The Little School is an autobiographical account of life in an Argentine prison for political dissidents. Alicia Partnoy, the author, was kidnapped and held in one of . Alicia Partnoy describes in her memoir / vignette style book, “The Little School” her imprisoned experience. Partnoy was born into a family of. “The Little School,” written by Alicia Partnoy, depicted some of the accounts of the innocent people that were imprisoned and tortured during.

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A lot of innocent people died and were punished for no wrong doing at all. They were not allowed to use the bathroom inside the building; they bathed about two times every three months, and they were barely given enough food to survive. The guards beat, tortured, and even killed for any reason that they felt was worthy enough for their attention.

Life In Argentina’s ‘Little School’ Prison Camp : NPR

The prison guards that were in charge of the prisoners were very ruthless and heartless. They tried to take away everything from these prisoners but throughout all of the hardships, the poor prisoners from the school kept their faiths and kept appreciating the little things in life that kept them going and from giving up.

Degradation should not be allowed in any country and the people that do torture others should receive punishment for their wrong actions. Some of the major themes in this book are children, siblinghood, and blindness. Partnoy describes how they stood up for one another and helped each other out when they could.

Siblings help each other out whenever possible and do everything they can for each other when the other needs help.

This is the exact way that the prisoners acted towards each other while parhnoy the prison. One story in the book tells of how they shared their bread with one another by telling the guards that they have extra bread that they could share with another prisoner. The sibling love that was demonstrated by the prisoners throughout this whole book just proved that even in hard times, people can still be nice to one another and help out whenever possible.


Blindness from reality is what the prisoners not being able to see at all demonstrate throughout the book.

They were not ever allowed to take off the blindfold when they went to the bathroom. This torture was worse than being beaten because it is really hard to do things and function without sight. They helped remind herself, Partnoy, and others of the hardships that they overcame and dealt with and to it gave them the courage and strength to continue on with their lives and not give up hope on the things they loved. It also helped the readers understand and picture the difficulties that some svhool faced during this tragic time in Latin American history.

Hearing the accounts of what these men and women went through just really tears my heart apart!

If you have a mind that paints a picture while you read makes it sadder in my opinion. Just envisioning the torture, humiliation that they went through makes me think how can a human do such cruel things to another human being? This story is heartbreaking. What was the fighting over?

You made good analogies, making things easier to understand. I agree with you Allana, this book does bring chills down my spine. It is just so sad how violences was used to make a point across. Women having to strip down naked while the soldiers did their own perversions is just horrific.

I like how the author tried to bring the positive outlook to her situation. I really liked this book. I had never heard any of this before. It is really sad that so many people died in prison because they were being tortured.

I was really amazed how Alicia pictured the story and how she drew us to the characters. Out of all the books presented in class, i think this one had to be one of the saddest. It is amazing that she was able to survive this but at the same time not being able to know if she was going to live or die and also seeing a lot of the people she was imprisoned with actually die. Alicia gave us a lot of detail about the prison conditions which i think is extremely important because they teach us lessons that should not be repeated in the future.


I did not see my friends ever again, I did see their children, their parents, their siblings.

I did see my husband, he survived. In20 years after this book was published in the States, it was finally published in Argentina. The book party was in the cafeteria of the college Pattnoy attended with my disappeared friends. Partnoy, the friends you never saw again now live on in the memories of your readers. Thank you for putting it down on paper for us. And, thank you for commenting!

Hola Joana, I just saw your sweet words. I testified in Argentina around Christmas, it was a very moving alici. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Life In Argentina’s ‘Little School’ Prison Camp

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