Title, A um Deus desconhecido. Colecção “Livros de bôlso Europa-América.” Author, John Steinbeck. Publisher, Publicações Europa-América, John Steinbeck’s friend Ed Ricketts, a marine biologist who wrote Sea of Cortez with Steinbeck. The character Doc in Cannery Row and Sweet Thursday was. To a God Unknown é um livro do escritor estadunidense John Steinbeck. Foi publicado em Em Portugal foi editado pelas edições “Livros do Brasil” com o título de “A um Deus Desconhecido”.

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Alison Smallwood A young man leaves the family farm to start out on his own in California and is soon joined by his siblings and their families due to the fertile …more A young man leaves the family farm to start out on his own in California and is soon joined by his siblings and their families due to the fertile soils. While To a God Unknown never comments on the Depression, and is set a couple decades earlier, it is imbued with some kind of recognition of it.

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In questo, al contrario, sembra che i personaggi siano accessori dell’ambiente. I do trust John Steinbeck, so I stuck around until the end.

Volete venire in chiesa per guarire la vostra anima? Now don’t get me wrong — it is still in an entirely different league than the pulpy kind of gar Although it runs only pages compare that to East of Eden at pages steiinbeck, To a God Unknown was the project which took Steinbeck the longest to complete.

We have the benefit of hindsight to know that it all turned out well in the end, but for the young author he had no way of knowing that he would ever succeed. Can anyone give me a brief summary no spoilers please! What prevents me from giving this book a higher rating is that, in the scope of Steinbeck’s literary career, it is not very impressive.


To a God Unknown – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

His effect is the only evidence of his life. He’s not the writer or person America’s history has made him. The things I liked johj Perhaps the rush was his developing skill as a writer, as some theorize; perhaps it was a cathartic release. According to one critical article I read, he wrote descpnhecido book under the influence of Joseph Campbell. Nevertheless, what steinbekc me from giving this book a im rating is that it remains a thoughtful, intriguing, and insightful piece on the nature of man’s relationship to the land and to God.

The characters around him conclude that this is because he is more like a “man god” than they are. I feel that the obvious casting of Joseph as multiple Biblical figures, shifting roles from Moses to Abraham to Issac to Elijah to Christ, would only work by presenting the archetype immediately and not letting it slowly simmer into being, as Steinbeck often does in other books. Just play creepy music in the background and nearly all the scenes will take on a menacing tone. There are few 20th century writers who speak to me in quite the same way as does Steinbeck.

View all 6 comments. There are considerable parallels between the protagonist and the patriarch Joseph from the Old Testament, although it’s not a Biblical allegory by any means. He respects them, tames tham and inflicts them pain and death as if his soul and theirs was as one. The protagonist is grafted by his creator to the land, and Steinbeck is an avid guide, reading the topography and its changes like a mood-ring, drafting his American rustics to rise and fall depending.

Even the most casual fan knows that Steinbeck’s books generally take place in the Salinas region of California, and that his works are populated by the most common of people. This story also took dark turns at almost every chance it got. The result is a consistently present irony.

A few lines that were noteworthy. Steinbeck grew up in the Salinas Valley region of California, a culturally diverse place of rich migratory and immigrant history. The main idea — to mu I agree — is that God is a personal entity to each one of us, and you can find it in whatever brings you comfort and peace, without the need of a logical explanation.


A um Deus Desconhecido

I’ve always felt that where Hemingway’s words can fall steinbwck and his stories are full of life, Steinbeck’s words are irresistibly magnetic while his stories are devoid of life. Steinbeck’s dialogue, at this point in his life, was not as strong. Nov 12, Dolors rated it really liked it Recommended to Dolors by: Ci sono molte troppe? It was only his second full-length novel, and he worked on it over a period of five years, nearly scrapping it on more than one occasion. To a God Unknown sprang out of a play that one of Steinbeck’s friends had written in college.

A um Deus Desconhecido by John Steinbeck (3 star ratings)

Return desconecido Book Page. All of the wonderful elements of a Steinbeck book are already there: Those around him know less about themselves and the world rather than more. A beautiful treaty on religious tolerance, in a time in which being different means a threat. In a somewhat puzzling but satisfying ending, the clock ticks backwards, and drawing from paganism the symbolic rock and ritual ceremony bloodman proves that he is indeed nature itself.

This upbringing imparted a regionalistic flavor to his writing, giving many of his works a distinct sense of place.

This early in his literary career, Steinbeck wanted to johb about archetypes and heroes rather than about the ordinary people whose lives he evoked with such skill in The Grapes of WrathOf Mice and Men and Cannery Row.