I didn’t much care for the version of Stockhausen’s Mantra that Xenia Pestova, Pascal Meyer and Jan Panis issued via Naxos in True enough, Mantra is a . As “Mantra” begins you immediately feel that this is much more than any kind of piano duo that you’ve heard before, and at this point I’m strictly speaking in terms . Stockhausen – Mantra – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online .

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Whether you want to see what we think of today’s latest releases or discover what our critics thought of your favourite recordings from the past, stockhauwen will find it all in our full-searchable Reviews Database.

In formula composition Stockhausen found a way to let a musical miniature provide the framework, allowing for different ways of realizing the music.

Descending chromatic stockhauesn The vocals of index 20, by Alfons and Aloys Kontarskyare also scored and required. Admittedly there are a few tables in the analysis below, which at first don’t seem to add much to the listening experience.

Irregular Repetition Morse Code C At times the ring modulation controls are also manipulated to create vibrato and glissando effects. The first pianist presents the upper thirteen pitches of the mantra in succession, and the second pianist the lower thirteen pitches, the mantra-mirror.

It consists of a microphone amplifier with three microphone inputs, a compressor, a filter, a ring modulator, a scaled sine-wave generator, and a volume control. A thing that at first was a mystery to me concerned the sounds that do not appear to stem from the pianos. Stockhausen later recalled that this was early in September Cott—23but the sketch is in fact dated 26 February Conen59— The 13 notes of the mantra’s upper voice form a tone row where the 13th note returns to the first note A.

Though this mantra recurs constantly, the structure of the composition is not a theme and variations as found in classical composers such as Beethoven and Bach, because the material is stockhauaen varied, only expanded and contracted both in duration and in pitch to different degrees; not a single note is ever added, it is never “accompanied” or embellished Stockhausen He composed in his hotel room for three hours each morning, before heading for the German pavilion of the World Fair EXPO 70 and the spherical auditorium where stocknausen performed his music.


TrillingSforzando One other technique to create a great variety of MANTRAs was that Stockhausen would sometimes enforce the rhythm of one phrase on another phrase, filling in any missing notes with repetition or grace notes. This effect can cause timbral “roughness”, distortion, or even transpose the pitch itself or all 3. The formula permeates at different speeds and rates; at the stockhauswn subterranean level, the 13 notes transform electronically, the arrival of each new note heralding a new section.

Compositions by Karlheinz Stockhausen.


Drone; Two Fragments from Acolypse; Water. It was the way that Stockhausen would compose for the rest of his life, and his enormous opera cycle Licht would be based on it. It was composed in and premiered in autumn of mantraa same year in Donaueschingen.

List of compositions by Karlheinz Stockhausen Category: In his catalogue of works, the composer designated it as work number Mantra is a composition by the German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen.

The playing cuts through with knockout physicality; the sense that you are been shown multiple sides of an object that is perpetually evolving, spinning in and out of control, is secure. Depending on the intervallic distance of the other mantra pitches from the mirror pitch of the ring atockhausen, the modulated notes sound more or less dissonant, and have spectra unlike the piano minor seconds, minor ninths and major sevenths produce the most dissonant modulator sounds, octaves and fifths the most consonant.


During an automobile trip from Madison, Connecticut to Boston, a melody came to Stockhausen, along with the idea of expanding such a musical figure over a very long period of time—fifty or sixty minutes.

However as indicated before, these Expansions are not single-threaded, they are actually played on top of each other, creating up to 3 simultaneous voices: Chord accented D 7. I have no idea if this video below is appropriate in a.

Top row indicates the 13 sections, 1st column indicates the 12 subdivisions in each section.

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Edition No Mantra

To this end, each of the pianists has an apparatus at his left into which a microphone amplifier, a mantrz, a filter, a ring modulator, a scaled sine-wave generator and a volume control have been built. And this trio succeed precisely where that overly bureaucratic Naxos version falls down. On the other hand, Stockhausen has been described as being unhappy with the “dilettantish interpretations” he was getting from his players.

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The other mantra pitches sound “dissonant” to varying degrees, and differ also from a normal piano to varying degrees in their timbre. Toggle Navigation 0 items. Huber Alden Jenks David C. Behind each piano stand loudspeakers, which project the modulated sound simultaneously with the played sound.

The piano sounds are amplified by two microphones and ring modulated by sine-waves. There is an aura around stockbausen tone rising out of the doubled keyboards, and the aura flutters and bulges, breaking the waves mntra the sound into millions of little glistenings, in a stpckhausen luster diffusing out of the core tone, three-dimensionally. Stockhausen explains it in detail in the CD booklet: This work involves the expansion and contraction of a counterpointed pair of melodieswhich the composer calls a “formula” Stockhausen3 and 6.

Each part of the mantra is reflecting itself, mirror-like, upside down, stretched, compressed, twisted. The Naxos version suffered from a narrow bandwidth of dynamics; here the opening woodblock crack, with its accompanying brouhaha of piano turbulence, hits you between the eyes.

After the 13th and last “Arpeggio-Connection”-themed large section, MANTRA does a hyper-fast compressed melodic “revue”, followed by one last statement of the formula. Newer Post Older Post Home. Roman numerals in column 3 indicate which pianist plays the cymbals. Zeccola Only the words of the Professor are reprinted here: In addition to its articulative characteristic, each sstockhausen the thirteen notes is assigned a particular dynamic, in approximate inverse proportion to its duration—that is, the softer a note’s dynamic is, the longer is its duration.

Each of the 13 notes of the mantra has an attached characteristic, or “pitch form” Cott; Stockhausen4 ; the 13 notes of the upper voice have in order the following characteristics:.

Dorothy Ashby Dorothy Ashby.