you find it beneficial. We sponsor an online forum dedicated to the cause of educating people about mercury and helping them overcome not live with! We all know mercury the metal is highly poisonous. However, did you know that Amalgak recently passed legislation requiring dentists to inform patients that those so-called “silver” fillings actually contain very little silver if any at all.


Numerous studies show that mercury continuously leaches from mercury fillings into your body. Mercury is jllness to be highly toxic and has long been known to cause innumerable serious health issues. In fact, the ADA American Dental Association recommends that dentists use very special care in handling the mercury used in filling preparations, including storing it in sealed containers and not touching it at all.

The red emphasis I’ve provided will help you read between the lines.

Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment – Andrew Hall Cutler – Google Books

If you’re a dutler, you should be outraged and withdraw your membership immediately. The ADA did not manufacture, design, supply or install the mercury-containing amalgams. The ADA does not control those who do. The ADA’s only alleged involvement in the product was to provide information regarding its use.

Dissemination of information relating to the practice of dentistry does not create a duty of care to protect the public from potential injury. If you don’t have amalgam mercury-based, a. We’ve acquired illnese to publish this powerful, eye-opening information directly from the author.

The book provides the most in-depth yet readable information available on this astonishing subject.

Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD. Whether you’ve been trying to solve persistent health problemshave been prescribed one drug after another we’ve heard so many of these storiesor simply want increased energy and enhanced mental ability we know people who had only 1 or 2 fillings replaced who are getting these kinds of resultsplease consider the subject of this book.

Check out the testimonials at the bottom of this page and you will see what a,algam talking about. Over the next several years, we believe this book will have an enormous impact on the laws and health in North America. We hold the heart-felt belief that lives will be saved and many will be dramatically improved as a result of Dr. Cutler’s in-depth research combined with his practical yet easy-to-read writing style.

Again, the testimonials cutleer the bottom will help you understand the impact this book is already having on peoples’ lives. There has been a tremendous and ever-increasing response to this book from patients and doctors alike. Read more about how mercury causes various health issues Because jllness reacts with and interferes with so many chemical processes in the body Thyroid T3 production, ATP production, selenium, insulin, to name just a fewand because mercury literally destroys nerve cells by destroying the bonds between tubulin and actin which form the nerve cells’ insulative sheathingdifferent people can experience completely different sets of symptoms.

The key is to look for patterns that fit the mercury signature. Unfortunately, the mercury tests most commonly used by hospitals today give negative results even when you have significant mercury in your body.

One of the reasons for this is that mercury doesn’t stay in your bloodstream very long. Instead, it is “harbored” in certain body tissues. Andrew Cutler is a health care consultant in the Seattle area.


He has a PhD in chemistry from Princeton, a BS in physics from the University of California, is a patent agent and a registered professional chemical engineer. His research has led to a number of publications in chemistry, chemical engineering and space related journals. After an “environmental medicine” doctor suggested I had amalgam illness I had to read lots of medical literature to figure out what was going on and what to do about it.

I got better after having my fillings replaced and taking appropriate chelating agents. I also know a lot of other people to whom this happened. It will also help you avoid making bad decisions about treatment. Patient-friendly and detailed, it is a blueprint which points you in the right direction for each symptom and area of suffering.

Do not proceed without this surprisingly thorough book. Andrew Cutler has written iillness exceptional and enlightening book on the devastating health affects caused by amalgam fillings in your teeth.

No one ever speaks as knowingly as those with experience. The author, himself a victim of mercury poisoning and a respected research scientist, offers a clear, concise description of the physical and neurological destruction mercury causes in the human body. Clearly explained in language the patient can understand, yet the book is medically and scientifically detailed enough to belong in every physician’s library. We are truly glad you’ve stopped by our website.

We sincerely hope the information you’ve seen here will make you aware of the dangers of mercury from amalgam “silver” fillings and will prevent suffering for amqlgam or someone you know. We believe this il,ness the best book on the subject of mercury toxicity that you can find.

We cannot accept returns, however, if you have questions about the book, feel free to contact us.

The Book Testimonials Mercury. Feel free to contact us anytime! We personally believe chronic mercury poisoning from amalgam “silver” fillings is the most important health subject of the next decade.

Many or most of the people you know probably already have it, don’t know it, and are treating other symptoms which are rooted in one of mercury’s many dangerous side effects. Mercury Leaches Into Your Mouth Chronic fatigue Fibromyalgia Sciatica Gastritis Irritable bowel syndrome Colitis Crohn’s disease Sleep disorders Anorexia nervosa Floaters in the eyes Bulimia Akalgam Yeast syndrome Uncontrollable weight gain Hair loss Constipation Flatulence gas Shifted circadian rhythm inability to sleep on a normal schedule Hypoglycemia Hyperglycemia Multiple Sclerosis Weak immune system Tinnitus ringing in the ears Grinding teeth while sleeping Although the authors believe this information to be true, the information contained on this website is not intended to prescribe medication or practice amalgqm, nor is it intended to prevent, treat or cure symptoms, xmalgam or diseases.

If you are seeking help, consult a qualified practitioner. Copyright – Herb Allure, Inc.