Pithecellobium caribaeum Urban [family MIMOSACEAE ] (stored under name); Verified by Urb., Albizia caribaea Britton & Rose [family MIMOSACEAE ]. Plants of the Eastern Caribbean. Online Database (Beta). Home · About This Project · Help · Basic Search · Advanced Search · Contact Us · Sources · External . You are here: Home / Plant Details. Albizia niopoides (Spruce ex Benth.) Burkart var. niopoides. Family: Fabaceae. Synonyms: Albizia caribaea (Urban) Britton &.

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Click here for the Rare Hardwood Specimen List.

Orders are placed by visiting our retail store location in midtown Atlanta or by telephone, Larger orders are shipped by Common Carrier. Please contact us to check on inventory levels and availability. Carlton McLendon is well known around the world as the founding father of the Victorian reproduction furniture industry.


Even though he sold his operation in to retire, you can still alblzia his furniture actively sought after in the antiques markets today. After a short while he realized he didn’t like zlbizia retired and decided to share his knowledge of wood.

Carlton McLendon, Inc. :: Hardwoods

He naturally had active resources and made them available to the local craftsman and do-it-yourselfers. In Carlton decided to go full blast into the retail environment with the purchase of caribaaea historic building in midtown Atlanta. Only a few years later he bought the building next door to expand further.

We have grown with Atlanta and are proud and prospering in the same buildings for 40 years later. They may be reached albizla.

Search Hardwood Images Keywords: H Adina microcephala, Mutumi, South Africa.


H Aesculus californica, Buckeye, California. H Aesculus californica, California Buckeye-burl. H Aesculus glabra, Buckeye, Ohio.

H Afrormosia elata, Afrormosia, Africa. H Afzelia africana, Afzelia, Africa. H Afzelia xylocarpa, Afzelia, Laos.


SEINet Portal Network – Albizia

H Agathis borneensis, Bindang, Borneo, Malaysia. H Agava americana, Agave, France, Agavacees. H Agonandra obtusifolia, Mexico, Yucatan Carihaea. H Ailanthus altissima, Ailanthus. H Albizia canescens, Honshy, Japan, Australia.

H Albizia falcataria, Moluccana or Albizia–spalted, Indonesia. H Albizia lebbeck, Koko, Hawaii. H Albizia lebbeck, Koko, Hawaii 2. H Aleurites fordii, Tung-oil-tree, China, Mississippi.

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