On the short list of the most beautiful melody ever written is “Ah! Non credea mirarti” which occurs near the end of La Sonnambula. Chopin is. Ah! non credea mirarti. Sì presto estinto, o fiore; Passasti al par d’amore, Che un giorno solo. Che un giorno sol durò. Passasti al par d’amore Che un giorno. Page 1. Home page · Play mp3. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7 . Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page

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Vincenzo Bellini was born in Catania,Sicily and died before his 34th birthday outside of Paris. He was beautiful, delicate Heine described him as a sigh in pumpsand could write melodies of unsurpassed beauty. Everyone loved his melodies — Wagner, Verdi he said the melodies are long, long, longand Chopin who was influenced beyond measure by Bellini.

Chopin is said to have had it played for him on his deathbed. Sigismond Thalberg was one of the greatest piano virtuosos of the 19th century. He was nirarti for his fantasies on Italian opera. All of these have been recorded by the outstanding Italian player, Francesco Nicolosi. Fantasies or paraphrases of opera were very popular in the 19th century. With the advent of recordings in mirartii 20th century these piano works were seen as unnecessary or even vulgar and fell out of favor.


But now well into another century they seem, to me at least, valid and interesting.

La sonnambula (Bellini, Vincenzo) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Below are two versions of the aria. The first is sung by Maria Callas. Recorded in performance inthe diva was well past her vocal prime.

Callas Ah non credea mirarti. Callas had the role in her repertory. To bad, vocally she would have mirarrti wonderful in the part. Caballe Ah non credea mirarti. The words are below. The heroine is sleepwalking while she sings like a goddess. A summary of the story is here. The Met is doing the opera this season. It will be broadcast noon March 29, Diana Damrau will sing the title role. Now for Thalberg; his picture is above.

Ah Non Credea Mirarti – Bellini and Thalberg

His piece on the opera is called Grand Caprice on La Sonnambula. It runs a little more than 16 minutes. Here is the section of the fantasy based on the aria. Thalberg Ah non credea mirarti. In addition to Bellini, he wrote works devoted to operas by Rossini, Donizetti, and Verdi. Perhaps new life my tears will bring to you but no revive love my tears, o no, cannot.

O, inconceivable human thought a wave of contentment I am full: In my feelings I can hardly creddea you assure me, o my treasure darling. O, embrace me, and always together, always united in a single hope, of the world, we live in we will make a heaven of love.

I saw Anna Moffo sing this as the final work in a concert of extremely varied selections. Her singing was flawless throughout. Non of that edge you hear on her recordings. Anna even interpolated a huge, solid, high G in the calabetta.


Vincenzo Bellini – Ah, non credea mirarti Ah, non giunge lyrics + English translation

Some arias are fine wtih just a pretty voice, but this takes marvelous expression. It was quite a long concert. The lady was just amazing. Neil Kurtzman Comments and reviews of opera, music, and medicine. Home Bio About Archives. Share this article If you like this article, spread the word! Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. View October 30, Subscribe to the content on this blog: Recommend this site on Facebook: Twitter Feeds Follow Kurtzman on Twitter.

Around the World Twice. Recent Comments Mitchell Clay: It would of been nice if you would have referenced which fine art printers you were unhappy with.

The author was wrong from the start. Pavarotti will not ever achieve the status of As a teenager, I liked miirarti romances. But as I got older I wanted characters and situations more than one Your critique of his critique is a bit misleading. He has combined careers in clinical medicine, education, basic research, and administration for more than 30 years. Older posts and additional material Contact Email: