Akai head rush e2 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai head rush e2 Operator’s Manual. View and Download Akai E1 Headrush reference manual online. Tap Delay/ Tape Echo Simulator/Looping Recorder. E1 Headrush Music Pedal pdf manual. More info on the Akai Headrush than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way!.

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For those who want to short it’s all good riffs but for others, big Pb. I like the delays, color, sounds fast and well, even in the studio, I use little echo, and I rarely use more than one outlet, I’d better explain the Camaguey everything. To live is IDAL.

Akai delivered on its promises, but the looper is still fairly simplistic compared to other options. Raccort the loop ,anual always perfect, not haedrush or anything, ask if there is not an elf in a box that would crossfader every time. Wonder what to tackle next.

It is easy to switch between Delay, Tape Echo or Looper, although you need to use your hands for this.

September 10, at Both of these pedals are awesome; together, I doubt that there is a better combo for an on stage pedal board. The looper is just great and is worth the price of admission on it’s own. The fast handling of this pedal also becomes apparent in function. Would it be possible for some amature like myself to identify a bad semiconductor?


Out of the three modes, this unit works seems to work best as a looper. A main, which couples the raw signal and the processed effect, and 4 others intended to simulate the passage on the heads as for tape echoes.

Overdubs and loops can be stretched by an extra 10 seconds in the Extend mode.

I have a roland rc for all my live looping akao. August 3, at The result is a relatively inexpensive and robust looper that works well for both live performances and home use, but also lacks many of the bells and whistles of the newer loopers on the market today.

It happened to me sometimes. What I think is a shame and what m requires it to keep for-7 for that.

User reviews: Akai Head Rush – Audiofanzine

I tried the Boss, but I like least, and then the H2 looks like a tank, it inspires confidence. Complaints by other users all the same. I used the delay, direct mode with tap tempo, to play alone or to the effects of “reggae” type. January 11, at This can be a cool effect in a song but a much yeadrush useable effect would be to undo and then redo the last recorded loop.

Got it, continue to print. There is one in, and five out.

Akai head rush e2 Operator’s Manual

April 8, at So basically you can do things without having to stop playing, including switching modes and changing delay tempo. Overall, it is worth it’s price just for the tape analog delay and digital delay, both for the ease of use and the customization abilities available.


Nothing to add, the others have said my place Note the filth that crept down onto the mode select pushbutton, and even the potentiometers:. The manual will guide you through most if not all your questions. Even with a schematic, the hourly rate for a tech to trace through and find the introduction of the hiss would probably cost more than a new unit. Thanks for the response.

For example, the E2 Headrush is fairly easy to use straight out of the box. I now have a workstation, so I couldn’t care less about the looper, although I did use it live once!!!

Also, a bug that bothers me if I touch his foot with ajai 2 buttons reading and rec at the same time it goes to the loop delay and I lose everything that is saved Almost everything is accessible using the two foot switches. The normal delay is what I prefer. Please note that this is just one example, so when you actually connect your devices, refer to the device’s operator’s manual.