Aaron Allston’s Strike Force, Columbia. likes · 2 talking about this. A superhero RPG setting and campaign book for HERO System, Savage Worlds. High Rock Press is raising funds for Aaron Allston’s Strike Force on Kickstarter! Help to create a new edition of Aaron Allston’s classic. From the back of the book: From one of the best-known Champions campaigns comes Aaron Allston’s Strike Force – a supplement chock-full of heroes, villains.

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A superhero setting like no other. A role-playing game campaign book that includes techniques and lessons from dtrike 22 years of play. LongChampions Villains. InAaron Allston released Strike Force, a supplement detailing the first eight years of his superhero campaign. Noted for its extensive and highly-influential advice to gamemasters on how to run a long-term campaign, Strike Force was a landmark RPG publication.

We are now working to release an updated version of this classic book for the 21st Century. Aaron himself was designing this new edition of Strike Force before his untimely death, and we want to bring his work to life as a monument to Aaron’s lasting influence on the RPG hobby. Strike Force was the first superhero campaign guide. It provided game masters with information on how to run a memorable and long-lasting campaign using all the great themes and tropes of comic book’s best and most classic storylines.

Principal writing has been completed and a WIP draft will be immediately available to backers! Preliminary artwork has been received, and we’re in the process of laying out the book.

However, we’d really like to be able to upgrade the artwork that is going allstoh the project. We’ve got top-tier artists lined up to work with us, and we want to compensate them to the best of our ability–and that is why we need your help to reach our funding goal.

As things currently stand, High Rock Press and Evil Beagle Games cannot afford to purchase enough artwork to bring this up to the quality that we think is necessary allaton a historic RPG setting of this caliber.

With a successful crowd funding campaign, we can use our artistic contacts to make a world-class product–worthy of Aaron Allston’s talent.

The initial funding goal includes the costs for artwork, graphic design, promotional materials, and assorted miscellaneous fees. We plan to produce the core book as a PDF and as a limited print run. Aaron Allston’s Strike Force is a page, 8.

The PDF document will make use of PDF layer functionality so that graphic elements can be turned off to print more economically.

But, every one of those thirty thousand started their own band. We’re focused on producing the best possible gaming experience that we can for our backers. Stretch goal books are certain to require additional time for completion. The time frame on those is going to vary based upon the number of stretch goals achieved, the number of creators involved, and sundry other factors. We aim to have everything done by Summer ofbut in the interests of full disclosure, it is possible that things could become delayed if the workload exceeds our expectations.

You have the option of having your name, your characters name, or your company name included in a special thanks section of the PDF. In addition, you receive an electronic copy of the Hero Lab and Hero Designer files for the Strike Force characters and villains!


Aaron Allston’s Strike Force | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Additionally, you will receive a special Strike Force adventure written by Michael Surbrook based on one of Aaron’s ideas 2, wordsand will be given access to a special one-hour character creation seminar hosted by him over Skype. Finally, you will receive access to the Strike Force Sketchbook: This book is signed by all of the core creative team! You still receive a normal numbered copy signed by the core creative team as well. Backers at this level also receive a physical copy of the Strike Force Anthology if that stretch goal is unlocked Limited to 1.

Just send a message to High Rock Press with your preference of reward. Backers at this level also receive a physical copy of the Strike Force Anthology if that stretch goal is unlocked You may select one option from any of the following:. Backers at this level also receive a physical copy of the Strike Force Anthology if that stretch goal is unlocked Limited to 5. Backers at this level also receive a physical copy of the Strike Force Anthology if that stretch goal is unlocked Limited to 3.

Edited and organized by co-author Michael Surbrook, it will include an introduction and an index to this vast collection of newsletters, artwork, blue books, character sheets, notes, and other materials.

Hero Designer is all you need to start creating, printing, and sharing characters for your games, and the Strike Force Character Pack–containing 31 different character sheets of the team’s heroes and villains–will allow you customize the characters in the book to suit the needs of your individual campaign! This gives you the files for all the heroes and villains a total of 31 different character sheets!

This original version of Strike Force is a piece of gaming history!

