cation s own s. AECM Simplified. English. SE). t deals ith he anguage and riting tyle f he for ocumentation hat is ritten o the T civil aircra . ASD Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE), formerly known as AECMA Simplified English, is an international specification for writing. CONTROLLED LANGUAGE. ▷ AECMA Simplified English (SE). ▷ Attempto Controlled English. ▷ Alcatel’s COGRAM. ▷ IBM’s Easy English. ▷ GM’s CASL.

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ASD-STE Simplified Technical Englishor Simplified Englishis the original name of a controlled language specification originally developed for aerospace industry maintenance manuals.


It is a carefully limited and standardized subset of English. STE is regulated for use in the aerospace and defense industries, but other industries have used it ennglish a basis for their own controlled English standards. There skmplified also European airlines that had to translate parts of their maintenance documentation into other languages for their local mechanics.

Inafter an investigation into the different types of controlled languages that existed in other industries, the AECMA decided to produce its own controlled Aecmaa. Simplified Technical English is claimed [ by whom? However, these claims come mostly from those who have invested in developing it, implementing it or supporting it. In the absence of third-party endorsement or published scientific studies, such claims should be considered unconfirmed.

The Writing Rules differentiate between two types of topics: The Writing Rules also specify restrictions on grammar and style usage.

engoish For example, they require writers to:. The dictionary includes entries of both approved and unapproved words. The approved words can only be used according to their specified meaning. For example, the word “close” can only be used in one of two meanings:.


The verb can express close a door or close a circuitbut cannot be used in other senses for example to close the meeting or to close a business.

The adjective “close” appears in the Dictionary as an unapproved simplifed with the suggested approved alternative “near”. So STE does not allow do not go close to the landing gearbut it does allow do not go near the landing gear. In addition to basic STE vocabulary listed in the Dictionary, Section 1, Wordsgives explicit guidelines for adding technical names and technical verbs that writers need to describe technical information.

For example, words or phrases such as overhead panelgreasepropellerto reamand to drill are not listed in the Englizh, but enylish as approved terms under the guidelines in Part 1, Section 1 specifically, Writing Rules 1.

Simplified English is sometimes used as a generic term for a controlled language.

The aerospace and defense standard started as an industry-regulated writing standard for aerospace maintenance documentation, but has become mandatory for an increasing number of military land vehicle, sea vehicle and weapons programs as well.

Although it was not intended for use as a general writing standard, it has been successfully adopted by other industries and for a wide range of document types. It also contains a dictionary of approx.

Writers are given guidelines for adding technical names and technical verbs to their documentation. STE is mandated by several commercial and military specifications that control the style and content of maintenance documentation, most notably ASD SD.

ASD-STE100, Simplified Technical English for aerospace and defense

Boeing has developed a Simplified English Checker to assist during development. The linguistic-based checker uses a sophisticated rule English grammar and parser, which is augmented with special functions that check for violations of the Simplified English standard.


HyperSTE is a plugin tool offered by Etteplan to check content for adherence to the rules and grammar of the specification. Over 3, copies of Issue 6 of the specification were distributed. This standard is released every 3 years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other simplified forms of English, see Simple English. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Fnglish material may be challenged and removed.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. English portal Constructed languages portal. Check date values in: I’d Rather be Writing. Word lists by frequency and number of words. Academic Word List Dialects and accents of Modern English by continent.

ASD-STE official home page

Varieties by geographic location. Abercraf Cardiff Gower Port Talbot. Northern Ireland Scotland Scottish Highlands.

Dublin South and West Ulster. Bermuda Falkland Islands Guyana. Retrieved from ” https: English language Technical communication Controlled natural languages Simplified languages Controlled English English for specific purposes.

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