Acacia retinodes is an evergreen Tree growing to 6 m (19ft 8in). It is hardy to zone (UK) 8. It is in leaf all year, in flower from February to August. The species is . Water wattle (Acacia retinodes) is a small tree native to Australia. It is cultivated as an ornamental tree in warmer parts of the world. It is known. Acacia Retinodes from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy – Information : narrow willow leaves, lime tolerant. Flowers intermittently all year.

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Informations on Acacia retinodes has been recorded for the following locations. Some plants from western Kangaroo Island have an erect spindly habit, large leathery phyllodes eetinoides up to four glands, and more pruinose branchlets and pods. Bushy or open shrub or tree 6—8 m high. Heads normally 18—flowered, cream, pale yellow or golden.

Acacia retinodes – WATTLE

Acacia floribunda sensu auct. Some information cannot be used for commercial reasons or be modified but some can. You can unsubscribe at anytime. Camus Acacia retinodesSchltdl.


Phyllodes typically narrowly oblanceolate, mostly 6—16 cm long, 3—12 retinoidrs mm wide, green to grey-green, not pruinose, crowded on branchlets; gland 0—3 —7 mm above pulvinus. Views Read Edit View history. Spooner AD ; Mt. Acacia retinoideSchltr. Most specimens referable to A.

Sheldon Navie immature fruit Photo: Pods 5—7 —8 mm wide. Sheldon Navie smooth greyish-brown bark on younger trunk Photo: Branchlets sometimes retinoiides, often angled or flattened, glabrous, sometimes lightly pruinose.

Weeds of Australia – Biosecurity Queensland Edition Fact Sheet

All plant pages have their own unique code. Camus Acacia retinodes Schltdl.

Wikispecies has information related to Acacia retinodes. Simmons illustration – var.

Acacia retinodes Swamp Wattle, Water wattle PFAF Plant Database

Evergreen – bluish-green leaves cm in long. Australia 2nd edn, Swamp Wattle, Water wattle. Rich in pollen, they are often used in fritters. This species has become locally naturalised near Mt Gambier, south eastern S. LynchConserv. Water wattle Acacia retinodes is a small tree native to Australia.

This Australian rosid article is a stub.

ACACIA retinodes

It is now a handsome specimen some 2 meters high. Restricted to the Mt Lofty Ranges, S. Items you may also need The control methods referred to in this fact sheet should be used in accordance with the restrictions federal and state legislation, and local government laws directly or indirectly related to each control method. Pods 5—11 mm wide. Mueller illustration – var.


While wirilda wattle Acacia retinodes var. Acacia retinodes Scientific classification Kingdom: Unfortunately we then had to change our septic tank system and the tree is now some 3 meters away from the tanks and the necessary pipework. As soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle, prick them out retinoises individual pots and grow them on in a sunny position in the greenhouse for their first winter.

These new regulations will imply to inspections of the horticultural sector e. Hybrids between the two variants of var. Click on the name for additional informations.

Yarra Bend Park in suburban Melbourne. May be hardy elsewhere with wall shelter or good micro-climate. Fertile well drained soil. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Acacia retinodes.