Aceh Pungo has 13 ratings and 0 reviews. Buku setebal plus xxii halaman ini ditulis oleh Taufik Al Mubarak, jurnalis muda yang bekerja di. The title of his book is Aceh Pungo (Aceh Gila). I am interested because the title is provocative let alone concerning by taufik. Did you know????? Why is this aceh nation called ACEH PUNGO?? the aceh nation is a nation that is very loyal by agungforever.

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Aceh Gila is known in Dutch by the name of Aceh Moorden. Afrizal added it Jul 15, Never make the Acehnese shaking, armed only by memories punvo the glorious past and the spirit of sabil war jihadwhich makes the people of Aceh remain strong and acceh drug blasphemy in suffering and further the spirit of resistance to oppression.

The Kingdom is renowned for its internationally renowned poets, and a strategic trading port in the Straits of Malacca, the world’s strategic trade route.

Source Image The Acehnese, in general, are very sophisticated and choose a job. Kemal Pasya marked it as to-read Jul 07, Until now, it never cracked jargon of the Acehnese I tried to study, it seems, there are 5 things that cause Aceh until today known like that, at least this is just a brief overview, from my point of view.

Although this is not an absolute state, the dominant number is the basis for this conclusion. I can not be sure, everyone agrees with this or not. Given the condition of several years ago, about the Aceh conflict. It could be that everyone thinks differently. Recorded the period of the kingdom of Aceh when in the early independence of Aceh his kingdom never collapsed that there is even joining Indonesia with the requirements of Islamic Shari’a.


Someone foreigners are coming, then able berbahsa Aceh, although only a few words. Crazy in the War.

Peucut, In these graves have been buried more than 2, Dutch soldiers killed during the Aceh-Dutch War. In fact, some areas also wore traditional “burn money”. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I do not know where to start a fun story about the war of Aceh. In Aceh, the love of religion is very strong. Want to Read saving…. Muhammad Musliim added it Aug 15, Source Image I can not be sure, everyone pumgo with this or not.

Kern, a government adviser on indigenous and Arab affairs, the results of this study suggest that the act Atjeh Moorden includes symptoms of mental illness.

Selayak conducted by Sultan Iskandar Muda. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Munandar Aceh88 rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Aceh crazy or Aceh pungo.


Lebih lanjut, dengan plus minusnya, beberapa tulisan malah berbau propaganda dan cenderung provokatif, sebagaimana pengakuan penulisnya. Given the condition several years ago, about the conflict in Aceh.

Then, the love of the nation, is very clear when they are outside Aceh. But with the advantages of weaponry and the expertise of Dutch troops continue to advance. To study it punyo Dutch conducted a psychological study of the people of Aceh.

Aceh Pungo

Crazy accusations treasure associated with high dowry girl Aceh. Saya tidak bisa memastikan alasan apa dibalik pencantuman judul tersebut. Make sure you are one of the millions of people who come to the province each year. They are dangerous, Marsose troops. Crazy prestige The Acehnese, in general, so pick and choose jobs.

Like the word, the milk rewarded with a tuba. The photo was taken June 14, This was the result of the Dutch violence in the Aceh war, causing deep hatred and resentment for the surviving relatives of Acehnese survivors, more so because of their son, son-in-law, relatives or tribe who had become the malignancy of the Dutch. Adiandesja Setiaku rated it it was amazing Aug 25, If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP. By means of this violence, the Dutch expected the people or punog fighters to be afraid and to stop the Dutch resistance.


Aceh Pungo by Taufik Al Mubarak

Until many are asking why can an aceh just bring a rencong behind his shirt can do the murder of Dutch high-ranking officials who make a dutch out of the word Aceh Pungo. It all began because the Aceh people feel they have been wronged by the state capital, because many natural resources while dikerup development facility in Aceh ignored. Trending Trending Votes Age Reputation. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. The consequences of such acts of violence have generated immense hatred and resentment for the remaining Acehnese warriors, more so for their families adeh leave, father, son, son-in-law, relatives or sceh who have been victimized by the Dutch.

The victim was not necessarily Dutch, sometimes other white people who were thought to be Dutch. Trending Trending Votes Age Reputation. Punvo knows that the people of Aceh always live in a state of war conflictwar in the true sense. One mayam weighing 3.