So I filled out that weeks timesheet for RH 40 hours, holding appx 13hrs off. Then worked Saturday hrs, Monday, 13hrs & Tuesday, manager returns, I only. Search CareerBuilder for Timesheet Jobs and browse our platform. Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you. Search CareerBuilder for Timesheet Processor Jobs and browse our platform. Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you.

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Jobless in Georgia in Riverdale, Georgia. I did find out that they do get paid something for registering people. Do they find you work? They don’t care because they are making money off of everyone they have listed as active. Jane Doe Smith in Arlington, Texas. Jobless in Georgia in Riverdale, Georgia said: Azi in Los Angeles, California.

Karen in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Why do you post jobs that don’t exist? Why can’t you return emails? Why can’t you return phone calls. Would love to know who manages you. Where did you go to Rude school!

How can they keep the likes of accokntemps One thing that really annoys me about accountemps is that when I call them and ask to speak with a specific person I get the same “May Accountemps ask who is calling? I leave a message and never get a callback. Plus, I called 3 times in a day and they seemed annoyed because I kept giving them my name when they said “May I ask who is calling?

I would like to know how much crack that person was taking! How long are employers going to keep hiring Robert Half for their staffing needs. I hope alot of employers read this. You get great qualified candidates with Accounting degrees, who are hard working individuals through Accountemps. Then of all things they treat us like pure crap. Rude is a good word for them. No manners and the lack of professionalism is uncanning.

Robert Half is bigger than a joke – Accountemps Jobs |

We work for them because like everyone in this country we need a job. Once you get into a temp role with them forget the permanent side helping you look for a job, it just doesn’t happen.

I have never in my life worked for a recruiter this horrible. I am still on assignment with them, but never again. If anyone knows of a way to contact the investors or top management of this company please let me know. I really cannot stand working for them in Oklahoma Citybut it sounds like all of the recruiters go to the same school of rudeness. Mary in Marietta, Georgia. I was going to register with this agency today but canceled and promised to reschedule. However, I stumbled upon this site by accident and I’m glad I did.

The comments have been very helpful. One thing though, what type of test do they give? KH in Northfield, Minnesota. I think most of the comments on this page are motivated by emotion. I took approximately the same tests with Spherion, Prostaff and Officeteam.


Accountemps – payroll – Accountemps Jobs |

Prostaff called about one job, but I couldn’t do that one. Officeteam has placed me several times, and each experience has been good. The general job situation right now is, of course, quite difficult, but there are still placements occurring. One thing the temp agencies really seem to rely on is the employee making contact on a pretty regular basis. I’ve not been great on that.

Also-mentioned earlier was the last employer reference. That would be important to any employer, and is quite reasonable. As long as you are a good employee, there really should be no problem with it. Jen in Jersey City, New Jersey. Phoenix Female in Glendale, Arizona said: Yeah, what’s with the “last employer contact”? That’s all my recruiter seemed to want. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understantd the fact that leaving my last place of employment might not get me a terrific reference, even though it was on decent terms.

Aside from that, prior employers are bound by law not to provide certain information regarding your employment, primarily negative comments. Why is RHI so intent on getting this information? I offered the recruiter 5 reference letters from prior employers and she didn’t seem to really want them nor was she interested in a thorough interview.

I felt I got the bum’s rush, even though my test scores were “very impressive” to hear her tell it. I used to work for the evil empire, and I can tell you that the only reason they want your most recent employer, is because they want to call that supervisor to try and get job orders, ie; if they place you with one of their current clients, they get a bonus, and if they magically call the client that has unexpectedly lost an employee you then they can get the replacement fill, or at least a foot in the door Lara in Conroe, Texas.

Robert Half is bigger than a joke

Tony George in Vancouver, Washington said: The staffing accountekps raved about the place I was being placed at, what a great place it was. Shortly after I started I found out from the other workers that the temp. Long story short the employer liked my work and offered me a permanent position after 90 days.

About 2 weeks later I found out why they had gone through so many people- I was subjected to verbal abuse by the owners daughter who happened to be the CFO.

Funny she was sweet as pie while I was still a “temp” accountwmps the staffing payroll. But she revealed her true face when I was on her payroll. This is not an example to support your accountdmps regarding temp agencies. This supports an example regarding what is hidden by the agency’s customer. This scenario is old.

You could also have cut out the middle man and get hired directly so that you could enjoy the abuse sooner. I had an agency send me on an interview for a temp job which I didn’t take because I got a better offer.

Accountemps – payroll

When my better job ended 6 tinesheet later the agency told me the same temp job was still open and that several people had been in the job since I interviewed. I voiced my concern that there must be some problem with the client but she insisted everyone had a legit reason for leaving and that wasn’t the case.


Another agency sent me on an assignment where the supervisor laid low for the first couple weeks and then became an abusive b Because the client badmouthed me the agency never wccountemps me on another assignment even though the agency knows other candidates were treated the same by the b Musiqsongbyrd in Atlanta, Georgia. I was new to the Atlanta area so I signed up with Accountemps I was told by my recruiter it would be “tomorrow” Not even a call from my recruiter with details.

So, when I finally accoubtemps her I would ti,esheet starting later this week. I was told I would receive a call with my official start date and time And the only way I received this information is because I had accountempz keep calling my recruiter. She did not even have the professional decency to give me updates! I get a call For an entirely different position.

But, I was told I was going to work! I was there a total of about 20 mins after an hour commute, while under the assumption I would be working billable hours. So, I call the recruiter, and fimesheet tells me.

Oh, and lets not forget the fact that when I was told about the position I was given one salary, and “after” I accepted I accountempx told she made a mistake with the salary.

Duped in San Francisco, California. Some ttimesheet Manager” in San Jose, CA randomly calls me an hour and a half before an interview I had set up 3 weeks prior, and starts shoveling her high pressure, “I have an employer that’s looking for someone with exactly your qualifications to hire immediately! No matter I have an interview in less than two hours, and she wanted me to drive an hour and a half acocuntemps “complete their paperwork” so I could start in 2 days.

Dumb me, I indulged her the following Tuesday as requested. Fell for their BS temporarily until 10 days had passed, and the only contact made was from my end Hey little lady, a little friendly advice, don’t make your company look bad by: It reflects very poorly on your entire firm to those of us that actually have managed hundreds of employees both internationally and here in the US.

Go back to finnishing school. Learn some professional manners, and at least try to display some integrity, as a favor to the managers above you that unwisely entrust their firm’s reputation to you.

Mgmt, maybe you need me to tiemsheet you a true asset in your SJ office, before Kim last name reminds me of a “Friendly Ghost”