Die alte Sütterlin – Schrift Calligraphy Alphabet, Caligraphy, Letter Symbols, Printing . Alte deutsche Schrift / Altdeutsche Schrift / Sütterlin – Lesen – Abschriften. Altdeutsches Holzschnitt- Alphabet.’Initialen Deut3cher Kiinstler See Wkigrl (Rudolf). ALPHABETS. — An Alphabet of Capital Letters, selected from the . Buchstabenschablonen altdeutsche Schrift AD mit Sprühnebelschutz | Calligraphy Fonts Alphabet, Letter Fonts, Font Alphabet, Lettering Styles.

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Lettering of old German handwriting script

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Altduetsches content downloaded on Tue, 5 Mar Wellbery John Wilkinson Cover illustration: Scriptural sortilege played a role in the life of Saint Augustine of Hippo, for whom a passage of the New Testament read at random gave the divine direction that led to his conversion.

Yet bibliomancy continued to be practiced throughout the Middle Ages, as is evident from its mention by Gregorius of Tours, and the frequent condemnations of superstitious sortilegi in aophabet canons, synods, capitularies, and penitentials. I would like to thank Jessica K.

Printz for accepting several last-minute changes; Prof dr. Michael Lackner for his continued support; Dr. Dimitri Drettas for his criti- cism; Hans-Christian Lehner for finding the mantic alphabet in Munich, Bayerische Staats- bibliothek, Clm b; and the staff of the libraries I visited, in particular, Dr. Stefan Knoch of the Staatsbibliothek Bamberg, Dr. See Augustine, Confessiones 8. Lucas Ver- heijen Turnhout: See Gregorius of Tours, Historia Francorum 2.

Bruno Krusch and Wilhelm Levison Hannover: Hahn, ; Dieter Harmening, Superstitio: Schmidt,— See also Steven F. Mantic alphabets are divinatory devices that make use alphhabet the random consultation of books to obtain a letter that forms the key to future events. These devices are poorly understood in modern scholarship, even though they have been transmitted in large numbers in medieval Western manuscripts and early printed books.

This article offers a set of parameters that define mantic alphabets and begins to explore the textual tradition underlying the dis- semination of these alphabets in medieval and early modern Europe.

The most recent edition is by Friedrich Wilhelm, ed. Jahrhunderts2 vols. Callwey, —181: Editions by the same name include E. Palmer and Klaus Speckenbach Cologne: The repertory now numbers eighty-eight attestations.

The nature of mantic alphabets, however, is not clear-cut because the texts are quite diverse. To understand what defines mantic alphabets, therefore, we must compare them to one another to see what distinguishes them as a group from other abecedaries, such as alphabetical divinatory tracts, lot books, acrostics, and translation alphabets. The Royal alphabet will serve as a point of departure: Si de aliqua re scire uolueris hoc modo scire poteris.

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Canta inpri mis aliquem psalmum ad pri mum altaris gra dum. Alphbaet aper to psalter io ineo tibi per pri mam litter am aper te cognosce hoc modo quo d queris A. C significa t mortem viri.

D significa t con tur bationem ue l mortem. E significa t leticiam ue l gaudium. F significa t nobilem sanguinem G significa t unius occisionem. H significa t femine occisionem ue l mortem. I significa t bonam uitam.

K significa t inanem litter e L significa t leticiam ue l honorem M significa t mediocrem dolum N significa t reuisitationem. O significa t potestatem qltdeutsches. S significa t anim i salutem.

T significa t iracun diam ue lim mutationem.

Alte deutsche Handschriften

V significa t mortem. X significa t paren altdeutssches obuiationem. Y significa t qui cqui d uoluer is dicitu r tibi. See the appendix for a repertory of surviving text witnesses. Altdrutsches layout, orthography, punctuation, and capitalization are retained since the texts are so straightforward as to preclude incomprehension. Expansions of abbreviated text are indicated altdeuutsches italics.

Emendations are suggested on the basis of grammar and other mantic alphabets. After that, after the psalter has been opened, learn for yourself from it clearly what you ask, with the help of the first letter. A signifies life or power. B signifies power among the people. C signifies the death of a man. D signifies disorder or death. E signifies exultation or joy. F signifies renowned blood.

Alte deutsche Handschriften – GenWiki

G signifies the murder of one. H signifies the murder or death alphanet a woman. I signifies a good life. K signifies vain strife.

L signifies joy or honor.

Altdeutsch von | German to English |

M signifies moderate fraud. N signifies a renewed visit.

O signifies power of life. P signifies health in every respect. Q signifies life and surety. R signifies to be restored or injured again. S signifies soundness of the soul. T signifies anger or substitution. X signifies meeting with a parent. Y signifies that everything that you want is declared to you. Z signifies money or an increase. The meaning of the letter should be retrieved in the alphabet key provided, in which each letter is accompanied by a response that reveals what will happen in the future.

Having seen what a mantic alphabet looks like, we may proceed with a com- parison of the texts. The two areas for comparison are the alphabet key and the introductory paragraph.


THE ALPHABET KEY While it is somewhat gratuitous to observe that a mantic alphabet should have an alphabet key in order for it to be a mantic alphabet, the key merits close inspection since it has distinctive features that isolate mantic alpha- If no external source is given in a footnote, the text is taken directly from the manuscript or early printed book.

All translations are my own unless otherwise noted. These texts are longer and more elaborate than mantic alphabets; they do not rely on bibliomancy; and they are altdeutsched accompanied by volvelles, or wheels of fortune. This line poem reports a dialogue between the poet and a woman.

At a certain point, the woman asks the poet to write her a good abe- cedary. Inspection of the manuscript reveals that this text cluster is a composite of several tracts on alphabetical divination, including material from man- tic alphabets. The composition of the cluster is exceedingly complex and warrants further study. Wackernagel, Altdeutsche Predigten The first, a tenth- century alphabet in Durham, Cathedral Library, A.

Adam primus homo factus est a domino de prima litera id est de IIII litteris. Bonus filius id est abel qui pietatem prestabat parentibus suis. Dampnatus est id est diabolvs in infernum. B the good son, that is, Abel who showed dutifulness toward his parents. C is for blindness, that is, Adam who was seduced by Eve. D is for damnation, that is, the devil in hell. In response to Skeat, Henry Bradley proposed a similar although different solution: Quaritch, I do not reproduce the Old English glosses here.

Latin solutions taken from Walter W. Whereas parenetic acrostics lack a man- tic purpose, the alphabet key in nouv. The Titus alphabet also shares features with mantic alphabets.

The first response in the Titus alphabet, for example, is closely similar to that in some versions of the mantic alphabet: The Titus alphabet has more responses in com- mon with mantic alphabets, but whereas the former lacks a mantic purpose and is religious in content, the latter are prefaced by introductory para- graphs that identify them as mantic devices.