Making an add-on purchases is pretty straightforward. Just click on the green and white “Manage My Pledge” button. Then, don’t change your reward selection, but increase the amount you’re backing by the price of the add-ons that you’d like to include.

Next, send a message to High Rock Press indicating which Add-on s you would like! Every folder, every file, revealed new treasures. If we unlock this level, we will print Strike Force in full, glorious color! We’ll also commission new artwork from aaorn artists dedicated to visually updating the setting for the 21st Century! If we unlock this level, we will print Strike Force in hardcover as well as in color! If we unlock this level, we will publish a Strike Force fiction collection containing short stories set awron that universe!

This Strike Force Anthology includes original unpublished work by Aaron himself. It will be roughly pages. If we unlock this level, we will publish an updated version of Aaron Allston’s classic Champions supplement The Circle, detailing a venerable school of superhero sorcery! If allsyon unlock this level, we will publish an updated version of Aaron Allston’s classic Champions supplement M. E, detailing the Metropolitan Extra-Terrestrial Enclave, a traveler’s aid society forc alien visitors.

Additionally, a limited run of copies of a physical book comprised of The Blood, The Circle, and M. E will be made available for purchase to backers!

Struke showed me how a campaign could be more than a series of adventures.

I’ve read other advice on campaigning and written some toobut Aaron Allston’s detailed example and explanation of how he built and ran a campaign was more instructive than all that advice put together.

My players and I had fun. Ross Watson is an award-winning game designer with more than 60 RPG books under his belt, many as Lead Developer for the Warhammer 40, Roleplay line. He was the lead writer for several video games, including Darksiders II, Warhammer 40, Regicide, and Battlefleet Gothic: Edge of the Empire, and Savage Worlds. Walters is an author, essayist, and publisher best known for running Indie Press Revolution IPRa distributor of micro-published roleplaying games.


He is also one of a small group of investors that purchased Allzton Games inand serves as its CEO.


Michael Surbrook has been developing games professionally since Denis Loubet has been creating artwork for games since the early 80s. Now he seeks to work directly for his fans through his Atrike campaign. Denis is one of the original players of the Strike Force game run by Aaron Allston.

Denis also illustrated the legendary edition of Strike Force. He has a patreon page where he showcases his newest art projects. Sean is the Brand Manager for Savage Rifts. Sean is a contributing writer for Aaron Allston’s Strike Force. A few years after having Aaron Allston autograph his treasured copy of Strike Force at GenConSteve began aaeon professionally in the tabletop game industry.

He maintains a website and blog at stevekenson. Steve is a contributing writer for Aaron Allston’s Strike Force. All of us are bringing our combined creativity, experience, and passion to the project. Please be aware that we have been blogging about Aaron Allston’s Strike Force for a little while now. If you need more information about the book, please take a look through our blog entries. By all means, get a handle on the material before you pledge. We also post links to new updates on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Atrike demonstrated how to engage the players and manage the campaign beyond the table, guidance which now echoes throughout the GM sections of games today. Aaron and his friends played this single campaign for a period of time rivaling the lifespan of Alexander the Great, drilling down to a depth of heroic complexity that rivaled the Iliad.

Walters, Lucha Libre Hero. The first 18 pages of Strike Force should be required reading for any superhero genre GM. Add in a large group of amazingly creative supers and beautiful art by Denis Loubet and you have a masterpiece.

I only wish I could have shaken Aaron’s hand and told him how much Strike Force improved my Champions campaigns over the years. Aaron Allston was the first RPG blogger. Dude just didn’t have a blog. Want allstin hear even more about the importance of Strike Force to the history of roleplaying games?

I’ve published a lot of books over the years, a bunch of them here on Kickstarter! Four successful ones under Hero Games, four successful ones under Blackwyrm Publishing, and two So we know that crowdfunding projects are hard and a lot can go wrong.

Aaron Allston’s Strike Force Strikes Back In A New Edition

Artists don’t turn work in, budgets don’t work out, printers make mistakes. The stories I could tell you Fortunately, everyone involved in the Strike Force project is a veteran game publisher or designer. We’ll get it done. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. You have the option of including your name in a special thanks section of the PDF.