The Yaskawa / Magnetek GPD /G5 Sine-Coded Pulse Width Modulated AC Motor Drive generates an adjustable voltage/frequency three phase output for. TTThhhooommmpppsssooonnn CCCooo RRReeellleeeaaassseeeddd /// /// 2. Magnetek GPD AC Drive Start Up and Adjustment Guide. Magnetek G5 GPD | Drives | NEW IN STOCK | CALL or Click for Quote.

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Setting Description 0 Disabled 1 Enabled 5. Apply power to the controller. Energy Saving Operation A multi-function input must be used to command energy saving operation. When OC or UV occurs during deceleration.

Disconnect the two scope channels, and reconnect them to pins B and I. Set the control method of the drive to Flux Vector Set Magnetwk to 3.

Selects forward or reverse operation. The display will read: L has been exceeded initial value: For the motor cables, a screened cable max.

Only the parameters entered into A 2 – 0 1 through A 2 – 3 2 will be available for monitoring and modifying if Gd 1 – 0 1 is then set to “1”.

EMS Yaskawa G5 Magnetek GPD 515

Low frequency OL2 disabled 1: Connect output conduit armored cable or shielded cable in a manner that allows it to act as an unbroken shield from the drive panel to the motor casing.

Speed Search Selection Continued Factory setting: If the display is not in English, go to section 2. A blinking “Alarm” indication is a warning that a drive trouble condition will soon occur, or that a programming error has been made.


This feature does not actually eliminate the selected frequency values, but will accelerate and decelerate the motor through the prohibited bandwidth. Wire sizes should be determined considering the voltage drop. Unless coast to stop operation has been selected by programming of b 1 – 0 3the motor decelerates, at the rate corresponding to the preset decel time C 1 – 0 2to a stop.

If Auto Reference is less than Fmax E 1 – 0 4 x. If the operator changes the display, then d 1 – 0 1 will also be changed. Image not available Photos not available for this variation. Disabled if the drive is programmed to use an external JOG input. The drive will change to Program mode.

Yaskawa Magnetek GPD Gpdc-b Spec 40p71f 2 HP Drive 3ph v | eBay

M Short circuit on drive output terminals Very low impedance on output of drive. Throughout this gps, the following. Check the drive and motor capacities. Details in the programming but it was very valuable to help and support us very fast. Thank you very much. It works whether the PID controller output is positive or negative. A Quick Reference For Overtorque Detection A contact, or two open collector outputs, can be programmed to change states during an overtorque detection condition.

I found your company on line ,the sinumeric PCU50 was an obsolete part from the machine manufacturer so we where dead in the waterafter speaking to Joe he was very helpful and knowledgeable, he knew what we needed and the part was in stock newmagnetrk he also gave me some more economic options to choose fromi opted for the new unit and they shipped it the same day.

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The cable must be kept as short as possible and the metal plate should be securely grounded.

The L 2 – 0 3 setting should represent magnftek time required for the motor residual voltage to go to zero. Discover the power of e-learning!

It should be the manual reset type to prevent automatic restart following a motor fault and subsequent contact reclosure after cool down. Operation Selection at Speed Deviation Factory setting: Subtract this number from 60 to get the correct value.

Coast to Stop 2: The stop mode, and therefore the fault type alarm, minor or majoris selectable. Frequency Reference Mavnetek Factory setting: Easy to configure – The More information. When enabled data ” 1 “the reference loss detection compares the change in reference with respect to time.

When zero-servo is enabled, and the actual speed is less than the DC Injection Start Frequency b 2 – 0 1the shaft position is maintained by monitoring the PG feedback pulses, and correcting the position error. Table describes 14 other preset patterns, one of which may be better suited magneetek your specific application and load characteristics.

During zero-servo, the multi-function output will be closed ON until the number set into b 9 – 0 2 has been completed.

IMPORTANT. Engineering Bulletin # Magnetek GPD Start Up and Adjustment Guide – PDF

LED lights when drive is controlling motor speed. A Motor overload Protects the motor. Feedback Signal Selection H 3 – 0 5: